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Opie & Anthony - Temper Tantrums + Ant's Ex Wife (7-23-2013)

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http://siriusxm.com/theopie&anthonychannel Ant talks about a video of a woman throwing a temper tantrum in a car because her boyfriend/husband won't take her to the lake. The video reminds him of his ex-wife so he talks about her for a little bit. (7/23/2013) Follow Opie @ http://twitter.com/opieradio Opie's YouTube - http://youtube.com/opieradio Follow Ant @ http://twitter.com/anthonycumia Follow Jim @ http://twitter.com/jimnorton Jim's Website - http://jimnorton.com
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Text Comments (115)
Anthony Davis (6 days ago)
So was that someone's wife or was that Opie??
Magnus Fullauto (1 month ago)
She's doing that because he has tolerated it. NEVER tolerate ANY bullshit from a woman. None whatsoever. Or you end up like this
steven wood (2 months ago)
Kettle Bell Kyle (2 months ago)
If she’s going to act like a kid , treat her like one, pull her over a spank her on the side of the road.
Turds McGillicuddy (2 months ago)
What selfish childish miserable cunt whore she is. Thank god for me finding Patrice and Ant. I will NEVER get married, it’s even difficult to enjoy the presence of a girl unless she’s on my dick. God she’s awful. Someone kill her.
Ray Finkle (4 months ago)
I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I think she wants to go to the lake.
Bird Brain (2 months ago)
She wants to go INTO the lake - hog-tied, with her throat slit, gurgling instead of shrieking. And no jury of his peers would ever convict him. His lawyer could enter a plea of "Post-Nuptial Psychosis" . . . the same way cunt gets away with drowning its children, and then claiming postpartum psychosis. Technically, he could be charged with child sexual abuse of a toddler. Only her body is thirty years old. Her mind is way underage. "Your Honor, I was temporarily SANE when I finally throttled that flesh-and-blood air raid siren to turn it off." If he ever marries again, he'll qualify for SSDI psychatric disability payments.
ThunderDomeBoxingTalk (4 months ago)
What a fuckin punk simp for not having left this cunt long before this
aphexsaid Shut up (4 months ago)
MrNice Guy (8 months ago)
4:15-4:25 Classic 21st century female. Complains that he won’t take her places and also complains that he doesn’t get shit done. You get one or the other, ladies.
FatGuyLilCoat (9 months ago)
Fuuuuck that shit
Sam S (9 months ago)
I got a tummy ache
marsjacobvolta (9 months ago)
Just hearing the video without any other context gives me the impression that she thought they were going to the lake because he told her he'd take her. I get the impression that he maybe implied he was taking her to the lake then right before turning on the camera told her he was actually just going to get his tires rotated. She has her own car so she doesn't need him for rides. There's no reason to bring someone with you to the shop so that other men can rotate your tires for you. And what real man would put up with a crazy bitch just to film her behavior? He's at least immature where add she might be anywhere from completely innocent to completely insane.
G Fed (6 months ago)
i think ur missing the point.
TheSlimshadyfan4ever (9 months ago)
Ants ex was a cunt fuck me
System Admin (10 months ago)
You need to kill this bitch immediately.
Nightcrawler 2 (11 months ago)
Fuck that gentleman shit. If a woman acts like that you smack her and throw her out of the moving vehicle. Fuckin guy married that? He's a fuckin dumb shit too.
Blake Ranew (11 months ago)
''If a pine tree had a pussy there would be a bounty on women"
Ifan Jones (1 year ago)
"That's why I said a couple hours". Ok Opie we get it, you were right for once. Now sit back down and shut up.
Doyle Hodges (2 months ago)
Can't wait till he reads your comment. That'll show him.
MajesticBread (1 year ago)
Yet again, it puzzles me how a woman like that can get a man yet I can't. A woman like that - who acts like a colossal cunt - can get a man...
TL2354 (1 year ago)
So glad I'm single
NothingToPointOut24 (1 year ago)
Has Opie EVER got one of Ant's movie references? Geeeezus
Lil chippah D Tss tss (1 year ago)
irishwhip03 every time Ant Jimmy say an awesome joke and everybody in the studios laughing you never hear Opie. laughing I don't know I think the guy is dead inside.
OneBagTravel (1 year ago)
So was Opie defending his ex because his ex and Opies wife's were still friends?
ThunderDomeBoxingTalk (4 months ago)
yep , you nailed it .. n thats THEE reason Anthony n Opies friendship ended , Ope was too much of a beta to stand up to his girl
ZeGRMMA (1 year ago)
jesus christ is this a grown up woman?omg..
dandjedi (1 year ago)
I'm so glad my wife doesn't pull shit like this. This could be fake but people do freak out like this and it's not far fetched at all. My ex girlfriend did and sent me psychotic messages for two years then when I met my wife she sent them saying things like, " I hope you're happy you piece of shit!!!" This happened for 4 years without a response from me. I would of changed number or blocked her but it was funny for a long time. Now I'm with my wife 9 years total with 3 kids ages 3,4 and 6 and guess what? We're very very happy and part of me wishes she would ask me one more time so I could send her a family photo and say yes yes I am thank you for asking. My wife swears she sees her in her sitting in her car once in a while. I don't think she's violent but she might kill us some day lol. Jk
osc bell (1 year ago)
fuck marriage!!!!!!!!
caesar349 (2 years ago)
I cant get enough of Ant's stories on his marriage, mother in law, etc. They are painfully hilarious
Joey Trimble (2 years ago)
The best part is that hot "im an nindependent i dont need no man" country songs ...these women like it shake their ass too
KandaPanda (2 years ago)
.....bet she was catching someone else's dick soon after that, whether he knew it or not.
Global Jay (2 years ago)
Women want to be treated like princesses and masculine equals at the same time! That's why I can never get married. I see my brothers, friends and even father become pussy whipped and sacrifice their own sanity and manhoods. FOR WHAT??!!!!
Aramach (2 years ago)
There are still good women out there. My girl is feminine, and she also knows "feminism" is bullshit.
Aramach (2 years ago)
There are still good women out there. My girl is feminine, and she also knows "feminism" is bullshit.
MrJesusdoesntsave (2 years ago)
ant's ex stories are gonna be the reason I never get married.. so depressing
FilmGeek Studios (6 days ago)
As someone who's been in relationships with lots of insane bitches, they're not all crazy. Most of them are, definitely, but not all of them. Ant would probably tell you the same thing. It's all about finding one without warning signs attached to her. It's also about not being too dumb to read the warning signs
Gobbersmack (2 years ago)
Arthur Schopenhauer was right.
FairsleyDifference (2 years ago)
Ant so would have taken her to the lake.
MrJesusdoesntsave (2 years ago)
Ant would have broken his dick off in her ass
Jay Dell (2 years ago)
I would've divorced this terrible woman immediately
zombiewack (2 years ago)
Women are so dumb and ridiculous
"Anthony why are you drinking so much Captain Morgan's?" To live.
Forrest Trump (2 years ago)
Smack that fucking baby!
Auntie Mama (3 years ago)
Why not just open the door and throw the bitch out lol
gaylord mcgillicuddy (3 years ago)
Why waste time on a clip that is so OBVIOUSLY fake? Ugh...
slyjokerg (3 years ago)
Why was the guy recording?  Either this is totally fake, or the guy is a complete asshole, as he is completely doing this to antagonize and torture her.  Really... he needed to get his tires rotated, which anyone can do in 30 minutes?  He needed to do that right then, AND he just happened to be recording her reaction to it?  Bullshit.
danzig mcnaniel (1 year ago)
slyjokerg some damn fine acting...
aphexsaid Shut up (1 year ago)
slyjokerg your point stands in 3 feet of shit. Your a complete ass. Everyone is laughing at you.
slyjokerg (1 year ago)
+Bary Marsh 1. I won't be killing myself. 2. What the fuck is "amarite" supposed to mean? 3. It is always funny when people chime in with gibberish when they can't address anything substantively.
Bary Marsh (1 year ago)
slyjokerg XD amarite? But seriously kill yourself!
slyjokerg (2 years ago)
+Diane Smith The deliciousness of someone, like you, saying "Your a fucking moron." is priceless.
Zack Polinik (3 years ago)
Rofl. Another banner moment for feminism and women's empowerment.
phanatic215 (3 years ago)
On second thought, I can't feel bad for this dude. This is defcon 4...he either ignored or put up with bullshit throughout their relationship. You address this behavior as soon as it happens...you don't marry the bitch then complain.
Ryan & Reynold (8 months ago)
Phanatic215 “well said sir”
Lil chippah D Tss tss (1 year ago)
phanatic215 god bless this guy.
Lil chippah D Tss tss (3 years ago)
Kill me if I ever marry a scunt like this bitch. Omg. Back hand waaaaap
ComeOnMaaan (3 years ago)
In all fairness, why the fuck would he take her to get his tires rotated? I would be pissy, too. Not to the extent of this young lady, but do your errands on your own time.
aphexsaid Shut up (1 year ago)
ComeOnMaaan usually when your married you end up spending days together... ass
difficultbastard (3 years ago)
+ComeOnMaaan Right here in the video, it's explained that he had one day free in which to get his chores done, and he also mentions that they did not agree to going to the lake that one day, but that she had made up her own mind and tried to dictate to him. Pay attention to the details before expressing an opinion.
pretorious700 (3 years ago)
She's an American entitled bitch, and an ignorant redneck to boot. Run, as fast as you can, and don't look back.
Richard G (3 years ago)
+Bill Ding Tsss… yeah, should have said like. "Avatar… why do you have an avatar? What are you like a fawkin alien or sumthin?"… Would have had everyone crackin up. 
Richard G (3 years ago)
+pretorious700 Tsss… Is that a picture of you in avatar? You like like your fuckin shiny or sumthin. That's fucking crazy. That don't make no sense!
bigbagron (4 years ago)
i made it to like 3 minutes that guy must be the size of a van or something if he stays with that fat babylady
nbusket87 (4 years ago)
lol the broad is a drunk too, she mentions her "interlock" when talking about an oil change. an interlock is a breathalyzer ignition device they give to people with 2+ DUI's. she probably a drunk bar hag married to some poor sap who puts up with her shit. sounds exactly like anthony pre-radio. what am i saying... pre-radio? ooh, here comes the pre
Frank Castle (4 years ago)
Leave her at a public rest area and don't look back. This guy is a Zen master. After hearing this and Ant's story, I think I have a good woman by my side
Englewood Frank21 (3 years ago)
Hermunkle (5 years ago)
Wow based on just that one comment you figured that? While on the subject of my psychosis; I need to have a "talk" with that quack of mine. His ass charged me all kinds of money for the that diagnosis you just handed out.
Nick Peril (5 years ago)
Yeah, not murderers or pedophiles, but human beings with needs of their own. Maybe it's best if you stay away from women, with that attitude.
Nick Peril (5 years ago)
As opposed to the "logic" elsewhere here in slitting a woman's throat or drowning her in a lake?
Nick Peril (5 years ago)
That's the damn shame of it? I know people like to say outrageous things on YouTube messageboards, but this isn't just "being edgy", this is sociopathology.
dreadedwheat26 (5 years ago)
she needs to have her throat slit.
Blaine Burns (5 years ago)
...exactly the reason I stay single!!!! holy fuck what a nut........
Hermunkle (5 years ago)
Damn shame of it is you would get busted. They ain't worth that either. I can't lie though; back of my head would be trying to work out some kind of convenient "accident".
Charles Peter Watson (5 years ago)
Take her to the lake so you can drown out her crying.
autobot69000 (5 years ago)
i just cant wrap my tiny mind around someone refusing to take left turns. i just dont get it.
FlynSpaghettiMonstR (5 years ago)
*Aunt* you fucking retard.
Brad2Penske (5 years ago)
VideOandA has to do the tantrum lady for his channel.
RICO1 ART (5 years ago)
men that think crazy girls are good in bed havent fucked to many and are repeating stale talking points, if you have any self respect you dont make excuses for your inability to find quality women , your just as equal of a loser. for the most part they sit there and take the slaming, a crazy bitch just wished she had one in eaach hand and mouth while getting slammed, get real losers, my dick dont get hard around a crazy sloppy pigfuck of a human, id probably do a week in jail for what i wouldve.
KEYSERSOZE1965 (5 years ago)
Jesus Christ my 10 week old daughter is calmer than this bitch
HRoark (5 years ago)
By that logic, I'm justified in murdering my wife if she gets my that riled up. Likewise, if she annoys me a little bit, I can slap her right?
hisoj (5 years ago)
women are the lowest form of life
Arrowdodger (5 years ago)
"But Laci Peterson's guy takes her to the lake!"
SamirTheG69 (5 years ago)
I love when ant talks about his ex haha
Yerrakhunt (5 years ago)
Liveleak. Just a heads up though, there's also lots of graphic war/political/etc videos and articles. It's pretty much YT but almost entirely uncensored.
Gardenhoser23 (5 years ago)
Guarantee there were some underlying issues there, like she wanted to party w/ their friends and mainly one of their guy friends who she's been wanting to bang or something...been there
Sia (5 years ago)
lake + cinderblock + rope = problem solved
taffwob (5 years ago)
She had a history of this behaviour & he has now left her and had a restraining order against her. She was the problem, can you accept that?
Adam Hughes (5 years ago)
tell that to Jodi Arias' ex.
18thcfox (5 years ago)
No, if a guy ever gets you to that point, shoot him.
18thcfox (5 years ago)
Two thoughts: 1. "Gimme some cigarettes......plase!" People who quit smoking--male or female--all sound crazy unless their shrink puts them on something. 2. I got to be that crazy bitch, but believe it or not, I was not the spoiled one. He was a rich kid who always got his way with his parents, and after spending days and days trying to make him happy and just getting abused, verbally and physically, I would GO OFF. Show me nannycam footage that shows he hasn't pushed her this far.
ThunderDomeBoxingTalk (4 months ago)
Typical woman , ALWAYS blame somebody else
danzig mcnaniel (1 year ago)
18thcfox eewwwwww
anthony gallo (5 years ago)
The fact that you quoted The Big Bang theory in an opie and anthony video makes me cringe
Van Diggity (5 years ago)
Where can I find the video?
hansel4150 (5 years ago)
Crazy chicks are great fucks. That being said, never get tied up with one.
peachtable966 (5 years ago)
if i ever sound like this... just shoot me.
greggshouse (5 years ago)
in the words of sheldon cooper's mailman: bitches be crazy
cbalaxc (5 years ago)
This sums up women perfectly
JeffTheDude777 (5 years ago)
That spoiled cunt is 30 years old...
Yerrakhunt (5 years ago)
She was decent looking in the video too... Crazy bitch is probably a great fuck.
KING (5 years ago)
kill her

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