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Behind the Scenes with Priyanka Chopra for Raine Magazine S/S 2014

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Watch as Pryanka Chopgra gets styled for the cover! http://www.facebook.com/worldcastlive http://www.twitter.com/worldcastlive http://www.worldcastlive.com
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Text Comments (7)
es xz (2 years ago)
beautiful PC<3
j Chant (2 years ago)
Gorgeous!! I noticed she doesn't have an accent anymore though :( if I were a lesbian she'd still be my female crush though and great job on the bts. Thank you!!
Davinder Davinder (2 years ago)
sexy jass
Vidanand Kumar (2 years ago)
xxc com
Bhagyesh Shivarkar (2 years ago)
priyanka teragunti (2 years ago)
Bhagyesh Shivarkar
Gaychen Kaira (3 years ago)
She is perf

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