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Approaching new Stores with your clothing brand

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This how to style video gives you my personal tips and experience on How To Get Your Clothing and or jewelry In Stores. feel free to contact me if you have any questions. subscribe and comment =)
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Tyrone Wall (2 years ago)
what website page did you use for your clothing line that you have in the background
INFINITY (2 years ago)
Can you give mean idea of how much of your product a store typically might want to buy from you or how much they will put in their store on consignment?
Kris Alan (2 years ago)
INFINITY it's my own website krisalanapparelllc.com
Kris Alan (2 years ago)
that I can't, it really depends on the store itself. some might just try a small batch of each size (example 2 small, 2 medium, 2 L, 2 Extra large) some might try more.
danipage07 (2 years ago)
Hey there, great video very informative! Thank you for posting! Question, where do you get your line sheets? I usually use Vistaprint for everything but they don't have anything resembling a line sheet. Thanks in advance!
Kris Alan (2 years ago)
not sure on that myself.  i tend to just print the PDF's myself. I like the straightforward and clean layout they have so ive used them for a while but you could easily do it yourself  using what they provide as a template. =)
Kris Alan but do they only offer PDF line sheets that have to be emailed? I'd like to find somewhere they print the hard copies for you. I don't have that great of a printer to even take a PDF file that would design where I'd have to print it out myself hence why I'd like to find somewhere that actually print the hard copies for you. Anybody have any ideas?
Kris Alan (2 years ago)
Ive personally used a website called brandboom but you can create a line sheet using something as simple as word
Cash Benjamins (2 years ago)
How can they bargain a price if your clothing is already tagged ? I know a lot of stores like marshals and Burlington put their own tags but do small boutiques do this to? What if they want to sell it for more not less but u already have set tags ? Should I wait to price and tag it after talking to the stores ?
Thank you for your videos! I'm the cofounder of Explorer Clothing Company and this was insightful to things I was completely ignorant about.
Kris Alan (2 years ago)
no problem man I'm glad I could help
Craig Powell (2 years ago)
Greetings Sir, If you don't mind emailing me, I have a few questions . Thanks  [email protected]
Kris Alan (2 years ago)
feel free to ask me here as other viewers might have the same question.
Anxiety Music (4 years ago)
great knowledge.Whats the best way to get the trademark legit?
Michael Garcia (4 years ago)
Great advice, im getting ready to start pursuing stores...Happy I found your video....www.nosleepsociety.com is my brand

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