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One Republic- Secrets(Piano Part)// Sheets Included

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Sheets: https://musescore.com/user/2621946/scores/1053251 I highly suggest making a musescore account. They have nearly every song, and you can make your own music too. Like, share, subscribe, and comment what music I should cover next.
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AwEsOmE sTuDiOoOoOoOs (1 year ago)
this is the best!
Chewbecca (1 year ago)
McKenna Girdeen (1 year ago)
I also use musescore
McKenna Girdeen (1 year ago)
Great job! 👍🏽
Chewbecca (1 year ago)
McKenna Girdeen Thank you!❤
Kat Hagar (1 year ago)
dudeeee lit!
Chewbecca (1 year ago)
Thanks, I love your enthusiasm.

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