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Brother ScanNCut Tutorial - Scan to Cut Data - Make Large Bunnies - Bunny Builder Punch

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to enlarge shapes you punch out using the Brother ScanNCut. The model of Scan and Cut used for this tutorial is the CM350 or ScanNCut2. I used the Bunny Builder Punch by Stampin' Up! to punch out shapes out of Whisper White card stock. Then, I took those shapes and adhered them onto black cardstock for contrast. Then, I scanned them in using Scan to Cut Data. I selected the first option which was to select the outer lines of the shapes. Then, after selecting just the part of the screen with the bunny parts, I scanned it in. I saved the small bunny parts onto the machine. Then, I deleted the pattern from the machine and went back to the Home screen. There, I selected Pattern, Saved Data and retrieved the file. I demonstrated how to group, resize and rotate the shapes so that you can fit two large bunnies on a piece of Powder Pink cardstock. Width of Grouped Bunny Parts = 6" Blade Depth = 5 After cutting out the bunny parts, I showed how to use Soft Sea Foam and a sponge dauber to ink around the edges of the bunny for dimension. Then, I showed a finished project and compared that to an original size bunny made from the Bunny Builder Punch. More Projects by The Papered Chef: The Papered Chef Blog http://thepaperedchef.com Shop at my Stampin’ Up! Store http://paperedchef.stampinup.net Shop at our Etsy Store https://www.etsy.com/shop/PaperedChef Brother ScanNCut Courses on Udemy http://thepaperedchef.com/brother-scanncut-courses Brother ScanNCut Courses on SkillShare http://thepaperedchef.com/scanncut-classes-on-skillshare Like me on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/thepaperedchef Visit me on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/paperedchef/ Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/paperedchef Subscribe to my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/PaperedChef
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Text Comments (33)
Thank you for sharing. So easy to follow you! Thanks!!
Papered Chef (12 days ago)
Glad you liked it! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.
c Johnson (12 days ago)
I'm new to the Brother Scan n Cut and I thank you very much for your videos. I'm learning so much.
Papered Chef (12 days ago)
Great! I’m glad you found my channel!
Personal Estok (13 days ago)
I love your instructions. One question. Do you have to use a 12x 12 piece of paper on the mat or can we use small cuts or half sheets too?
Papered Chef (12 days ago)
You can use any size paper that you want. In this tutorial, I used an 8.5 by 11" sheet of card stock. You should use the Background Scanning feature if you have small papers so that you make sure that what you are cutting actually lands where the paper is.
Liz Martinez (13 days ago)
That's awesome thank you for sharing 👍👏👏 New subscriber love your channel
Papered Chef (13 days ago)
Welcome to my channel Liz. Glad to meet another Crafty Friend.
Roxanne Golde (13 days ago)
Another great video. I am learning so much. Thank you.
Papered Chef (13 days ago)
Awesome! Thanks for watching.
wendy anne Craddock (13 days ago)
Lady after my own heart ... I buy cheep dies of characters and enlarge them on my scanNcut ... my latest is a unicorn which I turned into birthday bunting ... great vidio
Papered Chef (13 days ago)
Great minds think alike. Thanks for your comment Wendy! Who doesn't love unicorns?
Joy Lane (14 days ago)
St Patricks Day is my next challenge! Now to enlarge some stamps. Thanks!!
Papered Chef (14 days ago)
Thanks for watching! Be sure to check out my St. Patrick’s Day Special too.
Janet Nieves (14 days ago)
Thnx for sharing
Papered Chef (14 days ago)
Thanks for watching Janet!
Laura Ann (14 days ago)
Have you done this with the fox?
Papered Chef (14 days ago)
I didn’t but go for it! I got rid of my fox and stamps but I still have my owl. Some punches have to go to make room for new ones.
Terrie Rodrigue (14 days ago)
Wow that was a full lesson....I'm going to sit down tomorrow with my Scan N Cut watch it again and do it at same time....you know what they say practice, practice, practice.....thank you so much doing these Scan N Cut lesson....
Papered Chef (14 days ago)
Oh Yes Terrie! That is why I mentioned that everyone should grab a punch and follow along. Glad you will watch it again! Practice makes perfect.
FRANCES HUM (14 days ago)
Kim , I love it , my bunny is on its way , soon thank u for sharing ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Papered Chef (14 days ago)
You will love it! I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Feel free to post pics on my Facebook page. Thanks for watching.
jennifer hovermale (14 days ago)
Thank you SO VERY VERY much for doing these tutorials!!! My hubby bought me a sacan n cut 2 cm 350 for my birthday in December. I still have A GREAT DEAL to learn, but your tutorials are helping!! In fact I had no idea before this tutorial that I could save projects or images to the machine.
Papered Chef (14 days ago)
So glad I could help you! I will always keep the flow of YouTube tutorials coming as long as I have the energy. I always have the need to share. Just takes a lot of time and I am glad you appreciate that. You have a great hubby. I go step by step in my Basics course which you would also benefit from as a new user. https://youtu.be/ldRTkIyy790
darnbunny1 (14 days ago)
Thank you for another info packed video. Please share details about the Craft Club you often reference. I would love to organize a kids craft club and another club at our local senior center.
Papered Chef (14 days ago)
+darnbunny1 Thanks! That picture is when we were on the beach in Guam, our Happy Place!
darnbunny1 (14 days ago)
+Papered Chef Thank you. BTW Loving the new pics of you and your hunny.
Papered Chef (14 days ago)
Thanks! I love that you have bunny in your NAME! My Craft Club is an after school club. I have also held classes at Hobby Lobby and my friends and I host workshops. I would recommend that you charge a flat fee at a Senior Center because the center will pay for the class. So, for example, $200 minimum for up to 10 people and then $10 for each additional person after that. The biggest cost is the set up, planning, driving, etc. Then, after a certain number of people, it gets cheaper by the person. For my adult workshops, I charge $20 a person. Once in a while, I give a workshop for free if someone makes an order in my store prior to the workshop. I don't take any orders during workshops. I am all in! I am all about teaching and not selling.
tjhappy (14 days ago)
Is there no end to your imaginative uses for the SNC? I've used it to make difference sizes of dies I own, but never thought to try it with my SU punches....how silly am I? Because really, how many times have I wished my punches made larger cuts? Answer? Too many to count! I don't have the bunny punch either - he should make a great addition to my collection just in time for easter. Thanks as always for your wonderful tutorial. I'm sorry I can't become a customer of yours, alas, I'm in Australia, and I'm a new demonstrator to boot. 🐇🌸🐰
Papered Chef (14 days ago)
It is funny you say that because my brain is so full of ideas of things to do with the SNC that I have to take notes. There is no limit to how many cool projects you can do with the ScanNCut. Glad you are a fellow demo. I have people from all over the world in my ScanNCut courses on Udemy. Here are descriptions and coupons. I do many different projects in my courses that I don't do here. Also, the courses are project based so every lesson is practical. Thanks for watching. http://thepaperedchef.com/brother-scanncut-courses
Leona Needham (14 days ago)
Thank you for sharing. I purchased the Brother ScanNCut Dx on sale at HSN. I have been watching your tutorials for the past week and cannot wait to get mine. You make it look so easy.
Papered Chef (14 days ago)
Right on! You have a ScanNCut on the way. You will be an expert before you even take it out of the box. I did an unboxing video with my friend last month when she started using her SNC for Valentine's projects so check that out on my video list. It is easy for me and over time, it will be easy for you too. Thanks for watching.
Papered Chef (13 days ago)
Get your Bunny Builder Punch from my store: http://bit.ly/2EI1tpc Featured: Brother ScanNCut 2 - https://amzn.to/2LqTtih

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