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A House Of Secrets And Lies

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A newswoman is consumed by suspicions and guilt over her rocky marriage. ABCs upcoming mystery series stars Juliette Lewis as a detective investigating a murder and Ryan Phillippe as the prime suspect. Ruelles second new song Secrets and Lies from the upcoming EP RIVAL! Lyrics in description. A House of Secrets and Lies French Trailer Extrait de la compilation VIDEOTHON 3: Shoot Again disponible sur .
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outlaw psychic (28 days ago)
OUT the first time, same with getting slapped around.
Tara Collins (3 months ago)
Why did Jack want to get married in the first place?? He clearly has no intentions of staying faithful. I guess he wanted his cake & eat it too: Married to Susan & playing around. Still seems odd though. I've known people who do this in real life too....not to me thank God....but it confuses me as to why people act as they do.
deckard97 (26 days ago)
Ms Sellecca's First Husband,Buck Rogers Guy,Gil Gerard was the basis of Jack.She continually caught him over and over.
Tara Collins (4 months ago)
Where is the rest of the film?? :o
Tara Collins (3 months ago)
Ah its there....but for some reason the second half of the film has to 'be played backwards' in order to work! :o I am not sure why.
Andrew Colin Wilson (4 months ago)
Jack was a yucky man. Susan should have just kicked him to the curb.
Tara Collins (3 months ago)
Agreed! I cannot believe this guy. He has everything, literally, yet manipulates & cheats on, emotionally abuses his wonderful wife Susan.
Łàđý Łaý (4 months ago)
I loved the movie but wasn't expecting such an end. Highly recommend it. Thanks for sharing.
Tara Collins (3 months ago)
I agree, the ending is really good (I do wish we could have seen Jack's face though lol) An unusually good ending in fact, given how these films often go, but this was the 1990s when they tried to make them better. Also, Connie Sellecca was involved personally in the film & likely worked hard on it along with the other film team members.
Camille McKenzie (5 months ago)
I love it when she taunts the other woman--"He's cheating on you too"
Tara Collins (4 months ago)
The other woman probably either wasn't really surprised (knowing Jack) or she was taken aback & did not believe Susan. Jack was a master manipulator. +Andrew Colin Wilson
Andrew Colin Wilson (4 months ago)
And the other woman should have said, "What?" when Susan said that.
Amy Gonzales (6 months ago)
This guy is a prick! He reverses everything and makes her feel bad. What a fucking asshole 😡😡😡
Tuicia Cooper (6 months ago)
Crazy how da movie ended🤦🏾‍♀️😩
Tuicia Cooper (6 months ago)
What mother tells her daughter she has to tolerate her husband being a whore,liar,&a jerk... something wrong with her mother maybe she was a dummy for her husband doesn't mean u tell your child to b da same way...u shld want better for her....🤦🏾‍♀️😒😩Maybe da mother will apologize to her daughter before da movie ends...if she doesn't she shld have...
Felix Ratimmm (6 months ago)
He will cheat her, again and again...
Tara Collins (4 months ago)
Agreed. What the hell was wrong with Jack anyway?? If he didn't want to be faithful to Susan, why get married to begin with?!! I guess he just wanted his cake & eat it too...what a scum.
Denise Quinn (4 months ago)
Oh what a dirty dog. Talk about a lying, cheating jerk.
Felix Ratimmm (4 months ago)
+Andrew Colin Wilson, yes....
Andrew Colin Wilson (4 months ago)
How could Connie Sellecca ever marry that yucky man?
Tara Collins (6 months ago)
Did anyone else laugh a bit when Jack & Susan go to a fancy restaurant & just order grilled chicken and french fries?
Łàđý Łaý (4 months ago)
Tuicia Cooper (6 months ago)
Tara Collins (8 months ago)
Thanks for posting this! I loved this film & it never gets played on television anymore.
Camille McKenzie (8 months ago)
It's really heartbreaking to see her just snap when she catches him AGAIN and finally realizes that she can't take it anymore.
deckard97 (4 months ago)
by all accounts,yes.I think Tesh had the same issue with his First wife(Her cheating)
Andrew Colin Wilson (4 months ago)
+deckard97 I'm glad her current husband, John Tesh is faithful to her.
Tara Collins (5 months ago)
I agree, I recall seeng Gil Gerard on an 'where are they now' thing & being startled by how bad he looked. Connie still looks good. Karma, I guess lol....but definitely a case of taking things for granted. That's a shame. +deckard97
deckard97 (5 months ago)
so,so true.Gil Gerard is an odd one.That life style  of his has really aged him(google ),Connie got the best by divorcing him and she looks even more stunning now.Like The Jack character,i don't think Gil Gerard has ever  been faithful or knows the meaning of the word,ever.
Tara Collins (5 months ago)
That's interesting that she did mention something about her quirky actions. But as to Gil....I'll never understand men like that. Who the heck would even want to cheat on Connie Sellecca?!! Its like when I read that about Hugh Grant, who cheated on Liz Hurley. Don't these men know how very lucky they are to have these women?!! Its like fictional Jack in this film....if you don't want to be with just one person.... WHY GET MARRIED?!! +deckard97

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