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Shame, haha ​​than hee hee Funny show show wear show video

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Reposted from Chinese social media. Infant primates possess a strong innate desire to cling to another body for psychological reassurance, and denying them contact comfort can cause bouts of extreme distress.
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Text Comments (247)
TeenMomTo baby.J (2 days ago)
Hes crying over nothing
Joyce Thibert (7 days ago)
WOW!! How can you take that baby monkey away from his own MOM 😔 You are just like the other monkeys in some of these videos "A KIDNAPPER " !!!!!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!
Lisa Phillips (7 days ago)
Disgusting pig is what an who u are. I wish I could have that poor baby monkey and just show it so much love. So it's not in a abusive home being tortured all its life by your sick ass.
Seven Gates (8 days ago)
Twitch. Shriek. Twitch. Shriek. Twitch. Shriek..........
Trey Mixon (14 days ago)
These creatures wouldn't last long in America
Sandra Hale (16 days ago)
It hit it's head hard
Rod Gow (17 days ago)
Just one reason I hate these little fucks. I don't see any abuse. Just a shitbag rat not getting it's own way. Twist it's fucking nose off
Brandon Bauer (19 days ago)
Kerosene and a match
Autumn Rowan (28 days ago)
First time in the back brace
Leslie Wolfe (29 days ago)
Get a monkey, they said. It'll be fun, they said.
Mady Consalvi (1 month ago)
Comment ce petit singe peut se déplacer avec tous ces vêtements. Ils ne sont pas faits pour être portés par des singes. Encore une personne qui maltraite.
timmo491 (1 month ago)
Which one is the monkey?
Tillma Giesse (1 month ago)
NOT funny....NOT cute !! Would you treat your child like this ???? I hope not !!
Glenn Schaal (1 month ago)
Grab it by its legs and bounce it's head off the floor until it's dead
Her kid is already not interested in the pet monkey and im pretty sure she is not in for the long haul of the 20 to 40 years its gona live Its sad what these babies are put through
NPC #789789789789 (1 month ago)
man I'd like to plunge a rusty knife into that things stomach
Adriana Sparkles (2 months ago)
Okay. I hate seeing a dumb monkey in a babies outfit. It isn’t a human. These things belong in the wild. It is not cute.
ruth simpson (2 months ago)
How would she like someone to treat her fat brat like this.
Mitochondria 125 (2 months ago)
Take it's eye out
Nalin Badyal (2 months ago)
Let it scream a lil bit more
Lee Young (2 months ago)
Noisy fucking rat
Surekha C (2 months ago)
Shame on them by keeping little creature torturing by not giving proper food.
ruth simpson (3 months ago)
Evil witch
Glenn Schaal (3 months ago)
Tie it to a ceiling fan and give it a ride
Glenn Schaal (1 month ago)
Rajni Sabharwal shut the fuck up. Och-nod , go fuck your camel
Rajni Sabharwal (1 month ago)
May god give u the same ride
Wan Yeap (3 months ago)
Yeh the monkey got attitude problem
ruth simpson (3 months ago)
More cruelty
Federica Ansaldi (3 months ago)
I cinesi dovrebbero smettere di seviziare gli animali
Toto Tita (4 months ago)
nothing funny
paraskevi cacoutas (4 months ago)
This is not cute. Monkey is stressed and over dressed
Theresa Braaten (4 months ago)
Jesus why do you people post all these discusgting reply's to these videos?? This monkey didn't have a choice to be put in this situation..If you were taken from your your mom and habitat would you be happy??? I don't think so. The owner is the one that needs to be slammed against a wall!!!!!!!
Juan Martinez (4 months ago)
Porque no te coje un monki perra i tienes un ijo
Lil Dill Jones and Me! (4 months ago)
No thanks! I'd rather throw myself backward on to the floor rather than to have you touch me.. ...
Roberta Luini (4 months ago)
JC Boom (4 months ago)
Obviously her little feet and legs hurt Stupid b÷×%h does not care.
savyo Teixeira (4 months ago)
Coisinha feia da porra
Rod Gow (4 months ago)
This is the type rat that I can't stand. Tantrums screeching and just a pain in the Fucking ass
glenda touchstone (4 months ago)
I want a baby monkey so bad what she has to go thru it is not fair I just love them so much why are you so cruel i will take care of her
David Rodriguez (4 months ago)
I was hoping the kid was going to step or kick the fucker for screaming while he watching tv
SUN SHINE (4 months ago)
Wish I could take that little 🙊 away from her sad
Go Go Screamer (3 months ago)
Sun shine, you can't read this situation at all.
Go Go Screamer (4 months ago)
You have been taking delight in such cruel videos.
Sherry Trenner (5 months ago)
Kick it like a football !
Sherry Trenner (2 months ago)
+Go Go Screamer If you think you can, go for it you monkey loving POS !!!!!
Go Go Screamer (4 months ago)
I'll kick you to death
Deepak Sharma (5 months ago)
Chinese's are motherfucker
Paul Beck (5 months ago)
Does HaHa ever "bond" with this woman? I've seen no evidence of that and with HeHe running interference between them, their time together must have been torture on them all. By now though, both HeHe and HaHa will have moved on to Monkey College. The tricks and beatings are harder but maybe he will find a human being he can trust. Otherwise it's going to be a long 25 years.
Travis Exe (5 months ago)
Stomp on that squeeling thing
Go Go Screamer (4 months ago)
Will I stomp on your fuckin face?
Sherry Trenner (5 months ago)
Kill that aggitating thing
Ademar Gehrke (5 months ago)
Porque não colocam em português pra gente ver oque dizem aos animais
Ademar Gehrke (5 months ago)
Não gosto que maltrate os animais
TheOutkast27 (6 months ago)
Hang it upside down from the ceiling by its feet and poke it with something sharp
alice Chambers (6 months ago)
She's training the monkey to trust her and come to her. Before you comment, have you ever owned an animal? Stop the hate.
Succ my T0ES (2 months ago)
Hope you never go near an animal you evil slag, kys
alice Chambers (4 months ago)
sebulbathx, I would doubt trust has been lost. Check out infants in the wild throwing tantrums when they don't get their way. That's all this is, is an infant not getting what they want when the want it.
sebulbathx (4 months ago)
Can it be that the monkey already has lost the trust for that person. It is more interested in the stuffed toy than the owner. Doesnt it say something? And when the monkey really tries to get up is when the boy runs away with the stuffed toy. It is obvious the monkey didnt run to the owner rather it ran after the stuffed toy but the owner was in its way.
Ariel L (6 months ago)
Kick it please kick it!!!
WhatIsThis (6 months ago)
Precious baby needs the love of it's mother. This is really sad!
Mama Bambina (6 months ago)
Monkeys are weird and annoying.
martin jeffery (6 months ago)
YOUR a fucking idiot
shirley Trost (6 months ago)
There's no trust there is there
Samantha Chavez (7 months ago)
hahahahahahaha lol lmao the monkey try getting up and he/her fell back down lmao
WulfOne (7 months ago)
That monkey needs to be beaten and badly. Look at it's shitty behavior. If it survived the brutal beatings it would be a well disciplined monkey and fit to be around humans. You have to beat them into submission just like you have to do with anything else. I wouldn't take shit from that little tree rat.
William Archibald (7 months ago)
I wish I had a little baby monkey so I could torture and abuse the little shit bag
Pascale games. (7 months ago)
Ça se passe de commentaires!
Patti Ondish (7 months ago)
[email protected]!😠😠😠
Travis Exe (7 months ago)
Rodney Gow (8 months ago)
This is exactly the behavior that I can't stomach these little fucks. Slap that prick and shut it the Fuck up. The little prick could've gotten up at anytime But he chose to throw a Fucking tantrum
John Hudson (8 months ago)
Love to walk up.and grind it into.a pile of goo in a puddle
James Gow (8 months ago)
Wtf is so funny???? It's a rat flopping around on the floor
Kurt Barlet (8 months ago)
Ahh family little Kim jong un watching tv while mom tortures monkey baby
Connie Cosminsky (8 months ago)
SFC where's the tail??
elaine kent (6 months ago)
Connie Cosminsky on it's arse, in it's pants.
TeenMomTo baby.J (6 months ago)
Connie Cosminsky they cut them off or get them shaped in a very painful way so that theyre round and fits into a diaper so they can attempt to make them human like but they forget THEYRE MONKEYS *NOT* HUMANS Its cruel
Elder PlayGames (8 months ago)
They are so cute, it should be illegal to own though. Leave them in the jungle or use for testing, not as pets.
Sinister G (8 months ago)
Step on it
Go Go Screamer (4 months ago)
Will I kick your fuckin face and ass?
Shiny Spark Msp (8 months ago)
it looks so cute though awwww look like hes laughing
sebulbathx (9 months ago)
A sad part is that the person holding the camera won't comfort the monkey, at the same time, indirect, it gets teased by seeing the big stuffed animal that the little kid has.
Janie v.d. Kasteelen (9 months ago)
The way Hehe clonks his little head! 🙀
Schrödinger's Angry Cat (9 months ago)
David marzolino 😂😂😂 evil!!
Rehan Aleem (9 months ago)
Just drop and big size brick on this twisting rat..
Liam Great (1 day ago)
Fuck you
savoy99 (2 months ago)
Put it in a mesh bag and hang it in the woods about 4 feet off the ground. Put up a game cam and wait for the coyotes.
Sherry Trenner (2 months ago)
+GT Morrow Yeah.. that's more like it ! Lol !!
GT Morrow (4 months ago)
A brickbis to small and light, I’d use a cement block!
Jeannie Geiser (9 months ago)
I don’t see the woman being cruel!
Ariel L (6 months ago)
Jeannie Geiser ikr just a spoiled brat monkey throwing a fit as usual.
Steven Richard Davies (9 months ago)
Once these animals are no longer “cute” they have lost their appeal and God only knows what happens to them. It’s for that reason I believe I am against them being “pets”
Paul Beck (5 months ago)
Tyrion Martin can you imagine them in front of an audience? And there are many videos on here that are taken in the Green Room before it was green. (Walls of chewed boxes)
Tyrion Martin (5 months ago)
Paul Beck wow they don’t seem to be catching on. The only video in the green room that I’ve seen is about an hour long and all they do is throw themselves against the glass, trying to get to the son and husband.
Paul Beck (5 months ago)
Steven Richard Davies These are not pets. This is step 1 training for the many Monkey Circuses in Asia. That's why the glass wall (& green fiberglass wall covering) went up in this room. She uses her husband and son on the other side to teach them to ignore an audience. After she is finished with them, they go to Monkey College, a breeding farm, or the testing labs. (Or to a restaurant if deformed or crazy)
Sonny Nettles (9 months ago)
The owner doesn't seem to understand that holding hands is not really normal for monkeys, at least the baby ones I've seen. Not sure if she's trying to train the monkey to hold hands instead of cling, or what the story is, but I've seen several of her videos and she keeps trying to grab the monkey's hand or force it to grab hers for some reason. I'm no monkey trainer and don't pretend to be one (nor would I want to be one, as a matter of fact), but it seems to me that the whole hand-holding routine could be taught at a later time AFTER one has gained the monkey's trust, which she seems to be failing miserably at doing here.
All about me 9090 (9 months ago)
Shut up already
沐浴乳 (9 months ago)
Judy Holiday (9 months ago)
Poor little baby he cannot get up because he has on restraints and that is freaking him out because he is like a turtle that is stuck on its back..I remember feeling like that when I was pregnant I had to get my hubby to help pull me up during my last couple of months..But this psychopath has no compassion she loves tormenting this baby she thinks its funny..
Linda Valdez (10 months ago)
Get rid of these ugly rats. There's nothing cute about them
Kasey Ha (10 months ago)
So funny little monkey.
Melodie A (10 months ago)
How mean to terrorize this baby
All about me 9090 (10 months ago)
Every thing
Haha doesn't like this person. He's not even trying to go to her. Till the end. He has no choose at this point the boy .left the room
TeenMomTo baby.J (6 months ago)
Life short Much his name is haha?? No wonder hes pissed off
Petra Rinsche (10 months ago)
Asiatischer Abschaum...ein so kleines hilfloses Baby brauch Nähe und Wärme....und das bei deinen Artgenossen....
Ronald Ryan (10 months ago)
Fuck those little shit weasels. If it was cats, dogs, birds,etc. I'd care but as for monkeys fuck'em
Brian H. Stastny (9 months ago)
Ronald Ryan I understand as I feel exactly the same about biped brats. Useless, ugly, stinking trash, that's what biped spawn is.
Capt.chakram Ali (11 months ago)
A very whimy screeching bitch ghoul you should apply some heavy dose of hard drill on it to domesticate it
Chris (11 months ago)
The person who does this is just plain cruel. Karma is a bitch, lady and hopefully, you will find yourself in a cage after this lifetime and have owners just as cruel as you are!!
Schrödinger's Angry Cat (9 months ago)
Karma doesnt works
Brian H. Stastny (9 months ago)
Chris Nawrocki Don't you realize how that would only perpetuate the cycle of abuse and cruelty? And who can say for sure that what we see here is not the result of karma? Then it would be the effect as well as the cause for more.
Ricardo Roman (11 months ago)
step on that fucking rat already? Can't stand this video.
Brian H. Stastny (9 months ago)
Ricardo Roman But you are stupid enough to come here and watch it. Or did momma tie you to your high chair and make you watch it if you don't eat your veggies, little one?
All about me 9090 (11 months ago)
Cute little baby
Jeremy Saba (11 months ago)
Hahahh amazing you really got that thing squealing good job see how the kid pays no attention to the stupid lab rat. He has seen enough of these rats killed to stop valuing its life sad.
Pink HelloKittty (4 months ago)
Jeremy Saba I think you’re the one whose a rat
Kathryn Mitchell (4 months ago)
Jeremy Saba ROFLMAO!!!
Jen Carder (11 months ago)
The bitch has made that monkey crazy to the point of self mutilation, how can that not be abuse?
Schrödinger's Angry Cat (9 months ago)
What?! That really happened?
Sam Brewer (11 months ago)
I will admit I hate these little bastards for some reason..yet I'm a firm believer in an after life..were going to have to answer for everything we have done...i would hate to be them to have to explain why they do this to such a weak and frail dependent creature... I won't even step on a bug......
cosmoSpacely (1 month ago)
+Rajni Sabharwal more like pests.
Rajni Sabharwal (1 month ago)
All of u hv sick mentality... first of all monkeys r not pets...
cosmoSpacely (2 months ago)
+Tyrion Martin then for you there wont be.. Just limbo...
cosmoSpacely (2 months ago)
Teacher says rgat everytime a monkey baby cries out in anguish an angel gets his wings. And all of heaven rejoices.
PinkSmarties72 (11 months ago)
They are so easily broken! How wonderful
Succ my T0ES (2 months ago)
+PinkSmarties72 When your lifes so sad you get off to watching monkey abuse
TeenMomTo baby.J (6 months ago)
PinkSmarties72 not for long in about a year or less they become vicious and kill
Ariel L (7 months ago)
PinkSmarties72 lmfao!!
PinkSmarties72 (8 months ago)
Brian H. Stastny Great! I'm so so glad I amused you. Now fuck off. Thank you. Have a wonderful day
321scully (11 months ago)
His shoulders will be painful with that ghastly brace on his back.
Ariel L (7 months ago)
Venica Wood yeah what brace???
Venica Wood (8 months ago)
What brace?
J. A. Harbour (11 months ago)
loveto hatemonkeys (11 months ago)
Someone should have stomped that spastic piece of shit into the damn ground!
Betty Arel (11 months ago)
Isn't odd that the human child has been given a stuff animal to hold..... but nothing for the baby monkey :(
TeenMomTo baby.J (6 months ago)
Life short Much what kind of fucking name is haha?
TeenMomTo baby.J (6 months ago)
Betty Arel agree
Betty Arel and I think that haha was watching the big stuffie. The boy left and haha got up and went toward the evil person
TMY rose (1 year ago)
who thinks this is funny?A person with a cold unloving heart who loves to abuse small animals,like most serial killer start out doing before they start killing people
Tyrion Martin (5 months ago)
TMY rose oh bullshit.
TeenMomTo baby.J (6 months ago)
TMY rose shes not doing anything just reaching out for the monkey the monkeys the one jumping backwards screeching
JesusManuel Pedregon (1 year ago)
321scully (1 year ago)
A stressed out baby. These chines kids are totally indifferent to the suffering of these babies.
Jean Farias (3 months ago)
well the little boy probably thinks the little shut is annoying. How would you feel if your mother pays more attention to a shitbag monkey instead of her own child.....i don't think it's fair that the child has to put up with that filthy, obnoxious thing. He probably doesn't give a shit about it and sees it as a pest. I feel sorry for him and for little Ann
NPC #789789789789 (3 months ago)
she raised her kid properly.
Roberta Henman (1 year ago)
WTF sick people

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