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Follow me around the mall and watch me school clothes shop for my sophomore year with my friends! For more, follow my social media’s below for more MUSICALLY- @_brookesanchez SNAPCHAT- @brooke_904 INSTAGRAM- @_brookesanchez
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Text Comments (175)
Abigail Lolohea (6 days ago)
U look like that girl from 100 things to do before high school. ✌💙
twambi bambokile (21 days ago)
I know that school I live in Oklahoma
Unicorn Mermaid (24 days ago)
Do u guys live in Colorado
Vanessa jyda (2 months ago)
every time u record ur friend shes on her phone so much lmaoo
Mya Diaz05 (2 months ago)
We both live in tuls
Romie Rau (3 months ago)
Ok I’m from Oklahoma and just went to that mall today
Kate Hicks (3 months ago)
OMG I just found you and you live in Tulsa like me! Even thought we go to rivalry school I still am obssesed with you now
Anessa Maree (3 months ago)
I go to union toooo
twambi bambokile (3 months ago)
Oops ok
twambi bambokile (3 months ago)
Omg I know that school and I live in kk
Issa Pineapple 115 (3 months ago)
we live in the same city
Grace (4 months ago)
I kinda what to change my braces color to black now but idk how it would look on me 😭
Mimi’s Channel (4 months ago)
Lol Jacob used to live in my cousins neighborhood
Gracie A (4 months ago)
@ Brooke 106.9 khits Tulsa I live close to Tulsa like 20 mins away so I have that radio station
Madison Shamasco (4 months ago)
omggg my cousin goes to the same school as u lol im going to the Tulsa mall in a few months lol😂💀
Trista Everding (4 months ago)
You go to union?
Bigboybiggy (4 months ago)
union highschool? u kinda exposed urself but okkeyy
A Bee (4 months ago)
When she started talking about Jacob I was done
Olzvia _ (4 months ago)
I live in Tulsa too 😱
Jen _29 (5 months ago)
What did i watch
Bethlehem Babore (5 months ago)
Jacob FR why???
Everyone said she like Jacob....gotta blast✌🏾ohh no no,I’m glad that gurl broke up with him because he’s not worth it😂
Amour C (5 months ago)
So far we’ve only spent like $500 on clothes and we still have to get shoes and school supplies and more clothes
Katie Openshaw (5 months ago)
brooke your my favourite YouTuber ever😁💛
Ella Hall (5 months ago)
lolol she a Jacob fan
•Metal Mouth• (5 months ago)
Did no one else catch that Jacob reference “it’s cool, ya it’s whatever” he said that once when he was like “omg stefanie broke up with me !!!! Ahhhhh, it’s cool,ya it’s whatever”
Mell Borges (5 months ago)
Hey Brooke!! I love you so much and hope one day I get to meet you!!💖💖
Krippla playz (5 months ago)
Ew Jacob soutoris
Corah Gregory (4 months ago)
pull up
Woodland hills mall
I was at the mall to but i did not get to meet her that is Sad😭
Melilah Hernandez (5 months ago)
Anyone else so triggered by they way she says Sanchez 💀😭😂
Breana Kodua (5 months ago)
But that's how that's how she pronounces her last name lol
Melita Online (5 months ago)
Can she get off her phone oml
Itslupe (5 months ago)
you haven’t posted ?
Simrah Qasim (5 months ago)
Why r u meeting this boy 5 times
Allison Grace (5 months ago)
Your friend was on her phone like the whole time. Honestly it was kinda annoying. But anyway I love you and your vids❤️
We have the same bday!!❤️❤️❤️
Jleanna Locascio (5 months ago)
Finally someone that loves Jacob 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽😍😍😍😍😻😻😻🤑🤑🤑
Leiloni Williams (5 months ago)
Can you do a grwm for the first day of school because I loved last year's video
Danytza Perez (5 months ago)
Ahh why you so pretty I hope we can meat one day I live in Tulsa Oklahoma tooo!!💖
Alexis1Hinton (5 months ago)
Do you live in Tulsa ??
Patricia (5 months ago)
You loookk so much like This Girl from south lyon High school 2018 lip dub video ligit shes ur double ganger
Nevaeh Ashley (5 months ago)
how is your friends phone not dead yet she is constantly on it 😭😭💀💀
Ema Sobrino (5 months ago)
Are u Hispanic? If you are where are u from?
Alanna's World (5 months ago)
Backstage is a exclusive place to get clothes for Macy’s
Boba Tea (5 months ago)
Ik how you feel each year I get 500 bucks to spend in one day at the mall and other places but it's only if I get good grades which is not a problem <3
Melissakdog (5 months ago)
y’all rich or something my mom takes me and i only get to spend like $75
Natalia B (5 months ago)
Aesthetic Cai I get like a 100 dollar budget lol
Suhana Chowdhury (5 months ago)
Aesthetic Cai im spending 500 dollars fro school (clothes) shopping too
Faith Neill (5 months ago)
I love you brooke
blank lex (5 months ago)
Jacob saggytits
Brookes World (5 months ago)
I love Jacob
Abilynn Padilla (5 months ago)
Yesss do a haul
Vera V. (5 months ago)
aw cute video!! I just went BTS clothes (and plant 😂) shopping, too!! it was honestly such a cool experience because the sales were HUGE, so it turned into a hilarious vlog hehe :))
Fancy Simmer (5 months ago)
Do u go to union and u live in Oklahoma tulsa
pro max yt b (5 months ago)
Your friend is fat
pro max yt b (5 months ago)
Shud up
Sofia Juarez (5 months ago)
Do you live in Houston ?
Makayla Koehler (5 months ago)
Do a haul
Shelby Allen (5 months ago)
Brooke, you amd Jacob are meant to be.
Eden Jael (5 months ago)
Are you going to do a back to school haul ?
preston Hendrix my life (5 months ago)
by the way your mom was my 6th grade teacher
Grace Barham (5 months ago)
Love from SandSprings💖💖💖
Grace Barham (5 months ago)
Omg I live in Oklahoma too💓
preston Hendrix my life (5 months ago)
me too
Viga Duus (5 months ago)
you should get the camouflage pants, they looked so good on you!
waziraaah (5 months ago)
Yooooo bestfriend 💜💘💞
Maria Aguilera (5 months ago)
I made your video hit 500likes
TeamAmy (5 months ago)
so she doesn't like Millie??? BISHHHHH oh hnnn Jacob is a fuckboy okay I'm sorry honey that u had to hear that but he is. He just got famous out of a stupid app!!!!! more specifically by being a clingy boy! butttt whatverrr i went to the party bc i don't like him and i was happy that they were over.
Areona Rainey (5 months ago)
Omg I live near Woodland Hills mall do you go to broken arrow schools or Tulsa schools
Tk Rose (5 months ago)
T Money (5 months ago)
Every time I see ur friend she is on her phone..jeez
Sheis Myah (5 months ago)
Daqotas (5 months ago)
T Money well the other girl is recording on her phone so he’s on her phone more than the friend
Maddie Dostie (5 months ago)
Ew jacob satorious
Macey Washburn (4 months ago)
Why are u here if u don’t like him? 😂
Alexia Ledoux (5 months ago)
Vanessa Bxtch Vanessa Bxtch I love your lack of inspiration in your comments, but I love even more how you can’t tell irony to real! 😂😂😂 You’re honestly really pathetic, you’re parents should really pay you proper education. I’m not « hurting your feelings » You remind me of an 11 year old trying to act like a teenager. I’m just showing some straight up facts. Geez... at least not all Americans are like you.
MamaKermit (5 months ago)
i don’t hate on him because he’s just a kid but his singing is really bad and he’s very very cringey.
Vanessa Bxtch (5 months ago)
Alexia Ledoux I see you ain't replying lmao don''t test me bitch
Chloe’s Vlogs (5 months ago)
Followed u on insta♥️
Adamaris Valdivia (5 months ago)
Look Brooke I love u and all but don’t say Jillie is over party bc that’s so immature and a lot of the Sartorians hate when ppl say that so plz don’t bc she was the one that made him happy when he wasn’t so plz don’t say it
Leighanna Candelaria (5 months ago)
no Brianer
Alora Taylor (5 months ago)
also i can’t wait to see you at the js concert!! ahahaha so excited 24 days❣️❣️❣️❣️ i’m wearing a home maid shirt that says jacob sartorius is my boyfriend haha😂 and i’m going with my bestfriend and we’re both so happy to see you☺️💕
Alora Taylor (5 months ago)
and oml i saw your snapchat if you in a wedding dress #JILLIEISOVERPARTY WOOWOWOWOW
Alora Taylor (5 months ago)
Obsessed With netflix (5 months ago)
Dang ur high school looks niiiice
Emily Hardway (5 months ago)
It was sooo cool to meet you
Amberly Price (5 months ago)
TBH...I wanna marry Jacob so ig he'll have to pick #Chacob but another TBH, you are like 10 times more beautiful than me so he will pick you... you should do the clothing haul... And you should react to hooked on a feeling! love ya brooke! #Jookie! # Sartorian!!! <3
Carissa Williams (5 months ago)
I went to the same exact mall on the same day wow smh
MamaKermit (5 months ago)
i’m only happy about their breakup because i don’t like jacob lmao. millie is a queen though
MamaKermit (5 months ago)
Potassium .-. that’s how i am. she’s had a lot of controversy around her but i still enjoy her acting and her instagram photos.
Potassium .-. (5 months ago)
MamaKermit I don't like her but I don't hate her. She kinda annoys me.
Alexia Ledoux (5 months ago)
What are you doing here?
Hannah Abbas (5 months ago)
Lmao same
Alex Dolan (5 months ago)
MamaKermit oof straight up lies lmao💀💀
Yagurlluvia (5 months ago)
U have my last name “Sanchez”
Jordan Hatch (5 months ago)
I literally seen you right before y’all went into pac sun
Alexxa Jackson (5 months ago)
I like in Tulsa and it’s so weird seeing the places I go to everyday😂Love ya Brooke!!💛
Chabełła (5 months ago)
Alexxa Jackson I went to Tulsa for vacation a couple days ago and I went to the mall it was amazing :)
St Oopid (5 months ago)
Why is your friend always on her damn phone lol
Hailey Suarez (4 months ago)
That's a crying face not a laughing face
Sheis Myah (5 months ago)
Issa Taco I was laughing at ur comment
St Oopid (5 months ago)
Sheis Myah You okay ?¿
Sheis Myah (5 months ago)
St Oopid (5 months ago)
12 A PrObaBly
Kyra Beaulieu (5 months ago)
3:50 guy in the back (thic ) hahahahahahaha I just had to point that out
sophie b (5 months ago)
This is the best channel everrr
Kbandzz (5 months ago)
And can you do a freshman advice video
Kbandzz (5 months ago)
Do you still do musically ?
pinkiejustice04 (5 months ago)
Please do a clothing haul!
Shishtar Sartorius (5 months ago)
I’m Oofable.Ashley from ur livestreams meeting Jacob in August 25th NY! LY
Shishtar Sartorius (5 months ago)
Roselyn Vazquez (5 months ago)
I’ll see you in ark ahhh
Mirgan Hunter (5 months ago)
oh yeah u guys are totally gonna get married
Mirgan Hunter (5 months ago)
hey Brooke love all your vids can u follow me at morgan1187 please I love u I follow u on Instagram
Taylor Ivanits (5 months ago)
do a updated what’s on my iPhone
maddy ;-; (5 months ago)
glad that there is a fellow oklahoman making it on youtube. ❣️
Zoe Caviness (5 months ago)
I have no idea what I’m wearing September 1st either 💀💀
Zoe Caviness (5 months ago)
Oof ily 💖😂
dreams of lina (5 months ago)
Unicorn Squad (5 months ago)
Hey Queen lol Oklahoma peepoles
rjs (5 months ago)
Hello there

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