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5 Best Wallets For Gentlemen - Quality Leather Billfold, Card Case, Phone, Slim & Men's Coat Wallet

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Check out our in-depth guide to Men's wallets, here: http://gentl.mn/mens-wallet-guide To cop the boutonniere I'm wearing: https://gentl.mn/2kvyaKX #wallets #bestwallets #notsponsored For quality wallets, check out: http://gentl.mn/quality-wallets-for-men Just like clothes, wallets can have a huge impact on your wardrobe and it should be an extension of your personality. First, let's talk a bit about wallet history. It was first introduced after paper money became popular in the US in 1690. The first wallet was introduced by the Massachusetts Bay Company. The pocket-sized wallet that we know today became popular in the 1950's. 1. Open pore leather. You want to look for a leather that is not pigment coated or at least minimally. You want an open pore structure because that enables the leather to develop a patina and over time, it will just age better. 2. Divider. Majority of wallets has a single liner that is made out of a cheap fabric material, it gives a cheap sound and it will wear out very quickly. 3. Edges. Most wallets have edges that are simply folded once then cut on the inside and left like that. While this wallet is functional, you'll collect dirt around the edge and the edge may fray. Both of which make it look old. A much better way to construct the edges is to use a double folded edge, you can see the outer shell is folded and so is the inside liner. 4. An alternative way to finish the edge on a wallet is to edge paint it. To do that, you use a Filiteuse which is a small tool that is hot and you'll add wax and paint to seal and finish off the edge so it doesn't fray and wear easily. 5. Card slots. If you go with nicely made compartments made of leather that are folded and sewn individually, you end up with a much stronger wallet and you'll be able to use it for years to come. 6. Corners of the wallet. The pointier they are, the more likely they are to catch something in your pocket and they come out less easily. Therefore, you always want a wallet that has nicely rounded edges so you don't pull any threads in your clothing and you can easily take it in and out of your pocket. 7. Details and contrast stitching. Usually shows you that somebody put thought into the product. 8. If you have an alligator leather wallet, chances are, the overall workmanship is much higher becaue the leather cost would be much higher. 9. Not to have any plastic. Most wallets feature some form of plastic whether it's the liner, or some case, usually it ages prematurely and it just looks cheap. 10. Initials can be very popular on a wallet and while they're not necessarily a quality hallmark, you should look for something that is just plain embossed without gold and solver foil because that will stand the test of time. TYPES OF WALLETS 1. Wallets with a coin purse. If you carry coins, simply put them in the coin pocket of your pants and you will have a much slimmer wallet in your chest which gives it a nice silhouette. 2. Billfold. It's called that way because the bills in there are folded and it usually has about 6-8 card slots, sometimes, even more, and it folds a single time. 3. Minimalist wallets. These are meant to be much thinner and usually you can only put about 4-5 cards on them and maybe some cash but otherwise, they won't take anymore. 4. Coat wallet which is longer so that bills don't have to be folded. 5. Smartphone holders with card slots. While it's convenient to have everything in one place, the problem can be that it simply gets too thick in your pocket. 6. Old cigarette holders or business card cases. They're big enough to hold credit cards or check cards and your ID as well as some cash. In terms of color, I suggest you start with something like black or brown however, those are very boring colors and everybody has them so try to get something with a contrasting inside. If you don't like that, you can also look at different colors. Personally, I like burgundy or cordovan or dark chocolate brown. Of course, if you really want to be extrovert, you can go with green, orange, or red. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Popular videos: How to accept a compliment - https://youtu.be/_EKXNmM1PUo 101 things that change when you dress up - https://youtu.be/JyGDd_iYaCI How to tie a Bow Tie - https://youtu.be/2I3cfa0BOOc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2g1T0Qg Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://gentl.mn/2g1PTIq https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2g1T0Qg
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Text Comments (228)
GRANOLA GRIZZLY (11 days ago)
Paul Smith (17 days ago)
Spending hundreds of dollars on something you pull out of your pants for 2 seconds is IMO, ostentatious. What, is someone going to say “Is that a JC Penny wallet? Get out you uncultured swine!”
Ross Mann (20 days ago)
In the high tech. world we now live in you need to consider RF blocking wallet also.
Devon Crawford (1 month ago)
Sir, here in the South, we still use a wallet identical to the coat wallet, but in the back pocket (usualy with a design on the part that sticks out), but we call 'em Rodeo wallets.
Goh Dean (1 month ago)
Is goldlion wallet good
Rouge Pilot (2 months ago)
I have an mid-quality bill fold wallet
smr144 (2 months ago)
For the price of those, I rather get a Montblanc wallet..
Andrew T. (2 months ago)
I’ve always had great luck with my Coach Billfold. Had it for 20 year almost now and it still holds up great
serridgeas (2 months ago)
The Yorkshire battle cry slipped out at seeing the price of those wallets!
Methusela Moshi (3 months ago)
what type of leather do you use?
Mike 26fl (3 months ago)
I rather pay $20 for a wallet that last me 2 years then $300 for a wallet.
Admiral Good Boy (3 months ago)
Where did you get the brown wallet with the blue inside please respond
TheCrap (3 months ago)
Why you got to gender it
Frida Friday (3 months ago)
Do your wallets have RFID protection?
Nithin Paul (3 months ago)
Why isn't my man wearing a pocket square ?? :p
George Martin (3 months ago)
What about a trip-fold wallet?
Janusz Fajst (3 months ago)
$280 for a wallet? OMG this is more than the avarage salary in my country...
Fruit500 (2 months ago)
Yearly salary?
Vasilije Rajović (3 months ago)
Mr Swen, I'm glad you noted that some people use cigarette holders instead of wallet (9:00) and I must tell you that has a great advantage. New payment cards come with a severe security flaw, because of their RFID chips. The only way to prevent it is to block unauthorized contactless transactions in the bank's system and to encase them in metal, to prevent skimming. Some modern wallets (like those made by Zippo) come with metal case, which serve as anti-skimming protection.
I have a Shell Cordovan wallet, cost me $320.
neil welch (4 months ago)
S Wright (4 months ago)
Related to Mr Bean?
Josh Marcelino (4 months ago)
Why does he look like he's about to laugh the whole video
TitanElectrons (4 months ago)
Your voice is so satisfying when you talk fast and quietly.
Chingmong Noklang (4 months ago)
Speak up..
Stay Cool. (4 months ago)
just look at ears😨😨😨
khy (4 months ago)
The music is super awful
Chicano (4 months ago)
Dads bday was in may i havent seen him in 4 years since i left home. Ill finally visit home in july with one of these as a present, itll be worth every penny.
greengrassofhome (4 months ago)
I am researching the billfold wallet simply because Jean Louise Finch takes two dollars out of one in Go Set a Watchman. Personally, I have always owned very cheap quality wallets bursting at the seams and verging on falling apart. They make my hip look horrible because they bulge so much out of my pocket. Maybe I should change that.
Andrew S (4 months ago)
Take one shot for every time he says wallet and two shots every time he says quality.
Long Nguyen (5 months ago)
you have the most confusing accent!
jamesccart (5 months ago)
I thought it was called bi-fold
Bob Nelson (5 months ago)
I don't want to buy wallets, I want to steal them. I guess I need pickpocket videos....haha.
Jeff Holloway (5 months ago)
Any recommendations for a folded card case wallet?
Brayan Espinoza (5 months ago)
I have a metal wallet. I think it will stand the test of time. Although on the downside it doesn’t look as classy.
Power Off (5 months ago)
I wonder where can I put my penny..
Koki_ 924 (6 months ago)
Turn that music in the background off its distracting
Sam Hill (6 months ago)
Billfold... or Bifold...
lifematch (6 months ago)
What do you think about bellroy wallet? Specifically the note sleeve.
jun chen (6 months ago)
Damn man I need to carry Money by the time I buy it I will be carry penny 285 buck lol
InItForTheParking (6 months ago)
While I'm looking for a new wallet, just for a looks upgrade, my current 20 dollar Walmart sandalwood leather one is holding up nicely after 10 years. The only thing in the video I can seem to agree with is that the main plastic ID slot is starting to yellow a bit. But all the seams are holding up nicely. The slots are folded in and I guess glued down, none are catching cards. It has aged quite well with only a few wrinkles on the spine.
Jonah Seigler (6 months ago)
Could you do a video over wearing undershirts with an open collar dress shirt
Jonah Seigler (6 months ago)
Can you do a video over earrings
Peedy (6 months ago)
what do you think of the Jaimie Jacobs wallets? like the flabboy?
Derek Lee (7 months ago)
The wallets are out of stock at the moment. When will they get restocked?
marshalcraft (7 months ago)
I don't even use a wallet anymore. too broke.
DJ - Rocket Man - (7 months ago)
Blue and brown wallet is sexy asf I wanted to buy one but out of stock.
Finneas harmsen (7 months ago)
how rich are you??
egads2 (7 months ago)
Raphael, when you add about another 30 years to your age and start carrying Medicare and six other health plan cards along with your other wallet paraphernalia, you'll need a heavy duty pocket luggage-style wallet with a leather strap to keep it all in place. My wallet resembles a leather filing cabinet but it fits just fine in the right hand pocket of my 5.11 tactical cargo pants. That's why I have to wear those pants. I'd hate to have an alligator wallet that costs more than I can afford to put into it.
reb andy (7 months ago)
what kind of leather is the coat wallet at 10:56? I have a Bottega Veneta made out of that same stuff and would like to know what it is.
Reticent Banter (7 months ago)
I love the j fold wallets
Ashish Maharana (7 months ago)
Just my opinion, Dude grow out the top of your hair a bit. The way it is it's a bit too chump/nerd lookalike.... Just keep it medium and make it look like it has volume.... Doing this would look good on you. BTW the look you have it's still suits you but try that
Michael Dale (7 months ago)
PLEASE LOSE THE DRUMS, it adds nothing and makes the voice indistinct for older guys with certain hearing issues. You speak well, the content is quality so why add something which has the potential to annoy.
Gentleman's Gazette (7 months ago)
Because empiric data shows people watch longer than without. If you have trouble understanding me. Turn on the closed captions ;)
My mobile number 9210392686
App ko Wallat lena hai
Hiii i am leather Wallat sell karna cahta hau
Andrei Sas (8 months ago)
You speak about quality but Fort Belvedere is not a full grain leather, also I can't find on your shop page this detail. Saddleback has 100 years guarantee and is a full grain leather.
Lofty (8 months ago)
How about tri-folds? They're my favourite.
Felipe Portales Oliva (8 months ago)
a hallmark you missed is RFID protection
C.E. Parks (8 months ago)
So I shouldn't get that stingray wallet then?
william jc (8 months ago)
great info .
Nan Xing (8 months ago)
I can't understand why most of today's wallets have the card holder openings along with the bill holder opening. If the pocket gets loose, your cards fall out. Back ten years ago, most have the card holders open towards the crease, so even if it gets loose, the card won't get out.
Lars Dietrich (8 months ago)
long story short: "buy our sh*t!!!"
e.i mccool (8 months ago)
I had to tell my wife to stop moaning so I could hear you better.
- A13X - (8 months ago)
You can't go wrong with a handmade, saddle stitched, veg tan (vegetable tanned)/oil tanned/horween leather wallet off of etsy.
Rikth Dcruze (9 months ago)
Great video.. very informative... Just the background music is super disgusting
Tommy P (9 months ago)
Okokok I WAS looking for a smart wallet but you've sold me on the brown and blue one that you keep flashing.
Don Cankook (9 months ago)
I think it's a good idea to explore what's in your wallet regularly. In the evening when I put away the day's clothes, I will empty the wallet, then put away the receipts, and put back in only those items I will need for the next few days- for weekdays I need a gas card, credit card for lunch, and a lilttle cash for impulse purchases. For a trip or a vacations I need different things.
Zohaib Saqi (9 months ago)
You are fully classic
Francisco Campora (9 months ago)
That just a list of thing to have in your bulky an unconfortable expensive wallet
Adam Davies (9 months ago)
Not buying a wallet without a good chain, too many pick pockets and a risk of it getting lost falling out somewhere.
benjamin chavez (9 months ago)
Thoughts on chains attached to wallets?
Mario Manthey (9 months ago)
Too much „Music“ in the background, steeling attention from the essentials
D.E.B. B (9 months ago)
Pastel colored leather is the mark of a woman, a child or a dandy. Black or brown leather. If you can't afford an expensive leather wallet, just buy Coach.
Brett Breeze (10 months ago)
How do u carry your keys? And what kind of keychain would u use?
James Sy (10 months ago)
The music is louder than your voice or you are eating back your voice
James Dixon (10 months ago)
If ur a true posh person, u wear a pocket watch, do a vid on them pls
Bob McKenzie (10 months ago)
Got a good laugh when I saw the price of the Fort wallet! LOL Thanks for the info though.
vmvlkc (10 months ago)
Very thorough and informative treatment on men's wallets
V Flow (10 months ago)
While I love the points you've made, the wallet links make me wonder if you are truly impartial or just pushing out your own brand of wallets.  Nice video though.
niv boi (10 months ago)
You deserve much more subscribers
King and Country (11 months ago)
Some excellent quality and functional wallets here
MightiestArm (11 months ago)
give me brands
pabelmon1 (11 months ago)
Seems like he could be a murderer. Just sayin. That's the vibe I'm getting. Good vid tho
Karolinska (11 months ago)
I had the same wallet for almost 10 years. It's still is useable shape, I just felt it was time.
Ghosty (11 months ago)
Man, imagine having dinner with this guy. "Let me give you the history of napkins." I'm teasing! Thank you for your time and the video. It was informative.
DRKILLSM (1 month ago)
I love how this dude says guallet! 😊
That Aussie Bloke (11 months ago)
Ill stick to my saddleback
D. Ykss (1 year ago)
Worst video!!!
HoLDoN4Sec (1 year ago)
some men wear suits for work, some men wear suits for special occasions, this guy? oh, he wears suits to film YouTube videos...
Steven Penny (1 year ago)
Opinion of Bosca wallet? Thanks...
Glasgow (1 year ago)
Is hermes good quality
Andrew Centeno (9 months ago)
Justwynnyezztfam Yes, but for the price you can get better quality
Leo Nardo (1 year ago)
i cant hear you
Melissa M (1 year ago)
Love your video. You should review wallets by Von Baer. They have quality products.
Spinal2111 (1 year ago)
Bought the red/black one got a compliment the first time I had it out! And the box it comes in is even brilliant. I do wish under the brand logo it said 'made in germany' or something.
I had a really good black leather wallet....My grandfather gifted it to me back in my childhood (it wasnt even expensive, in russia these things costed around 5$ in today's money), since then it lasted me flawlessly for exactly 32 years, and yesterday i forgot it on the plane (All my money fortunately was in my backpack since i was afraid of someone stealing it)....Man i'm really sad, looking for a good wallet now.....
Aeroica Gaming (1 year ago)
Question, I am in the market for a new wallet. There seems to be a trend where wallets have now become multitools and now not only hold cards and cash, but also have solar chargers, phone chargers, SD card pockets, and even a can opener and mini saw. One aspect, in fact the only aspect I have been interested in outside of normal wallet function, is RFID protection. Is there a quality wallet like the ones featured in this video which carry that feature?
Ifk 1899 (1 year ago)
Who uses wallets today? I use my phone to pay for everything. America is so behind in some aspects. They even use checks 😜
Sven Niles (1 year ago)
Ifk 1899 Bm You have no idea how bad Europe is (with the exception of Scandinavian countries)
M Moore (1 year ago)
That smile, starting at 0:27 - very mischievous 🤔
Cătălin David (1 year ago)
This guy trying to smile after every word is kinda pathetic.
Cesar Fernandez (1 year ago)
those are some good looking wallets
Gentleman's Gazette (1 year ago)
They could be yours: https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/shop/accessories/leather-goods/leather-wallets
Ali Asghar Ataye (1 year ago)
Hello, Why only vertical Wallets? you said nothing about horizontal wallets. in my mind horizontal wallets are better because they have more space and are more secure cz no one sees how much money you have down there

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