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Symphonic Reverie-EastWest Hollywood Orchestra

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Using Modulation, Expression and Velocity controllers to achieve extremely realistic sound with EastWest Hollywood Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion. All music on my channel is composed by myself using Cubase. 01:01 Main theme 02:16 Development 03:25 Intro to second theme 03:45 Second theme 04:16 Variation 1 04:30 Variation 2 04:49 Variation 3 05:03 Variation 4 and climax 05:30 Conclusion and ending
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borisb922 (12 days ago)
awesome work!. I noticed you dont seem to use tempo-track or even the bars or measure at all .. quite impressive. How do you get started? Having a basic layout-track (piano) that gives you the overall guiding tempo changes/ideas?
Jan Linden (7 days ago)
I use the piano track just to remember what I want to do. Not the whole piece, just ideas, anywhere in the project. But by the time I start orchestrating it, each section starts getting its own life, and develops even beyond the original piano idea. It's always important for me to treat every single line as counterpoint. Each line, should be a melody in its own right. And that often leads to ideas beyond the original thought.
borisb922 (8 days ago)
I often try to not bound/limit myself when doing guide-track as well (without tempo), but than back in the grid half of the ideas sometimes are gone :) .. about the harmonic progressions: do you plan ahead when playing the melodies or does your modulations come when arranging/voicing for strings?
Jan Linden (11 days ago)
Thanks. Not using tempo track or bars is part of making it sound more realistic. I don't even quantisize, making the instruments sound more human. To get started I use a piano track for the general idea, then orchestrate.
B B (28 days ago)
I don't have your phone number no mo! I'm glad you posted your work in yt, cos I couldn't find you on LinkedIn either. I don't have fb...
B B (29 days ago)
Hey Jan, how's life? Greetings, Bas!
Jan Linden (28 days ago)
Good! Glad to hear from you.
Tom Mot (2 months ago)
Thank you very much for that Symphonic Reverie!! How much Ram and CPU do you need for this template? (: so many questions :)
Jan Linden (2 months ago)
Thanks. About 12 GB. I don't use templates. Just load whatever is needed when you need it. Use the same track and load instruments on different channels.
Benedict Roff-Marsh (2 months ago)
Hi Jan. Very nice work indeed. Your melodies and themes flow very nicely. Doesn't sound like you are trying to force a MIDI orchestra down our throats. I came here as I was looking at EW orchestral libraries for Reason and hoping to hear how they can sound outside of the official demos. :)
Kraflyn (2 months ago)
ffs, more!!!!!! Cheers :D Edit: err... what patch did you use, please? Legato? XD
Kraflyn (2 months ago)
le awesome, thnx! o/
Jan Linden (2 months ago)
A mix of patches. Mostly the string legato with slur, and normal legato strings when playing in polyphony. For all other instruments, I usually mix various patches, to get more realistic up-beats/down-beats.
Anthony Haden Salerno (3 months ago)
Really love your work. Great original digital orchestral compositions of this caliber are a rare thing.
Kevin Goss (3 months ago)
Very inspirational. It gets my creative juices flowing. I could listen to your music all day. AWESOME work!!
Jan Linden (3 months ago)
Kevin Goss thanks!
Jan Linden (3 months ago)
Thanks Everybody for you kind comments!
jennifergala (3 months ago)
And Drake got 50 million streams in a very short time. Thx for sharing your beautiful talent.
YYviola (3 months ago)
This is absolutely beautiful Jan! Thanks for sharing it with us
Andy Hardwick (3 months ago)
As ever, superb and quite beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it.
Alexander Soren (3 months ago)
Gorgeous! You must make it big! Such an incredible talent!
Noucatou (3 months ago)
Again! So beautiful, really!😍 I was so happy to see this in my subscriptions! Thank you🤗

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