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Speak your customer's language.

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Use language your customers can relate to. Use terminology your customers would use when describing your products or services. http://architectsandschemers.com/2012/08/the-most-expensive-mistakes-business-owners-make/ Two Fatal Mistakes You Might be Making With your Content Being too vague or broad. Use words that paint a full, clear picture of what your product or service is, and -- again -- let them know what's in it for them. Using industry lingo. Choose words your audience would use, not words other experts in your field would use. Your customers want you to be the expert in your industry so they can be the expert in theirs. "A person can have the greatest idea in the world -- completely different and novel -- but if the person can't convince enough other people, it doesn't matter." Gregory Berns (from the book 'The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs') This quote by Berns (above) really drives home the point of how important it is for your potential customers to understand and connect with your message. You have to know what words resonate with them. What words would THEY use to describe your product or service? You can check out the whole story over at http://architectsandschemers.com If you find this information interesting and want to receive our weekly video delivered right to your inbox every Wednesday morning - sign up for our newsletter at: http://architectsandschemers.com/sign-me-up/ http://youtu.be/Ip6U5E_mtSo
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