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Mac Miller - Best Day Ever Official video + Lyrics !!!

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Lyrics :) : [Verse 1:] I never take a day off, work around the clock My engineer gettin' paid off Rock like aseop, light the weed and take off So high I cannot see Adolf Now I got these rappers all breakin up a sweat Cause everytime I get up on the mic I come correct And I learned it from the best, always dressed in something fresh Lookin' for a little dime, big butt and nice chest Yes, they heard I used to rock guess But now I'm rocking clothes that ain't in the stores yet Travel back in time, I'm in a vortex Trying to make it work out think I need more reps Used to take the bus now the boy board jets Cause kids got me buzzing like a fucking hornet They say I got next, tell em that I got now It's all Disney, boy my family proud Make 'em say ow, make 'em say oh The hoes that tell me yes, the same ones that tell ya no Whoa, I ain't just an average joe, Way above the average flow, boy my life is most dope [Chorus:] No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile Pursuit to be happy only laughing like a child I never thought life would be this sweet It got me cheesing from cheek to cheek And I ain't get away for nothing cause that just ain't my style Life couldn't get better, this gon' be the best day ever [Verse 2:] If it ain't about the dream, than it ain't about me Gon' a couple four weeks without a good night's sleep Imagination, making, musical creation The journey that I'm facing plus the paper that I'm chasing Got me crazy after sane with the lames I see you hating But there's nothing that can change it, thumbs up I'm maintaining No complaining when it's raining, I'll be in another zone Move out my mothers home to a world I call my own I ain't gonna play around no more Find the difference from the ground and the floor If we gotta fight, I'll be down for the war Thumbs up, homie I'll be sure [Chorus:] No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile Pursuit to be happy only laughing like a child I never thought life would be this sweet It got me cheesing from cheek to cheek And I ain't get away for nothing cause that just ain't my style Life couldn't get better, this gon' be the best day ever
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Text Comments (65)
Kayla Bubs (23 days ago)
I still can't get over this.. WE NEED YOU BACK
Ryan Harkins (1 month ago)
Always gonna be a classic
ATc Pedel Girl (1 month ago)
Liciaa Torres (1 month ago)
Prayers for his family 😭
John Anzuoni (1 month ago)
Rest easy Mac....🙏🙏🙏🙏
Gabbriella Fafard (1 month ago)
Burner Productions (1 month ago)
goddmanit Mac </3
Rivera Baby’s (1 month ago)
R.I.P 🙏🏻🙁
M M (10 months ago)
Depression I mess toss days 2010
Its Zyiannn (2 years ago)
This song juss had me in my feelings, but dis my fav song like real talk
l o g i c (3 years ago)
M M (10 months ago)
l o g i c cool
Jayden (5 years ago)
its the BDE bonus track you can only get it if you have the album
Jon Short (5 years ago)
i want this song on my iphone but i cant find it on itunes. someone help
kjhn (5 years ago)
jorge heredia (5 years ago)
Mac miller jr haha
jorge heredia (5 years ago)
Kibo Ai (5 years ago)
This is too cute! :')
cdejesus48 (5 years ago)
he was adorible when he was little
Tre Hinton (5 years ago)
The real music goes from 0:00 to 1:31.
michael ramirez (6 years ago)
Best Day Ever Mac Miller love that song ymcmb2002
michael ramirez (6 years ago)
well mac miller best day ever is about him as a child i think it is great i love it so much you rock mac miller
Jayson Wheeler (6 years ago)
Should be called "best song ever"
Blayma1632 (6 years ago)
Then Why Are You Searching This You Stupid Mo' Fo -__-
Blayma1632 (6 years ago)
Who the hell you saying fuck you to? You female dog!
Devon Wardman (6 years ago)
this is wack he not even close to eminem this mac wack artist eminems a legend in eminems eyes and tupac this kid is an amateaur to them
Eldwin Medel (6 years ago)
IVotorious (6 years ago)
Trying to be Eminem? Are you fucking stupid, honestly? No where in the world does it say you have to be black to rap. Also, if you hate Mac, why did you search 'Best Day Ever Lyrics?' You are so fucking dumb.
Celena George (6 years ago)
Mac miller is a little cutie!! <3 :D awwe; adorable. love it!
LIKEuhSAMBOOTY (6 years ago)
haters lol dont trip tho he's up there in the famous ranks while his haters probably live in basements
Swole_Eri (6 years ago)
thank you.
Gabrielle Johnson (6 years ago)
MrBrition (6 years ago)
BitchDieInAHole (6 years ago)
amsome video mac me and my borther love it
Murdurr Man (6 years ago)
yes sir
Murdurr Man (6 years ago)
This song makes me want the good days back :')
Dante Resendiz (6 years ago)
That kid it's mac?
Seth Snyder (6 years ago)
This song is litterally my favorite song, its a real chill song. Good shit maan
Ana Luiza Maia (6 years ago)
damn im in love
Nathan Snow (6 years ago)
Where it says "And I ain't get away for nothing" .. I think it's supposed to be "And I ain't gonna wait for nothing" :) Correct me if I'm wrong. Good video though. :D
raul valentin (6 years ago)
Lol My bad
john key (6 years ago)
giving this a THUMBS UP
ryan jackson (6 years ago)
Doppe ass Montreal Hat
Go On Thiqe (6 years ago)
Video Description.
raul valentin (6 years ago)
Where the fuck are the lyrics
citdro (6 years ago)
Mac miller im your #1 fan lol
Jose Mora (6 years ago)
fuck u
David LeRoy (6 years ago)
you will always find me with a smile,,,, always laughing like a fuckin child
paul lorenz (6 years ago)
this is gay.
leighraie (6 years ago)
one person has never had the best day ever.
Jared Spencer (6 years ago)
This song actually makes me look forward to my future; Stop letting all this shit in my past drag me down. Deep track.
queeniejessica86 (6 years ago)
-3 Mac miller
ThePerishable (6 years ago)
Whose the gay lil' bitch?
babygurl3622 (6 years ago)
Fucking inl0ve with this sing <3 Macmiller<3
TheWrestling212 (6 years ago)
I fuckin love miller!
Cameron (6 years ago)
hey, whos the one hater? sure as hell isn't me:) haha great song, the beginning is cute too.. i'd say all the haterz are just jealouss.. :p , but hey, that's just the way i see it..
Maria De La Iglesia (6 years ago)
uknown gee (6 years ago)
were not here to see mac be cute were here to see him rap........bitch
Selfish Noob (6 years ago)
@1:35 skip the stupid shit in the beginning
isaac soto (7 years ago)
THUMBS UP!!!! fuken love MAC!!!!
Tanya Arellano (7 years ago)
I truly love the fact that his style is so chill and inspiring. Like the Thumbs Up movement really is the shit. Makes you wanna live. Love Miller. <3
Zachary Cook (7 years ago)
Mac is the shit
fredy ponce (7 years ago)
Love dis song dee best day ever :D
Tammy Vo (7 years ago)
Wow very Impress off
Lyndsey Canales (7 years ago)

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