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Mike Posner - Mike Posner In Sweden

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Music video by Mike Posner performing Mike Posner In Sweden. (C) 2010 J Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment
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Text Comments (245)
Birry (1 year ago)
Who’s here before 100k
sam. (1 year ago)
Yay! SWEDEN! Im from sweden!
Joey Scroggins-Marion (2 years ago)
where you at ?
Merlin Emery (2 years ago)
she is most definitely not pretty with that orange face
DemocracyDoctor1 (2 years ago)
WTF? What's up with that total FAKE Brown? I wonder what ELSE is FAKE as a $3 bill?
Bilqees N (5 years ago)
He's cute
Kelli McClain (5 years ago)
Honestly she has to take off that spray tan ._.
i did not know that favouritist was a word... >.<
MrSeagull16 (5 years ago)
0:08 get back to the fucking factory
Aryian Mclain (5 years ago)
i love you mike
xcovermyeyesx (5 years ago)
<3 Producers.
tonnor (5 years ago)
ugh oh mah gott orange face
zanrath12345 (5 years ago)
LOL she is orange! spray tan lmao
Raynald Nicholas (5 years ago)
This colour is called whorange. Men at work.
Jacqui Schwalm (5 years ago)
The Most Awkward Video ever
Rodolfo Cortez (5 years ago)
Sweden is my favorite country mostly cuz they make Volvos.
sam. (1 year ago)
xD, i have a volvo! Im from sweden!
AmOna N (5 years ago)
No she's not . . she record it and send it to him and now he is answering @ her xD !! . . this is not a chat btween them xD
E P (6 years ago)
he is sooooo Cute!!!
Leah Sincerely (6 years ago)
-________- he is replying to her video response idiot.
Gerda Remeikytė (6 years ago)
orange face.....
lilmaliplaya8 (6 years ago)
Her 3 year old nephew is her make up artist.
Nikki Sicks (6 years ago)
I think he complimented her maybe because of the fact that (he actually thinks she's ugly) she is so fucking orange it's unreal..it's called a. horrible makeup or b. a spray tan gone wrong considering her face and her neck are two VERY different shades..
0penvalle (6 years ago)
guys, dont u realize that she sent that video to him and hes stopping and that hes just answering the questions after..
brittany welch (6 years ago)
her makeup is ot her skin tone
I357I (6 years ago)
her fake laugh lol......
GriNga Briesmaster (6 years ago)
he had duties LMAO
Antoinette Lopez (6 years ago)
lol he just keeps on saying your preety
Perry Peters (6 years ago)
Mike ask her out already...you know you want to bro XD haha...I wonder if she realises that her make up is not even the same shade as her skin colour :/ hmm?
Jack Munoz (6 years ago)
dude thats cool
Jonathan GrilloTV (6 years ago)
Send my new track in the my new channel..Sky..send and comment please .DD
Javier solis (6 years ago)
stupid ass questions! Study tips?
Javier solis (6 years ago)
It wasn't live lol
Eleqtrique (6 years ago)
Mike Alder (6 years ago)
its a pre-recorded video that she sent to him. obviously he is pressing a button to watch the video and respond
josh lazaro (6 years ago)
@tamara922e im sorry i was being a dick that day didnt mean to say that
Josue Garduno (6 years ago)
what is that song.? 0:01 to 0:07 please someonee answer me.!!
vishal kattimani (1 year ago)
Josue Garduno cooler than me - mike
Miranda Eggers (6 years ago)
ETAPPSET (6 years ago)
so orange eww
d3Nesslow (6 years ago)
@743141eb oh my god.. is it really that hard to see its a video hes playing and not a live chat ? :D
jeremycau10 (6 years ago)
Mike is cute
Diandra P (7 years ago)
mike posner is sho cute T_T
Daniel Dick (7 years ago)
im an equal opprotunity employer lmao
Daniel Dick (7 years ago)
maybe finding her in sweden hahaha too legit
So Cal (7 years ago)
You gotta peep the Goldhands dance remix of Bow chicka Wow Wow! it's fire!!!
deriek thomas (7 years ago)
@angelstephens92 i dnt think they are either..
Angel Stephens (7 years ago)
@743141eb I don't think there on the same video chat(:
Princesspeach (7 years ago)
he's such a nerd. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Eden Kendrick Lamar (7 years ago)
lol awkward! ..hes complementing her n she ignoring him
DuMåsteSofta (7 years ago)
Bendelia kuffour (7 years ago)
Mike please dnt like she look like she had a fight with the color orange n obviously u know who won
Debrina Smith (7 years ago)
Mike is the greatest. He's seems so simple. I love that quality!!!
4evaRyuk (7 years ago)
0:45 Mike: You look very pretty (despite the abnormal spray tan)
Laz3rboyxx (7 years ago)
dammm fake tan lol
AdesonMi (7 years ago)
Drew Core (7 years ago)
2:04 he looks at her boobs :D
Amanda K (7 years ago)
ILOVEPANTERA76 (7 years ago)
Oh kay! So this stupid bitch can't even say thank you for any compliments Mike gave her. I hate her!! I would love to be in the potition she was in to acutally have a live blog with him. Is she fucking retarded!!!! Hey, Mike, I'm pretty, brunette, pink lips and maybe some blue nail polish. Hit me up. This bitch is stupid!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!!!!! Hit me up. I'll be here whenever you are. Please, call me!!!
Hey internet tough guy, how about you chill your ass out. No one here is taking my post seriously. It was a joke you idiotic, ignorant, oblivious, ass. You think I only have ears no eyes? Of course I can see if pre recorded, so do me a favor. You need to slit ya wrist get pissed and go jump off a bridge! Yea a HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD quote!
Sir Sofa (7 years ago)
you rock!
rockgoddess78 (7 years ago)
This feels extremely awkward.
Tj Merritt (7 years ago)
lol HAHAHA mike actually went to the school i go to now... topsail high, FUCK YA! GO DUKE!
Jordy Joe (7 years ago)
listen to jordy joe music, appreciate mike posner good music and visit my remake of bow chicka wow watch?v=uXpmZcL_Lr8 once i take off this once i take of this, this condom girlll
Dante Dupree (7 years ago)
she luks bomb to me haha orange, red, blue haha
H2OZeus1 (7 years ago)
Holy Fuck Shes Orange
BALLERSK (7 years ago)
lol orange head and skin cleavage
lizzaRoxUrSox93 (7 years ago)
Why is he yelling?!?!! -_-
9268315Bank (7 years ago)
Lol ur real pretty
dieutient (7 years ago)
he talks soo fuuny!!! ;) i luv him!!!! :) :) <3
OKzs (7 years ago)
@mrsjb15 HAHAHAHAHA!! too funny she is a monster
OKzs (7 years ago)
@singerinkc She recorded the questions 1st and sent it back to him, he just answered them at a different time and someone edited it and put it together. They were not talking to eachother live
HAHAHA, "i'm in brunette type right now !"
HoopSingg Visual (7 years ago)
much respect for you Mike :D ! i'm feelin your music . peace
Angelica Ramos (7 years ago)
lmao..of course! i read ur blog coz ur pretty..ahaha the way he said it..so cute =p
Jesse cao (7 years ago)
Mother! are you proud of me? XD
butterchicken4life (7 years ago)
she is scary looking.
Amber Todd (7 years ago)
@tiggytigg08 hahahaha....righhhht
Nicole Smith (7 years ago)
she's orange......
Jennifer D (7 years ago)
Hater or not ! Mike open ur eyes she's not pretty ! at all ( to much make up ) shuutt :)
Jennifer D (7 years ago)
@tiggytigg08 totaly agree !! pfff
Erypaint (7 years ago)
That girl was a shame for Sweden... I'm from Sweden and we have lots of girls that looks like her with fake brown tanned-looking makeup. Ewww
KBWB5 (7 years ago)
if mike wasn't in this vid it would be shit
gabriella24 (7 years ago)
why are you orange !!!!!!!!!!!?
aal21689 (7 years ago)
she's awk... but this is great
RubyAnabele (7 years ago)
@tiggytigg08 i think her interview questions were prerecorded
Chaz Rivera (7 years ago)
OF COURSE!!!!!! i read your blog....cause your pretty...lol
Seth Votava (7 years ago)
his shirt makes him look like a mechanic lol
aliyah jade (7 years ago)
nice couch
Tenshi Chan (7 years ago)
@extremebrisk1 Hehe.. Maybe she used to live close to Chernobyl? Think of it as her own bio luminescent, energy efficient night light. =)
Tenshi Chan (7 years ago)
@esto588live Dear God I hope not!! The actual attract, intelligent and anti-spray tanned women of the world will be sad if he does. lol. To hell with the gym, I'm getting an Extra Orange spray tan too if that's what it takes to woo Mr. Posner. =p
McJennz (7 years ago)
Equal opportunity employer, not discriminatory. BAHHA! I love him:]
Holly! (7 years ago)
please, please, STOP THE SPRAY TANS o.O
Elaine Sei (7 years ago)
yooo her face is soooo bright!!!
MalteSer001 (7 years ago)
oh god . and then they said 60's kids were lame .
carmelo anthony12 (7 years ago)
Is her face glowing? O_O
LeoLiquor (7 years ago)
She's actually not that pretty considering... Come to sweden and see for yourself, she is just above average.
TheSnowsbeauty5 (7 years ago)
@stvgoducks I'm sure he can afford to continue to act like "himself !"He sounds like a southerner who is quite a charmer;) lol.. so cute,a great singer,and obvious!LOL Quite funny:)
Gatora tor 11 (7 years ago)
@jdrw1987 if he can't sing you wouldn't be here.
duffsiie (7 years ago)
@nanaPEANUTkorsgaard u fucktard , that aint foundation, thats "brunutansol" , makes her orange instead of brown :) btw , mike posner , rawr ;]]
jesse w (7 years ago)
poser can't sing. It's more of a whisper that 80% of the world is probably capable of mimicking. Congratulations!!! :D
MsPizza1997 (7 years ago)
Love Sweden ( because of Alexander Skarsgard ) .... i wanna go there once

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