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Men's Wallets - Bi-Fold, Card Case, Phone - Men's Essential Accessories - Slim, Leather, Best

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http://awest.me/wallets - for my in-depth article about the best men's wallets that you should own and why, including links and images to my favorites. Related Videos Phone Cases - https://youtu.be/O61N8KJ61Ww Belts - https://youtu.be/4JjkW0tIFN4 Sunglasses - https://youtu.be/ajWFLGJTpdU Backpack/Rucksack - https://youtu.be/1ZnxTwZ4BHQ Weekender Bag - https://youtu.be/2q1ROXBxs2c Briefcase/Messenger Bag - https://youtu.be/Cwl1xoqqKxg Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag - https://youtu.be/uggYDy7f44Q Dress Shoes - https://youtu.be/A8rPbNwtLn4 White Sneakers - https://youtu.be/7-rtOd4_A-o Socks - https://youtu.be/tpJXJPU8lQc http://awest.me/ebooks - to download my free ebooks about the style mistakes you're probably making and the seasonal essentials you should own. Follow Me On: SnapChat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/ashleypweston Twitter - http://twitter.com/ashleypweston Instagram - http://instagram.com/ashleypweston Facebook - http://facebook.com/ashleywestonstylist Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/ashleypweston
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Text Comments (298)
saapproved (3 days ago)
This is helpful!!!
Nochute262 (7 days ago)
Got BEEPED, huh. Forget it! She has nothing I wish to hear!
earthsteward9 (22 days ago)
A thinner wallet is another reason not to have a plethora of credit cards in your wallet. I also cleared out those loyalty cards that I rarely use
James Murray (29 days ago)
For you like the taste of soap?
Richard Creasey (1 month ago)
Looks like coins don't exist in America.
Gregory Worozbyt (1 month ago)
Still timeless advice, these recommendations are never out of style.
Tahseen Gull (2 months ago)
does she even link the video she mentions?? like ever??
WarLead2792 (2 months ago)
Unless they are ultra treated, super flashy leather, your cards are going to get stained by the oils and dyes in the leather. Get a canvas or pleather wallet. I've gotten $100+ leather wallets that still do this.
mistermatsuda (3 months ago)
Women love only one type of wallet... filled with cash!
Billy Simons (3 months ago)
I hate slim wallets I like to feel it when I set down and also I want it to be noticed when I'm walking so people don't think I am weird and keep it in my front pocket
Jon Stern (5 months ago)
I managed to find a card case with a zipped compartment for coins. Works for me really well and is compact
MD BIPLOB (5 months ago)
Tarek Rimam (6 months ago)
Not a single Mont Blanc Wallet?! I’ve always thought they were so high-quality.
Watch Review (7 months ago)
Why do I feel you could talk me into buying all of those wallets..😂😂
Yega (7 months ago)
My dad used to carry something like this 11:58 but it wasn’t a phone wallet since there were no cell phones back then. Feels like an updated version / modern take.
Yega (7 months ago)
Puts a blip AFTER the F-word 😂😂
Saad Suleiman (7 months ago)
You missed the checkbook / breast pocket wallet........
Ramy Saber (7 months ago)
Should wallet colour be matched with the shoe and belt?
topoisomerace (4 months ago)
Not practical.
ashish jagani (8 months ago)
Pardon my French , but do u rich F***** don't have coins in your pocket ? hardly any of your wallets shown is even practical in daily life. What about all the change you get in a day from 1 EURO cent to 2 EUROS.
bd geek (8 months ago)
come on! women will never understand men's wallet
donald mcgreggor (8 months ago)
hey nice video explanation of product, how come you didn't included Mani Wonders in the video. it is like the best one out there
AWxInc (8 months ago)
Too gimmicky and tactical.
Danial Khan (8 months ago)
These wallets are more expensive than the 💰 I carry.
Brian Gue (9 months ago)
$400 for a fucking wallet?.. after you buy it ain’t no more money left to put inside it.
pbjtothemax (9 months ago)
Where do I go for links and details?
Laurent maro (10 months ago)
Where do you keep coins then...
reychop_EXE (1 year ago)
I have to disagree. Never placed a wallet in my back pocket since High school. Even real men real style doesn't place his wallet at the back. It's not just for security reason (avoid pickpocket) but also for health reasons (sciatica is real, no matter how thin a wallet is, it will put pressure on your nerves once you sit on it, especially with cards and cash inside). Front pocket wallet is in! :)
SuperAhmed1337 (1 year ago)
Card cases, not much cash? I can easily fit 1000€ in my card case.
Bacchanalia (1 year ago)
Coach sells a Valextra inner money clip bifold style wallet, and they are fucking amazing.
1234 (1 year ago)
Brilliant video but I'm considering the Secrid Miniwallet right now. What are everyone's opinion?
seb dickie (1 year ago)
Thin and small aren't the measures of good or bad; Comme Des Garcons wallets are well made and tasteful.
Dan Van (1 year ago)
hear in Philippines high quality leather wallets cost 20+ dollars only
egg (1 year ago)
i like the Segrid card holder wallet.The aluminium Cardprotector protects your cards from bending, breaking and unwanted RFID and NFC communication. :)
faux (1 year ago)
Ashley! Check out the Thread & Leather Wrap Wallet. It's small & you can get it without contrasting stitching. You will love!
Anglish Bookcraft (1 year ago)
Start wearing some kickass men’s bags, get the fatest wallet you want and just throw it in the bag with all the other bulk. Then get a card slim wallet for when it’s not appropriate to wear a bag
Killersentra (1 year ago)
One of the better reviews on here ... I'm just surprised a woman is doing it no joke.
Avdhesh Sharma (1 year ago)
Suggestion: try the volterman and armstaff wallets, please let us know about the quality of those wallets and we will be interested in smart wallets as the life is getting smarter day by day. I hope u got my point. Waiting for ur reply.
Rodrigo Miquelino (1 year ago)
Hi ma'am, Is that a fucking apple watch?!!
Bhaskardev Sharma (1 year ago)
I own one black leather wallet but I feel wrong when I carry my black wallet with my brown shoes and belt.. should I buy another wallet or going with my wallet is ok?
Kornstar Gaming (1 year ago)
love your attempt at aussie little lady. Good video, much love Australia
Raiden Perkinson (1 year ago)
Piotr Dudek (1 year ago)
Hi Ashley, amazing video on wallets! Great job!
Ana Costa (1 year ago)
I sincerely do not understand all the hateful comments. If you do not want advice on these matters, don't watch the videos.
Fake Japanese Gamer (1 year ago)
None of these wallets are practical girl
Ferry Ansony (1 year ago)
No no no. You see, when a guy pulls out his sadly plain looking wallet (that has no accent whatsoever) it makes him looks boring and empty. Seems like he's literally pulling out a slab of dead animal's skin out of his pocket. I think a little bit of accent texture or contrast color on the stitching is a great addition.
MiniSwordman (1 year ago)
Do coins not exist or sonething?
Guillem Sevilla (1 year ago)
Same question!
The Local Assassin (1 year ago)
So am I like the only one that likes tri fold wallets?
YuckyPump (1 year ago)
just get money clip
RAWMOST GAMING (1 year ago)
Not gonna lie your a really beautiful, smart, and amazing looking women 😘 your nails ion this video are looking amazing I love them.
Coin purse ?
Jurian van Doorn (1 year ago)
For People Who like a nice card case should check out securid.
Curtis Jackson (1 year ago)
Don't use wallets with money clips because you are advertising, criminals are everywhere and know what there doing, so if you open your wallet in the wrong place guess who's getting robbed in the parking lot so dont show you're hand unless you counsel carry
Zain Du Toit (1 year ago)
Holy crap her voice is irritating
TC Lawdog (1 year ago)
I thought this was an infomercial the first 30 seconds.
Noel Tay (1 year ago)
Hardgraft :)
Tommie Holmgren (1 year ago)
please stop promoting phone wallets..... why would one even consider using one?
David Dersteins (1 year ago)
Spending all my money on a wallet means I have less cash to carry. This slims my wallet. Killing two birds with one stone.
Zachary Safford (1 year ago)
D.E.B. B but these wallets are waaaay too expensive
D.E.B. B (1 year ago)
If you can't afford a wallet, your problems are greater than what a youtube video can help with.
mmike456 (1 year ago)
No wonder she is still single.
Ye Hor Giam (1 year ago)
Is is just me that thinks she promotes her articles too much?
Terry Im (1 year ago)
Do you have a wallet recommendation that holds coins and keys? P.S. not bulky inside a pocket?
nwjh1957 (1 year ago)
Ashley, don't try an Australian accent, and one would not say "G'day" as a farewell, any more than you'd say "Hello" when leaving. If you want a suitable farewell, then try "Copulater!"
Tom Tobin (1 year ago)
Ashley- Look,lady. Men are tired of sitting on wallets and hurting our asses just because his girl likes it. I have a device called a Front Pocket wallet. Yes, a wallet designed to fit in the front pocket. We like that shit so we're gonna do it and damn the consequences. It makes our asses hurt less from having to sit on a bump and it makes it safer so we don't get pickpocketed. You don't like it,? DEAL.
Tom Tobin (1 year ago)
I'm too busy and my mind is moving way too fast for that mundane stuff. Here's my front pocket wallet: https://www.rogue-industries.com/collections/front-pocket-wallets/Men's
AWxInc (1 year ago)
+Tom Tobin you can remove it before sitting down... Most of my clients do this and seem to have a long and fruitful life.
Troy McDaniel (1 year ago)
Why nothing but leather? I use a Hu Mn carbon fiber mini in black/black. It is smaller and slimmer than any of the wallets you listed, far more durable, makes your cards immune to RFID scanners, and looks great. Don't get me wrong, it is not the end all be all of wallets. I have several other wallets and money clips, but often find myself using the Hu Mn day to day.
AMIRAN SURAMELI (1 year ago)
hello. i liked your watch and say me what the watch name?
Jason Tan (1 year ago)
Contrasting stitching highlights fine craftsmanship, assuming that stitching is impeccably executed. Subtle enough to have a clean visual appeal, especially when stitching colour is neutral. Black stitching on black wallet doesn't do much justice to its craftsmanship. My 2 cents.
yowza (1 year ago)
Go back blonde.
David Siler (1 year ago)
I wonder if she has an opinion on what material an everyday wallet should be? A leather wallet or a nylon wallet as two examples for wallet materials. The only brand of wallet I have ever known is the brand "Rainbow of California".
Tucker Niemi (1 year ago)
My dad's tri-fold wallet in shiny brown aged very well and looks great in an old jean where the wallet has distress marks on the jeans I plan on getting one of those but a bill fold for fancy cloths because the bulk doesn't look good
Jesus Olvera (1 year ago)
Your nails don't look good at all kinda tacky lol
waheed iqbal (1 year ago)
not a single wallet is good looking
Melissa M (1 year ago)
Great video. Von Baer also has quality leather wallets with simple but stylish designs
jhgjhgj hgjhgdj (1 year ago)
Where to put the small coins??
hillbilly bmx (2 months ago)
in your pocket unless your a girl then put it in your purse
RobynHood (1 year ago)
I'm thinking of getting this bill clip wallet from Saint Laurent, thoughts? http://www.ysl.com/ca/shop-product/men/leather-goods-saint-laurent-paris-slg-classic-saint-laurent-bill-clip-wallet-in-navy-blue-grain-de-poudre-textured-leather_cod22000887ft.html#section=men_leather_wallet
Adam Seymour (1 year ago)
As an Australian thats epic fail no one talks like that
Cat Naps33 (1 year ago)
If a man is spotted with an oversized wallet with a zipper or a push to open wallet... he should be castrated on the spot. His testicles gently placed into his "wallet" then violently rammed up his ass until it reappears out his mouth. Proper payment for his violation. Real men carry a BILLFOLD wallet period....Sorry for my post traumatic stress disorder out bust just my opinion. Nice review of the Billfolds though.
Thousand N5 (1 year ago)
ricardojpds (1 year ago)
Ashley, your best video ever. Went back to start and watched it again. Very informative and exciting. I carry my Bellroy on a daily basis, but so happy to know other options. Thank you so much
Stewart Gardiner (1 year ago)
Love your work Ashley, just don't do the Australian accent.
Oli Freakin Davis (1 year ago)
Why am I gonna buy a wallet when I don't use cash I have one card and it's kept in a safe
MogelBoom (1 year ago)
i don't know why but i am constantly turning up your speed to 1.5 because ure videos are so long ...
queen mathue (1 year ago)
Hey Ashley, I am a huge fan of your channel and I just bought this wallet called fantom wallet. Can you tell me what is your view on that ? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1338372981/fantom-wallet-the-quick-access-slim-wallet
Arman Talwar (1 year ago)
I have the LV pocket organiser, similar to what you showed, and I feel it's great! I can carry cash, cards, ID, and it isn't thick either ! Plus the quality is so good ! Best 500 dollars spent :)
Magnus W (1 year ago)
Ironic that this lady goes into such great details of describing and analyzing various mens wallets, while most videos by men are more like "yeah, so this one wallet is really slim, you need to buy it" without analyzing the functions or looks (such as a lack of bills compartment, only fitting US bills, the color and finish, etc.). Great video, but too fancy and pricey wallets for me - I'm going for a Hammer Anvil Slim Front Pocket RFID Wallet. I'd rather have a slight front bulge than a pickpocketed wallet and worse back problems than I already have.
Frizzlefry (1 year ago)
LOL @ this chick trying to tell me what the best men's wallet is. Most of this is overpriced mass produced garbage. Don't put your SLIM wallet in your front pocket because it will produce a bulge. WTF are you even ranting on about? That's enough Internets for me today.
Clint Blackwell (1 year ago)
This sounds more like a paid production for only 3 brands...
Murmad Man (1 year ago)
suggestions from her
Raj Shah (1 year ago)
Does it matter what kind of a wallet a man carries as long as he buys you 4 $25 cosmos?
Raj Shah (1 year ago)
Ashley Weston Haha, touché. Also found it interesting that you're wearing an Apple Watch.
AWxInc (1 year ago)
+Raj Shah That might work with the hoes at the club, but not here.
keatman (1 year ago)
Question: What are your thoughts on keeping coins in the wallet?
M B (1 year ago)
I like this video and I'm really liking the Valextra wallet but it's so expensive. Are there any wallets that are cheaper and still looks good?
Observer (1 year ago)
GOD You are annoying.
Sebastiaan Pasteuning (1 year ago)
What do you think of the minimax wallet because I live in the Netherlands and there we use most of the time coins or do you know a anther slim wallet that cane keep cash cards and coins
Kev Puk (1 year ago)
I disagree with the back pocket thing. I always carry them in the front because carrying it in the back will cause a pelvic tilt and this is no joke, happened to my brother who got scoliosis from it.. Unless you wanna be sitting on two wallets, one in each side.. haha
Teo Zhili (1 year ago)
I like my big fat wallet... It gives an impression to gold diggers.. they are always fascinated by how thick it is especially the notes
Hamid Roshaan (1 year ago)
I am more "make your own leather wallet" kind of guy. So, Yeah. And mind you, front pocket is better to put the wallet instead of back pocket (keeping it in back pocket makes it easier for thieves to pick-pocket the wallet)
Peter Smith (1 year ago)
Ashley, I would recommend you the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 watch in stainless steel with black dial to match your gorgeous black dress you are wearing in this video. A smartwatch is too casual and bulky for your dress.
Kirk Arnold (1 year ago)
Thank you for the information. Very classy. But this "F" word,, is not classy. You present a very professional program.
Adrian Mancinas (2 years ago)
I don't have a wallet I just duct tape every thing I need on my stomach.
John (6 months ago)
Frank Conquest Jr (7 months ago)
I'm rocking the Beverly Hills Polo wallet from the Dollar General Store. LMAO. Simple pimple. No ones gonna take , if they do they can knock themselves out.
Globe On My Plate (8 months ago)
Then you may have to strip just to have the card swiped
Kosmologiikka (1 year ago)
Works really well if your a frequent flyer.
The Coffee Mug (2 years ago)
I would get the octovo bi-fold wallet
Jordan Reid (2 years ago)
Advice is good but front pocket is safest, also being comfortable isn't covered a lot in the videos.
Stephen Dunning (2 years ago)
My chiropractor recommends carrying your wallet in your front pocket because it can cause back issues when you sit on it.
Dutch Van Der Linde (2 years ago)
so...stay away from George Costanzas kind of wallet!

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