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Nebula Realms-What Might Happen Next/Public Space Replacement idea!!

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lionhrt38 (4 months ago)
That's alot of work your friend put in for that pinball game. Very impressive!
kira charms (4 months ago)
Yes lol amazing
Xiumin (4 months ago)
Haven't Played Nebula since a week or so And i feel Like i Need To wait Even Longer Before i think of New Spaces New Anything and Still Been Waiting For Dances And Yea a New Public Space Sounds Nice Like a Mall But They Still Need To Fix Other Stuff Making New Area's Just gonna Be Stale And Boring Like Everything Else is Bc There really isn't Stuff to Do Yea theirs Games But those Get Boring Just feels like there Need Something More Then What we are getting tbh Locomotions,Dances, just Something thats gonna Make a different's to the game and make me wanna go back and Play it..
Ashatote (4 months ago)
So apparently Chalet is pronounced like this "Shah-lay" (Shahlay) A mall would be nice. Especially since teenagers and old people like to hang out at malls. I would know, I see them everywhere at my local mall. If they do add a mall, they should add exclusive stores not available in the shopping cart icon. A shopping cart icon really needs to be added in the decorations section for easier access to the store when wanting to purchase furniture. That way you don't have to save and exit each time.
kira charms (4 months ago)
saving funiture does get annoying a lil bit
kira charms (4 months ago)
ah ok thanks for telling me haha really didnt wanna say it wrong,a mall would be amazing..all kinds of ppl hang at the mall
PowBlockGaming (4 months ago)
Frame drops & lag still at the beach. Until it's better I won't be there anymore lol. Le Chalet should've been out a week ago with the update we had at least I thought it would've been. Nothing really to do in a private space except decorate. Let's get some exclusive activities and rewards with the spaces if they want more players to purchase them. The mall space would be cool but that cart icon is a quick access to the shops. I'm surprised that they haven't labeled them yet because it's confusing to new players not knowing which is what without clicking on just anything. I'm ready for more stuff other than clothes at this point.
kira charms (4 months ago)
Yeah that lag is crazy lol,i mean i can deal with it as much as the next person can but daang.i just miss the mall on pshome i guess hehe,and yeah more stuff to do , but i can wait

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