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STOP Cutting Your Fingernails WRONG! | How To Correctly Clip Nails

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We bring you the complete guide to looking after your nails. https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/cut-fingernails-right/ - Click here to read the article Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://www.thestylesystem.com http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-products/ - Click Here To Download ALL of my FREE Products
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Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
What nail grooming tools do you use? Comment below! *WATCH NEXT: 10 Showering Mistakes MOST Men Make* - https://youtu.be/X_eU5UU8HVA https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/cut-fingernails-right/ - Click here to read the article Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://www.thestylesystem.com http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-products/ - Click Here To Download ALL of my FREE Products
Brad Johnson (14 hours ago)
You go too far sometimes man . I’ve been using regular clippers for years I didn’t even know the name of them until you just said. They work just fine for me.
You're mine (2 months ago)
Nice to 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
naseem sadiq (4 months ago)
Real Men Real Style ZZz😉😙😉😒😩😒😩😒😩😉😙😙☺️😙😉😉😩😩👌
Ricky (4 months ago)
Haus of steel clippers. Very well made and you can get them at any store like Walmart.
jamc666 (5 months ago)
am missing "nosedigging with style" lesson ...
natsu (4 hours ago)
how to cut your nails uses pliers
Rory Phillips (2 days ago)
Shit got real intense at 3:54
StepByStep (5 days ago)
How to eat properly
Flwest05 (6 days ago)
“Who would watch a video on how to cut your own nails?” *sees that the video has 5M views”
_*Cookie-Brunette*_ (4 days ago)
Because we mostly bite them
Dundi (8 days ago)
Oh so you supposed to cut those...
Aodhaegen Duncan (9 days ago)
My sister`s big toes were all "ate up" virus, concerning three-quarters of the nail starting from the tip. Thankfully she found and tried this fungus treatment known as ‘Tαkαnu Yuzo” (Google it). Following the treatment solution has permitted her to get the fungus taken away from her nail. .
Cøffee (13 days ago)
i love how there’s a tutorial for everything you need
Isaac Clarke (18 days ago)
I just polish them all. They keep a nice rounded shape.
Radoslav Nenchev (18 days ago)
Everyone's laughing and saying this is a useless video, but I've actually had 3 years of problems and unneeded pain/surgeries cause of one little mistake that led to an infection
David Jimenez Santana (28 days ago)
Why do I watch this when I will keep on just using my teeth 👀
SymCherry (1 month ago)
It’s so hard to cut your nails
Gami Cross (1 month ago)
Don't be rude - some people like myself have had ignorant or flat out clinically stupid foster parents that never taught proper ways of doing their nails. Thank you for this.
Ocean T - BOXING (1 month ago)
How to blink your eyes the right way properly
Honestly though I have been biting my nails my entire life. I've only just kicked the habit. I just cut them for the first time with clippers, and they basically look the same as if I bit them down. I just wanted a simple technique video in case there were a better way. Lol. This is too much.
Blu (1 month ago)
fucking hell, man. just cut your nails which ever way you want
R. Faheem Abdul Wahab (1 month ago)
Time: Am I a joke to you?
isaac schmidt (1 month ago)
Jesus Christ get on with it
XxZain- AxX (1 month ago)
So no Swiss Army Knife? Am i correct??
Aditya (2 months ago)
Don't we need a Command Module.
Rayn (2 months ago)
i know how this video sounds silly to some people,but for some reason i could never do my nails right :/
Arthur Ballinger (2 months ago)
WTF? DAMN! But there is Message now pay up! Correctly!
Thomas The Tank Engine (2 months ago)
1900s: we'll have flying cars by 2018 2018:Here's how you correctly clip your nails
Aashima Khandelwal (2 months ago)
Just one word for this video : *SERIOUSLY? *
Naomi Waite (2 months ago)
Cut them a bit then file them down
Skaarlets (3 months ago)
What about little scissors?
Kiera's nails lambert (3 months ago)
Why do people clip there nails?Just let them grow and use a nail file!
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Omar Rashed (3 months ago)
Pretty useful video
Dont Care (3 months ago)
Use nakhun pati😂 best
Minty Badger (3 months ago)
What about ingrown toenails?
DaAlski78520 (3 months ago)
I multi-task whenever I have a dremel...
mooks (3 months ago)
I even fail to cut the nails. thanks
Andy Sambi (3 months ago)
You didn't talk about the flesh growing on the top of the nail, the best way to deal with it...
pat usher (3 months ago)
Why am I here?. Your tryin to tell me nail clippers will clip my nails,.. in a pinch? I shut it off at the little scissors in case anyone wondered.
Yasir Irshad (3 months ago)
Why in the actual fuck am I watching this now 😂😂
Edward 2160 (3 months ago)
The most manly video I've ever watched !
Boo_king Killao (3 months ago)
Little bitch just cut them off
Steve Morales (3 months ago)
Otgonbayr Otgoo (3 months ago)
Be manly just cut that shit when it is too long that hurts ur girls pussy
Patriotic Eagle (3 months ago)
How to move correctly
OldSchoolMTB'er (3 months ago)
I bite my nails off
Jamie Gaskins (3 months ago)
Bruh don’t scissors hurt?
Babul Das (3 months ago)
Wrong video
Ekin Genc (3 months ago)
Adamın biri de çıkmış tırnağımızı nasıl keseceğimizi öğretiyor
Jörmungandr (3 months ago)
bruh moment
Alexandru Tănase (3 months ago)
My left index finger grows with a pointy bit like claw, and I dug a bit of dead skin under and now i have a dagger, it's pretty sharp and resistant for a human nail and offers great scarches in case of an itch
Speedy Zems (3 months ago)
I wish YouTube had haha react
Cool video    Subbed !    Hey check out my channel and  Subscribe some time :)  Most unorthodox natural bodybuilding channel  EVER  !!!   Thanks   Much Love
datpoor _guy (3 months ago)
I just bite them .. who else?
Akif Fam (3 months ago)
Snip snip ni🅱️🅱️a
Abdul Wahid (3 months ago)
*Too much trouble for cutting your fucking nails, just cut them god damn it*
Jeremie Bowles (3 months ago)
This is freaking silly. Im 40 years old and fingernail clippers have always worked just fine. This is a gimmick. If they get dull go spend another two bucks and get a new one.
Jon W (3 months ago)
I don’t know about you but I dropped 2 grand on essential nail clipping tools!
Preet Karan (3 months ago)
So i don't use a gun. Got it.
Shok731 (3 months ago)
Real men bite their nails and file them with their teeth *M E N*
Ricardo Calvillo (3 months ago)
Change the title to “How to be a little bitch”
Mr. Cross (3 months ago)
My trick starts from 3:20 Do not thank me I'm not a bot I'm a human
PawPow123 (4 months ago)
How to breath properly
Sam Richo (5 days ago)
How about how to make your heart beat.
Player 1151 (1 month ago)
Well I breath from my but hole and that’s helps tbh
Kendrik Doughty (3 months ago)
Breath from your diaphragm
Rhys1810 (3 months ago)
Hot glue your mouth and nostrils shut
Nightmare (3 months ago)
Oh yeah yeah
navneet (4 months ago)
Is it real men, real style... OR Real women, real style. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Terry Tung (4 months ago)
haha, i knew i was doind something wrong, but always feel stupid to ask. thanks for this video!
Numan Ahmed (4 months ago)
Damn I've been using a flamethrower all this time
Decent (4 months ago)
Ok i didn't know there was a wrong way to cut nails until i watched this
Missy Yolo (4 months ago)
Just use teeth.
You think people have 1 hour to spent on cutting nails?
Terrance Martinez (4 months ago)
I bought a pair of professional medical nail clippers on Amazon, repaired my thick nails, and shared them with people in need to see them. Don't wait until it's as serious as the video says to go to treatment and it's too painful: Https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JMX9TBY
Miguel Camargo (4 months ago)
Cut your fingernails 2x's a week and cut your toenails only once.
Sagar Shrestha (4 months ago)
I am here because of ingrown toe nail caused by bad(deep) nail cutting.
do NOT use antibacterial soap.
Vikram Singha (4 months ago)
Did anyone cringe watching the nails being cut and filed? I get the same feeling as someone scratching a blackboard while cutting nails or watching nails being cut :/
Gokul Balaji (4 months ago)
Enough youtube today
Prem Kumar (4 months ago)
It's just a clickbait trick.!
Wayne Robinson (4 months ago)
A know it all ass hole filled with sense of own superiority / avoid people like this at all cost .
Moin Sheikh (4 months ago)
Thanks for help us really proper nail grooming is very tough
Wina and time traveler (4 months ago)
how much all these things cost?
Issaiah Sanchez (4 months ago)
this is ridiculous
Aljon Asis (4 months ago)
mga bobo ang basic ngpagputol ng kuko
Aljon Asis (4 months ago)
mga bobo ang basic ngpagputol ng kuko
Ronnie James Osbourne (4 months ago)
This video felt like I was watching a bad 3am infomercial.
Chima Mondal (4 months ago)
Funny 😂 hahahaha
Не айтты ози.?
Mohamed shaain Shaain (4 months ago)
Its good
ice x21 (4 months ago)
I have teeth sharp as a shark that’s how I cut my finger nails and I use a toenail clipper the cut my toe nail and I file it with the files I get from food Maxx the one that r sand paper and popcical sticks
Thomaxonal (4 months ago)
Beautiful b-roll. Thanks for the tips!
Isaac Kamau (4 months ago)
Now trimming your nails is a chore, complete with a tool bag.💼 I wonder if the public will know how long it took to cut my nails and appreciate my gentleman ways with that much time and money invested. lol 🤷🏻‍♂️
DP_ vlogs08 (4 months ago)
This is a good video I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time 😭 thanks Antonio
Thambi Ravi (4 months ago)
Sunday is holiday....... Wait not anymore....... .......it's dp.....
K 9 (4 months ago)
Use teeth. SIMPLE.
kiran Sharma (4 months ago)
the video is cool but I've some serious problems in my life which are far more huge than my nail cutting habit
There’s a clipper that’s different to the straight clipper. It’s like for corners or something. A bit like the scissors but a clipper version. I call it the angle toe clipper because I don’t know the name of it but it is very useful.
F.B.I (4 months ago)
We need a video on " How to fart without wasting any energy as 'Sound' "
Bruce Gemberling (4 months ago)
This is the perfect way to kill time at work...
Ltvn1968 (4 months ago)
Get over it.....just get some clippers and go for it. My life is not spent in a “beauty parlor”!
umair bat (4 months ago)
Arijit Goswami (4 months ago)
WTF!!!! I need a tutorial for nail cutting
abhi king (4 months ago)
Chutiye he kya
Mr Fambawl (4 months ago)
Im cutting with knife
Double A.G (4 months ago)
I just use my genius mouth
Robin Thomas (4 months ago)
Good advertising

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