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WTF with Simon Pegg

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http://wtfpod.com Simon Pegg gives Marc a much-needed education about the the Power of Nerd Culture. Simon explains how Star Wars changed everything for him and how his projects like Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, and his new movie The World's End changed the way he thought of making comedy. This episode is brought to you by GoToMeeting with HD Faces. Try it free at http://gotomeeting.com with the offer code WTF. Follow Marc @ http://twitter.com/marcmaron Follow Simon @ http://twitter.com/simonpegg Simon's Website - http://simonpegg.net WTF Facebook Page - http://facebook.com/WTFPodcast WTF Playlist - http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKOFxayaKJ0UpLbWI-SPnyIAEoey7kURP
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Text Comments (73)
L Williamsii (1 year ago)
REALLY? Marc.... really?
Copulaxoxi Ranbooi (1 year ago)
The end of this conversation was so good! They could of kept talking for a while!
FeedMeTheAbyss (1 year ago)
420th like lol
conscious (1 year ago)
simon, you are referring to the long cultural march thru the insitutions - alexander gramschi
conscious (1 year ago)
lol beudrillard reference hows that artificial womb treating everyone
bigblue62220 (1 year ago)
AchillesHeel (1 year ago)
Jake 19:10
pukeyourguts (2 years ago)
extras was great! cmon!
kinn grimm (2 years ago)
Got my hands on 'Spaced' and 'Black Books' in 2000 by a collegue, retrospectivly i feel priviliged to had seen them as it was not on TV in my country. These 2 shows are part of my alltime favorites. 37:30 I can't stand Ricky Garvis, mostly i can't even find him funny at all. Listening to him is more like an enduring test for patience.
Truthat (2 years ago)
LOL at mispronouncing "hegemony"
TheGoodChap (2 years ago)
The whole situation with the US version of spaced not being allowed to have the drug references or guns but Americans being allowed to have as many guns as they want reminds me of something Marlon Brando said about how when soldiers were going to war in Vietnam they weren't allowed to write "fuck" on their airplanes but were being taught to drop fire on people.
Randolph South (2 years ago)
Kevin pollak
jO BLO (2 years ago)
WTF with Simon Pegg
tiesthijsthejs (2 years ago)
Hmm Simon dislike Extras. Well, I thought that was almost as great writing and acting as the office, ahead of the wave of celebrities doing parody on themselves obsessively for authenticity. And was well constructed. Maybe not innovative. And none of the series that came after were up to par. But I don't get the criticism on Extras. It had real heart, intellect and awkwardness, besides the stick of absurd false realist personas of celebrities, which is the working joke. I wonder why that series wasn't successful.
Kit Palmer (3 months ago)
tiesthijsthejs it was crazy successful. My main issue with the series is that Andy is a genuinely unlikeable protagonist, even before he becomes villainous later on, from day 1 he's a pretentious narcissistic wanker
Nx Doyle (2 years ago)
If you haven't watched Big Train, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Almost perfect sketch comedy, esp the first series.
Marius VanDamme (2 years ago)
I loved "The Extras!"
sahalanimation (2 years ago)
now that's a legit starwars fan right there
totalmach (2 years ago)
Groovy Man....
DackRambo (3 years ago)
I didn't realize Simon's voice is sexy as fuck
Frank Barnes (3 years ago)
Maron depresses the shit out of me.
Sieist23Jahrealt (1 year ago)
Frank Barnes why? He has the opposite effect on me
Lemmy Pop (3 years ago)
So he's from the cheese chasing town! No wonder I like this guy.
Jacques Nomdefamille (3 years ago)
8 minutes in and Simon Pegg allready made 2 casual Star Wars references, now that's a real fan.
brendo thedude (3 years ago)
My brother actually met Simon at Ghiradelli along with Edgar Wright in San Diego 2013. Thought that was pretty cool.
Sabrina Luna (3 years ago)
Good, insightful, & funny interview --thanks!  :)
zmccoy122 (3 years ago)
"Fuck that, let's go to space" - George Lucas
Thomas Torr (3 years ago)
Lol, those days when you could say you liked bill Cosby without an awkward pause
Jon Herring (3 years ago)
The reason British actors/actresses are getting more t.v./movie roles in America is simple. Consider Ronald Reagan. If not for the fame he gained in Hollywood then he likely would have never been President. He was a Conservative. The liberals learned their lesson. Having America "celebrate" some actor who turns out to be British, then goes onto speak his political point of view serves the left agenda. The only "real white men" on t.v./movies are all foreigners, British, Australian, etc. Because the left has learned not to make famous an individual who doesn't follow their political agenda. There are plenty of real white men in America but they won't make it in Hollywood because real men are Conservative in America. So they must trick us into celebrating Liam Neeson and others like him only to then have him speak about removing the 2nd Amendment. Hollywood isn't the only place real Americans aren't allowed. Washington D.C is another place. They all work for the same goals and it is the subjugation and destruction of real America/ns. Students aren't being taught to hate America and their white skin by the only teachers that could be found or even the best. They are being taught those treasonous and suicidal beliefs by leftists who don't want any message except theirs to be told. There are millions of intelligent Christians and Conservatives who would and could teach in colleges. They won't ever be given tenure though. They won't ever be given the job regardless. There is no Affirmative action for real Americans. If you think I'm wrong then consider just how many British people would be allowed in Hollywood if Great Britain was famously more right wing than America currently is rather than being farther to the left than America, which it actually is. This is just leftist cronyism being played out on the public stage.
Gasparagus Productions (2 years ago)
In other words, you're jealous of us 'foreigners as you so obnoxiously labelled us. To be fair though, you've clumped nations far more intelligent than your own together, so...
karldammann (2 years ago)
+Jon Herring Let me shorten this nonsensical diatribe up for everyone: "Yer not a man unless yer a white conservative Christian!" It's oh so satisfying seeing you and your ilk slowly going extinct, it's just sad that it's not happening at a quicker pace.
Nick R (2 years ago)
Intelligent Christians lol
Nick R (2 years ago)
+ping6uod people like to say that but what is specifically wrong with the democrats?
ping6uod (2 years ago)
+Nick Pagano I agree,i  just dont like notion that we need to choose sides. Because i notice that dems dont see all the BS in their camp and same with the REPS.
hattyphillips (3 years ago)
...and now I'm going to rewatch all of Spaced... :P
T. James (3 years ago)
Great interview.  Marc asks great questions that allows Simon to explore a lot of different areas and they take a great journey together. I think that we are moving in a new direction in entertainment because Netflix and Amazon are making some of the best stuff now and it's deep personal stuff.  Cable may have created the first great run of modern television but the delivery is still last century.  The stuff we get on Amazon and Netflix now are not the "joke machine" stuff we get on network television.  We are seeing a wave form.  I hope it doesn't break for a very long time.
lechaise (3 years ago)
Er, "Have I got News for You"?
Danimal300zx (4 years ago)
As usual, Marc brought out the best of his guest.
joey4track (4 years ago)
what an abrupt ending that was
Billy Jean (4 years ago)
You wouldn't even see a show like Waiting for God here. Benign distractions and painfully contrived spectacles are all we get.
FeedYerHead (4 years ago)
GUYS, SEARCH CHEESE ROLL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!                      Its worth watching                              DO IT
FeedYerHead (4 years ago)
Clarence Daniel (4 years ago)
Can anyone make out who they mention at 20:40? John Bogelard or something?
Alex ra (4 years ago)
Thanks! I was wondering the same thing
Clarence Daniel (4 years ago)
that's the one, cheers. i must of tried a dozen different guesses at the spelling and never came up with "Jean" or "Baudrillard"
mumblingbush (4 years ago)
I think it's Jean Baudrillard.
benrjetti (4 years ago)
Yeah New Zealand shout out!
ahabthewhaler (4 years ago)
i assume lost angels is what is now known as mob city
thewalrus12 (4 years ago)
SImon Pegg playing the milky bar kid being interviewed by Alan Partridge is one of the funniest skits ever
Pat Tanackered (1 year ago)
+Retrostar619 it wasn't really their audience I think was the problem. The majority of them had been laughing more at Lenny Henry. Nuff said
Pat Tanackered (1 year ago)
+nettils is it on YouTube? Haven't seen that one
Retrostar619 (1 year ago)
Thank god someone else spotted that. The audience seemed weirdly flat to me.
Pat Tanackered (4 years ago)
I remember that pretty sure its on YouTube somewhere, think it was on comic relief and unfortunately the studio audience just plain sucked for that sketch, they were used to a more crude,broader sketch and I felt so sorry for Messrs Pegg and Coogan they have collaborated numerous times though
Chad Sorero (5 years ago)
ive never noticed it, simon has the deepest voice, he sounds like british barry white, it doesnt fit his body, maybe that helps with his characters. he destroys, he is the fucking man. 
K M (3 years ago)
shit he really does hahah
Joe Greaney (5 years ago)
fantastic interview
Spunky Brewster (5 years ago)
Hey HighestPrimate, thanks for posting all these clips. They're really keeping me sane while dealing with my recent personal crap. You rock dude.
SoylentSamurai (5 years ago)
Awesome Highest Primate, can you do some adam Corolla podcast
Brian Vicari (5 years ago)
drex48239 (5 years ago)
highest primate, im not sure if you are a fan but it would be great if you could upload your moms house podcast episodes
mockthedude (5 years ago)
This is awesome!!!!

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