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Star Wars Crawl Theme Virtual Instruments East West Symphonic Orchestra

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EastWest Symphonic Orchestra EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition EWQL Brass gold EWQL Hollywood Strings Cubase 7 Elements VIDEO BY JEDSITHOR ON YOUTUBE FAN MADE VIDEO no spoilers
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J Sailer (5 months ago)
Quick question. If I use this theme in a video, would I need to cite you guys as my source for using it?
J Sailer (4 months ago)
Cool! Thank you! Looking forward to it!
J Sailer (4 months ago)
Thank you. I will be using it in the opening crawl of my Star Wars story (I will link it here when it's up) and I will mention you at the very beginning.
I would be appreciate if you mention my channel, but then again, I do not own the rights to the theme by Lucasfilm and John Williams

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