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Tajikistan: Building a Democracy

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United Nations - Struggling to find jobs and hope for a secure future, many young people are leaving Tajikistan, the former Soviet Republic in Central Asia. But some are determined to find a new way forward, believing they now have a chance to build democratic traditions in their country. 21st Century: Episode #88 Script (pdf): http://www.un.org/webcast/pdfs/21century88.pdf
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Text Comments (146)
Tiger (8 days ago)
greetings from Assyria :)
KABEER THAKUR (15 days ago)
Very good Tajikistan ...👍 🌹Love from India..💝🙏🙏
Abdulaziz (19 days ago)
I have been working at Non-governmental organization for 5 years as a volunteer and outreach in my country Tajikistan. Thanks to USAID and UNFPA
canny2011 (4 months ago)
من ایرانی هستم و عاشق تاجکستان هستم و آرزو میکنم که حتمأ باید یک دیداری داشته باشم!
INDIAN WWE (5 months ago)
jan Yup (5 months ago)
Killing 4 tourists by terrorist Allah pigs. That wil not help your country.
drugobianconero91 (6 months ago)
What a beautiful place 💓
Демократия это иллюзия. Её вовек не было, дудки и быть не может.
Samson Delilah (7 months ago)
hope Tajik can be so advanced like China...but religion some time destroy the life n torn apart the people into the war n hostility in eternal conflict
Kyrgyz Jeff (7 months ago)
Dushanbe is a place I want to go to!
mohammad reza Rezaei (7 months ago)
to tajikestan with love,
Abdul Moeed (9 months ago)
sending love and respect from Pakistan.
niki t (9 months ago)
My beautiful country
arjun mahtha (9 months ago)
They look more mongoloid
M iranin and proud (1 month ago)
Aquarian Christianity (9 months ago)
Exporting Liberalism around the World, so the World can look to corrupt government leaders who spend their tax money on themselves.
Sadik Broboniqi (9 months ago)
Build demoncrazy
Reza M (9 months ago)
as an iranian i can underestand their language but it is very old persian.
ali raisi (10 months ago)
Long live Tajikistan 🇹🇯 I'm Tajik from Afghanistan 🇦🇫 I'm proud to be Tajik
Akbar Ali (10 months ago)
Assalamalikum Mashallah Islam knock the door Ex Russian states.Canada
Hadi M (10 months ago)
درود بر کشور همزبان
Viviene Medina (11 months ago)
Jesus love u and bless you tajikstan.. God bless Tajikistan
Gulzar Ul Hoque (11 months ago)
Assalamualaikum Tajikistan. From Bangladesh
i asiaii (11 months ago)
فارسی زیبا حرف میزنید
Abhijit Mandal (1 year ago)
logic is that every non western influenced trade zones need democracy!!! just to flood their economy with western goods ??? wow what a scam of democracy
Westur (1 year ago)
And they're going to work in Russia? That's a non-sense!
Alan Hamidov (1 year ago)
music is indian
ahmad farhan (1 year ago)
best nation grate country love from pakistan
Cia89 (1 year ago)
tadjiks are also turkic people, there is nothing iranian left there i assure you. much love from uzbek.
Sunil Ipe (2 months ago)
Boss india first muslim ruler from ferhana. Even many Hindus look similar. One singer too.
Pax (8 months ago)
Cia89 No they're 60% tajik(Persian) Mongols are the minority you dipshit.
Ismail Shah (1 year ago)
Some of my Tajik friends used to live in Pakistan. I still remember how good they were. We shares same brotherly relations for each other. Much love from Pakistan..
the best republic of Tajikistan
IslamApologist (1 year ago)
Best of luck Tajikstan for your country's development
victoneter (1 year ago)
They have a surprisingly competent government. Thankfully because otherwise they'd be in the same shape as Afghanistan
NateRB (1 year ago)
they are a very mixed slavic/asian looking people. very unique.
Gazal Khan (9 months ago)
ilycien lorent “Who’s other disappeared and replaced by Turk”?
ilycien lorent (1 year ago)
persian is one nation from a big and great iranian nation Algorithmic Process
ilycien lorent (1 year ago)
they are iranian mongol mixed not slavic .. you d ont know about iranian people they are not persian .. iranian are big nation with different ppl ... the only who still are afghanistan and iran and some of tribe in asia cente who belong to iranian nation other are disapear and replaced by turck
Process (1 year ago)
DaPrahDigy they're Persians. Tajikistan is just a country that was taken from Iran. they're LITTERALLY speaking Persian (farsi) spoken in Iran. also, they look Asian because the Mongols invaded them and bred like animals
Niamat Ali (1 year ago)
good country i love tajickistan
abdul raheem (1 year ago)
build democracy? What country is democratic? Please dont say America! If America is a democracy then it.was built. off.of slaves....
Tiger (8 days ago)
so what should we say saudia arabia? lol
free M (1 year ago)
i love tajikstan:) salut from Kurdistan
Vitruvius Antarchius (2 years ago)
What are central Asians classified as? Brown people? Or orientals?
Cia89 (2 months ago)
Mongoloid mixed with europid.
Couch Grouches (2 years ago)
Vitruvius Antarchius Tajik people are Iranian (Persian) peoples and belong to the Indo-European branch
KJ Vids (2 years ago)
I speak Persian but it's different then Dari and Iranian accent
F. L. (1 year ago)
KJ Vids iranians have been mixed with arabs and turks alot therefore there accent has changed very much.
Fruity Bunny (2 years ago)
Danial Ashori I'm just asking...why is it a secret
Danial Ashori (2 years ago)
Anjana Devi so what do you mean!!?😃
Fruity Bunny (2 years ago)
Danial Ashori Are you Christian?
Fruity Bunny (2 years ago)
Danial Ashori I'm not sure...I have no idea.
nana kala (2 years ago)
Beautiful country, very delicious food.From, Pakistan.
Aleksander Gullanger (2 years ago)
Beautiful people I think. Like a mix between western europeans, indians and eastern asia.
Sunil Ipe (2 months ago)
Lol many in india have similar appearance. Come to kerala
ramboram03 (7 months ago)
Actually genetically they are a mix of the 3-4 groups he is right
Bryan Cowo (1 year ago)
they aren't europeans, east asians or south asians. the tajiks are another persian people of central asia
forever0042000 (2 years ago)
boys are hot though haha
igor Shtafirnyy (1 year ago)
Pakistani gangster show bobs
J G (2 years ago)
+Pakistani gangster This one says 5"6.5 http://www.averageheight.co/average-male-height-by-country
J G (2 years ago)
+Pakistani gangster No dude 5"7 is the average. https://fusiontables.google.com/DataSource?docid=120DzHmKJOgO9k5lTlIBh0WALCz-MpXOuoXwznyM#rows:id=1
forever0042000 (2 years ago)
so whatever white people must be true you are right
forever0042000 (2 years ago)
i dont know if I believe that may be in Asia but the world thats debateable
That Guy (2 years ago)
Uhm, why don't you show the REAL people of Central Asia? You know, Black people. The Black Mam and the Black Woman are the original people of Asia:
greg mcgrath (2 years ago)
have you lost your mind??? I went in all ""-stans""" and I haven't seen no one black there, people look like "asian" (mongol features) or turk
forever0042000 (2 years ago)
no they r not black? says who? never in history ever never been black may be tanned a bit but black???? what era are you referring to....
That Guy (2 years ago)
Uhm, why don't you show the REAL people of Central Asia? You know, Black people. The Black Mam and the Black Woman are the original people of Asia:
Maximus Leone (3 months ago)
Tyler Martin (2 years ago)
It's amazing how many societies are still crawling out of the caves.
Hafiz Im (2 years ago)
nice girls.....very beautiful
Abdulhadi Merza (2 years ago)
Tajik Turks or aryan ???
M iranin and proud (1 month ago)
+Abdulhadi Merza no
Cia89 (2 months ago)
But they are raped by turkomongols, mind.
Shivam Rai (2 years ago)
+Abdulhadi Merza They call the Uygur, Kazakhs, and Turkmen Turks, but Tajiks are Aryan(Persian)
Abdulhadi Merza (2 years ago)
+Shivam Rai In china they call them Turks right
gixeff 750 (2 years ago)
So, because Islam has ruined their lives (as it does everyones' lives) it's the Christian government's fault?
cool beans (1 year ago)
if you want a Muslim leader move to Saudi Arabia.
Imam Turmudi (1 year ago)
Gixxeff 750 i hope tajik can get next muslim leader who close with Qur'an & hadist. like Erdogan turki's leader., love you our brother muslim, tajik, muslim arround the world, Assalamualaikum from Indonesia
Guillaume Augustoni (2 years ago)
I don't understand your comment. The government is secular not christian. Freedom of religion is enforced even though 99% of the population is muslim. This country's problems seem to be mainly economic. Stop oversimplifying things. This sort of comment brings nothing apart from racism.
gixeff 750 (2 years ago)
So here we are again, Islam is again at the heart of violence, murder, oppression and evil!!!! What a surprise!!!!!
Ifraz Ali (2 years ago)
wow people dying in Mexico its Christianitys fault
Sayantan Dasgupta (2 years ago)
Soviets completely fucked this place up and gave major Tajik cities like Samarkand and Bukhara to Uzbeks.
Aqua Man (1 year ago)
Artabanos VI Uzbek would win easily
Aršak I (2 years ago)
Sayantan Dasgupta Tajikistan should take them back like Russia did with Crimea.
Love2TravelAway (2 years ago)
What a beautiful report girls are being educated.
Parkash Arjun (2 years ago)
Aršak I (2 years ago)
Parkash Arjun they were all part of Persia until British took Afghanistan and Pakistan and Russia took all the lands up to Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. What was left was the western part of Persia which is now called Iran.
Mr. Potato man (2 years ago)
+Ahmed Bilal are you crazy? Ottomans never ruled over stan countries!
The everything Channel (2 years ago)
They all were actually one country under one umpire called ottoman empire ( سلطنت عثمانیہ) and khurasan which after world war 1 was divided into different parts by British.
Jasmine Z (2 years ago)
fabulous country!
Urdalibertine (3 years ago)
"Motivating young people." Good luck with that one.
Hilmy Nizar (3 years ago)
Nice country. Good luck to your all future growth.
Kaddafi arı (3 years ago)
mrh ben bekarım bize tacilistan.. bekar bayanların mesjlarını bekliyorum.05414976216.türkiye
Bangali Guy (3 years ago)
Best wishes from Bangladesh. I would love to see Tajikistan becoming economic hub of Central Asia. you are in right direction. good luck.
Zubeidat Mamiri (3 years ago)
Political correct language are annoing
Aquarian Christianity (9 months ago)
Zubeidat Mamiri Definitely. Александр Хирешев Yes, socialism/political correctness is an illness! We had one of our author's say, "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder," the title of his book.
+Zubeidat Mamiri Political correctness is an illness.
thawanteds (3 years ago)
I spent a year in Tajikistan when I was 14 in 2004 near Dushanbe , best year ever , beautiful country, beautiful people.
Cris López (3 years ago)
Llamame y la chupo 098876543
KSCF kanjirappqlly (2 years ago)
Cris López (3 years ago)
Soy putaso
Miguel Ángel Guillén (3 years ago)
Very happy now I have found this nice documental about Tajikistan's future! Many greetings from Spain. All the -istans (apart from Afganistan and Pakistan) are very unknown in Europe, but I'm sure you will do well with these young people facing the problems of their country. Many support from Spain, Tajikistan! I will be watching you :)
Swet Shah (3 years ago)
wish young Tajiks all the very best. I hope Tajikistan becomes a robust secular democracy. wish them immense prosperity...greetings from the largest and the most vibrant democracy in the world (India)
Aršak I (9 months ago)
We are already secular. and i have no problem with democracy
Pranav K Prakash (1 year ago)
Ifraz Ali India is secular. even though India is a Hindu majority country other communities are safe in india
Ifraz Ali (2 years ago)
keep secularism to yourself
banan qasm (3 years ago)
Best lucks from dear Kurdistan To dear Tajikistan :)  You guys will sure have a bright future.. 
caveman861 (3 years ago)
Good to see young Tajiks taking matters into their own hands. With a 70 % population demographic under 30 years, a lot can be achieved by this generation alone if they put their minds to it. Much love and luck from India.
Jorg Ostrowski (4 years ago)
I am happy to see the energy & vitality, hopes & dream of the youths. Perhaps this can be transformed into a new vision & paradigm for affordable green housing & conserver lifestyle to leapfrog the mistakes of the west & let Tajikistan lead Central Asia into a sustainable future & economic diversification?
ALUCIEN ELUSMOND (4 years ago)
karz12 (4 years ago)
Zendebaad Tajikistan :)
فهد المطيري (4 years ago)
Fuck the UN and fuck pank mon
Firuz YLD (4 years ago)
All in yours hands, guys. I believe YOU can built the bright future for TAJIKISTAN !   
Miguel Ángel Guillén (3 years ago)
+StolenArc ™ Religion is a mayor problem for democracy and freedom. Every religion, always when it's taken too much seriously.
Miguel Ángel Guillén (3 years ago)
+StolenArc ™ Sure? Go to Syria and check how good are the "good supporters" of Allah doing there.
Firuz YLD (4 years ago)
Misha Sadulaew (4 years ago)
Allah Bless you Tajikistan!
M iranin and proud (1 month ago)
Raees Zargar (1 month ago)
+Aršak I only Persian in Iran care about Zoroastrian Persians in Afghanistan and Tajikistan are sunni they are assimilated in main stream muslim world . Other muslim hates Iranian shia's thats why they are polarized towards zoroaster past
allah will blast Tajak
jan Yup (5 months ago)
Allah pigs,murdered 4 tourists. Islam is a cancer. If you want the best for your country.leave that peadophile criminal prophet.
Aršak I (6 months ago)
The CRUSADER only nominally. The holy flames of Zoroaster never went out in Central Asia.
PrinceOfParthia74 (4 years ago)
3:17 they know what they r doin! thank god there is still a persian nation which is not islam's slaves!
Ifraz Ali (1 month ago)
+M iranin and proud if its a bomb there laughing at it is somewhat paradoxical ay?
M iranin and proud (1 month ago)
+Aiden W they are mixe
M iranin and proud (1 month ago)
+Ifraz Ali lllaho akbar bomb😂
Ikhtiyor (4 months ago)
Gazal Khan , Did they start call themselves as Uzbeks , Kirghiz ..., such a foolish view. You need to read a lot.
Gazal Khan (9 months ago)
Aiden W No these Tajik people survived only in Central Asia from mongol hordes (can’t you see here they are white in the video? the other central asians like Uzbeks and Kirghiz were all wiped out by mongols.
Amon Grad (4 years ago)
Is Russian still pretty known/common in tajikistan?
greg mcgrath (2 years ago)
russian economy is in recession, there's no jobs there. and russia is a shit place, my mom was tajik but she went to sweden. in saint peterburg (last city in russia where she lived) she was "slave", worked a lot, and russia isn't a democracy, but sweden is the best place in the world, my mom raised me here and I'm too happy
May Day (4 years ago)
+StolenArc ™  if they dont  like Russia they would not have went there in thousands
luckylionofsi (4 years ago)
Yes, especially in the large cities.
MrManas1995 (4 years ago)
as long as rahmon is president, they cant become a real democracy
Common Q-Studio (4 years ago)
Respect from India. All the Best
Sam K (4 years ago)
thumbs up Muborak, Parvis and Farhod!

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