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How to | Dress Like a Hypebeast

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uploaded from the Supreme line INSTAGRAM: @CHRISTIANVUI TWITTER: @CHRISTIANVUIYT EMAIL: [email protected] PO BOX: Christian Villanueva PO Box 75267 Kapolei, HI 96707-2115 United States NEW VIDEOS EVERY SATURDAY AT 11AM PST / 2PM EST Thanks for watching! Leave a comment on what you wanna see more of bc I read all of them. Bet. Stay lit. Respect Women.
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Text Comments (1116)
I learned all I ever needed to know
MontyLemon (3 days ago)
When he says "it's 2017" and the flashbacks arrive
KermitKraft (9 days ago)
Fashion leafy
it'sSWAGGERDAGGER_yt (12 days ago)
Darsue Uchiha (15 days ago)
How to dress like a virgin
NIGHTKID .12 (17 days ago)
ReSpEcT MeN AnD WoMeN 2k19. ~HaPpY NeW YeAr🎇🎆🎆
Sam W (19 days ago)
Did you just mispronounce CDG!!!?? 🖕🏻
cristivn (22 days ago)
How to dress naked, bruh
I can buy clout goggles on amazon.com for $9.99
Trever Fitton (1 month ago)
2:30-2:54 a bape hood would probably work fine as well unless you have a certain style your going for and your bape hood is pink.
T-Pose Kek (1 month ago)
How to buy clothes you don’t like, but you wanna look rich, so you spend rent money on it
[The unknown ] (1 month ago)
But I don’t respect people
SlayerBro21 Shipp (1 month ago)
Where my Supreme sweatshirt everyday, but everybody notice my box logo sticker on my laptop before anything else.
Manjinder Kaur (1 month ago)
*-Broke-* Bitch do something
The Baby (1 month ago)
How to hide your insecurities 101
Markus Mjoes (1 month ago)
This guy destroyd my ears... 3:30 RIP headphone users
Richard Castromayor (1 month ago)
Steps to become a hypebeast: 1) no talent? No problem 2) lack of self-esteem 3) materialistic 4) ego > humble
Charles Wall (1 month ago)
Babe honestly looks like shit
Charles Wall (1 month ago)
What about hilfiger or polo
Azer 8663 (2 months ago)
1:46 BTS ?!
Pierre Justin (2 months ago)
N R (2 months ago)
1:45 BTS RM
MrKoalaFireworks (2 months ago)
You aint funny
Glen (2 months ago)
I'm gonna dress my grandparents like hype beasts!
Rona Fanfouna (2 months ago)
Anyone watching this in 2020
Some Kidyboio (2 months ago)
Is converse decently fire?
troll10olli (2 months ago)
no we nead fasion nova
Nate V (3 months ago)
Do one on how to dress like an NBA player (James Harden, Russ Westbrook, etc.)
leo (3 months ago)
well i like Volcom. They got some good looking streetwear and they aren't too expensive.
Who here is actually a street nigga tho
Prova (3 months ago)
you mean moth to lamp
Hyprolix (3 months ago)
what is a hyper beast?
maegan (3 months ago)
bts infires me so much 🤦‍♀️
Jose Alvarado (3 months ago)
I don’t want to
issa vibe (3 months ago)
If you use hyped stuff in ph you will have bashers not chixx
StarStruckKylie (3 months ago)
My brother says I'm a hypebeast because I have a heck load of Supreme Bape Off White Gucci Fila Thrasher and Champion...yet my young self doesnt even know what a hypebeast is🤣
Savage Boi (3 months ago)
First step : you have to be rich
willyboxer1 (3 months ago)
how to dress like a homo saphiens..
SLCG LA (3 months ago)
Hypbeast=Buying overpriced trash
MrLorenzobringheli (4 months ago)
commie des garsons... save for a school rather than for shit brands for monkeys
Moartle (4 months ago)
What colorway is the hoodie all the way to the right at 2:08
Rodri gallego (4 months ago)
420 degrees xd
Yeshua UK (4 months ago)
I came here to make sure I wasn't wearing any of this.
lilgucci rolex (4 months ago)
Bape😂😂 I'm broke I really need some bapr
RoMee (4 months ago)
LMAO, fashion advice from hypebeast… Funny shit.
Li Nom (4 months ago)
Supreme https://www.minilinkurl.com/846p0
TaeWasSpilled (4 months ago)
Ye it’s good if I attract them men if y’all kno what I mean^^
WaHh Namjoon is in the vid? skip to 1:45 at the left side
BckW0Rdz (4 months ago)
where the fuck can i buy comme des garcon? i cant find a legit website or some place where to buy the heart shirt
Kyle (4 months ago)
1:26 dat RM?
TorryJustkilledYou -_- (4 months ago)
https://youtu.be/5CBwRfP2b3I NEW CLOTHING LINE
Sterling Reviews (4 months ago)
Wait is ripndip
Avenzrr Kiros (4 months ago)
Chris brown best in fashion
Frank Sinatra (4 months ago)
Comme des garçons... Means "like boys"
Moartle (4 months ago)
Can someone tell me the hoodie on the far right at 2:08
Lance Tamplin (5 months ago)
0:50 ferinhype
Hypebeast? Don't you mean Slave to fashion?
mohammad asyraf (6 months ago)
Arya Febrisa (6 months ago)
Roots, Bloody Roots (6 months ago)
How to dress like a fucking cave man.
joan tiomico Daiz (6 months ago)
1:43 rapmoster is a hypebeast wth?!?!
UNLISTEDGHOST (6 months ago)
Zane Parkell (6 months ago)
1:56 not True
Oganesson 118 (6 months ago)
Denjell (7 months ago)
Bts 1:49
Kuzco (7 months ago)
Did somebody say free clout😀😃
tristyn (7 months ago)
oooo I love the starboy in the background
Aslan Azy (7 months ago)
how to dress like fuccboy
How about Thrasher
Tim Quartier (7 months ago)
So Good 😂😂😂
mufasa hunter (8 months ago)
Why is ur channel in some ad to go viral on YouTube
Izzy Robinson (8 months ago)
Kim namjooooooooon!
R J (8 months ago)
Wait didn’t you say oven baked pizza rolls are less than microwaved pizza rolls
Larry King (8 months ago)
1:35 I’m eating pizza rolls right now
Farclever FromYT (8 months ago)
fuccboi w teeth lil bit off? nah bro lmaooo😂😂😂
Uncle jerry (8 months ago)
🅱️ where the fuck is offwhite on the hyperature scale
TV알폰소 (8 months ago)
You should do a video featuring the Filipino Hypebeastses cuz they're so fricking annoying and their style is so lameee know what i'm sayin
pou12Tomas (8 months ago)
Very Nice tutorial
Lucas Sten Nielsen (8 months ago)
The yeezys is fake im sorry to say it man
GimpU 48 (8 months ago)
So most of them are trying to look like kpop idols? Wow, seriously
KaXle (8 months ago)
2:33 Because the balenciaga hat doesn't just have a word on it
RandiPlayz (8 months ago)
Vminmood Jams (8 months ago)
Rogger Penguin (9 months ago)
I hate bape. The only thing they did that wasn’t rubbish were the bapesta shoes. They have no style and is the most desperate sad brand
Frankie B (9 months ago)
i dont know 95% of these brands and i dont understand 70% of the words being used here...makes me feel proud
Kula (9 months ago)
Bts!! 1:48
Ooh Daddyyy (9 months ago)
Even rm wears supreme
jekabs marahovskis (9 months ago)
How to dress like a kpop idol Love ur vids btw
Chef (9 months ago)
I cant call them broke, but I can tell them stupid. Wasting money on something with a name on it that isnt made with better quality is more of a joke.
wassuup (9 months ago)
So why a maak?
leela (9 months ago)
Brandon Chen (9 months ago)
Lmao when they show bts it looks like Jin and Namjoon are staring at each other
Max Goldberg (9 months ago)
It's pronounced (comb)-(de)-(gar)-(sone)
Kai Fuentes (9 months ago)
I see you Namjoon 👀👀
Emo Kpop Daddy (9 months ago)
Zwoele Sjaak (9 months ago)
Bruh you can call me broke. When i buy a basic supreme shirt i'm broke as hell.
Capri Sun (9 months ago)
I see namjoon such a kOreabOo I’m mad
pro Gamer (9 months ago)
Asis Sth (9 months ago)
Fuck hypebeast....just overrated brands over pricing...fuck supreme all overpriced for nothing overpriced for their name logo..lol

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