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Top 10 Most Beautiful Thai Actresses With Their Red Dress

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Can you imagine, who is the best with the red dress? After watch this video, please tell me your idols name in the comment box. And do not forget choose one for your party. Top 10 Most Beautiful Thai Actresses With Their Red Dress 10. Yaya Urassaya 9. Margie Rasri 8. Pancake Khemanit 7. Mew Nittha 6. Aum Patchrapa 5. Mai Davika 4. Chompoo Araya 3. Matt Peeranee 2. Kwan Ussamanee 1. Bella Ranee -Pictures source:google.com -Music: YouTube Library -These pictures and music are not mine, credits to the original owners. -Thanks for watching, please subscribe to my channel for more video. -All Your Top10(ayt)
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Text Comments (66)
Ya Ya 👍👍🙏🙏👸😍💘💖💋🧤
Thanh Thanh Chu (29 days ago)
Phanasa Hansantiporn (29 days ago)
tình nhi baby (1 month ago)
Bella Mai
aber fiona (1 month ago)
Yaya always
Lal Lianzuali (1 month ago)
chheung chantha (2 months ago)
Kwan Ussamanee
Rinkimi Ralte (3 months ago)
Yaya and are so beautiful
chharat Oudom (3 months ago)
Ya ya so cute😘😘
Morsida_Shida_ Sapi (3 months ago)
pore korkawe (3 months ago)
Yaya no 1
Hasnah Abdullah (3 months ago)
I think aktres Aff more pretty n very sweet lady ..😃😃😃..
Fajar menyingsing (4 months ago)
Yaya most beautiful..m
안세라 (4 months ago)
Yaya is beautiful in red
Mengkheang and lina (4 months ago)
Bella ranee look so cute the most
I love Dvika she is os beautiful
Vi Na (5 months ago)
Vi Na (5 months ago)
ᄋ ᄋ (5 months ago)
Bella la nhat
Eunice Mena (5 months ago)
Bella for sure...👍👍👍👍 ...
muoi le (6 months ago)
Yaya is very beautiful
muoi le (6 months ago)
I love Bella, she is so beautiful
Lay Sophie (6 months ago)
Kwan so beautiful
Maricar Sato (6 months ago)
David Paokhomai (6 months ago)
Mai devika is my most favourite thai actress
Ctb giang vo (3 months ago)
Mai davika , mew nittha so beautiful
Tom Han (7 months ago)
Bella deserves to be #1
Rehana Abdul (7 months ago)
Kimmy kinberley 😍😍
ថន កញ្ញា (7 months ago)
Royhanic cechump (7 months ago)
Davika should be no1
BaEy joana (7 months ago)
I love yaya. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Twice Tzuyu (7 months ago)
Pon Phat (7 months ago)
senghoun bun (7 months ago)
mai is beautiful
Yohana Eve (7 months ago)
yaya the most beautiful
Ngọc Cherry (8 months ago)
Bella and Kwan Usamanee
AnhThien Tran (8 months ago)
Jainpu Sk (8 months ago)
10 & 1 is best
Lalthangkima Khawlhring (8 months ago)
Bella your the red lady!!!
Bonglove Dada (9 months ago)
evelyn hwang (9 months ago)
Bella 😘😘
Celia Barros (9 months ago)
Lindas e maravilhosas
FAN YADECH (9 months ago)
Mãi mãi sẽ là chị ấy và chỉ mk chị ấy mà thôi . Love yaya
Lee Su-Bin (9 months ago)
Bella My Idol 😍😍😍 #Bella❤Pope
Nina Lusiana (9 months ago)
Yaya should be the first..
Hà Diệu Ngọc (9 months ago)
Jeon I love (9 months ago)
Yaya 👸👑
Thu Ngo (10 months ago)
Mai davika
lin nan dar (10 months ago)
ya ya love u too
Kaikham Pakse (11 months ago)
belle love
MM SERVICES PVT LTD (11 months ago)
Yaya is so beautiful
Azzilina Che Idrus (11 months ago)
Davika,Yaya ,Matt
FOOD CANNEL (11 months ago)
Azzilina Che Idrus ច
lalisa lalisa (1 year ago)
Xuan Hoai (1 year ago)
bella so 1.
srey poav c (1 year ago)
I like Pancake.Mai .Chompoo.Bella
Molyta Suoy (1 year ago)
Keerthi Priya Ulchi (1 year ago)
Yaya.. so beautiful 😍😍😘
Zai Shell (1 year ago)
Yaya should be no1
All Your Thai Top10 (1 year ago)
+Zai Shell but i think, other dress are look better than hers.
Bora Vathana9826 (1 year ago)
Bella most beautiful the best my idol

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