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Opie & Anthony - Surprise Jocktober: Power 96 (2-26-2013)

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http://siriusxm.com/theopie&anthonychannel Sam surprises the boys with an impromptu Jocktober. Where is the six? (2/25/2013) Follow Opie @ http://twitter.com/opieradio Opie's Website - http://opieradio.com Opie's YouTube - http://youtube.com/opieradio Follow Anthony @ http://twitter.com/anthonycumia Follow Jim @ http://twitter.com/jimnorton Jim's Website - http://jimnorton.com More O&A Clips - http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKOFxayaKJ0XvDxGa1YzVyQ_oTQk3V_fM
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Text Comments (93)
Gloth Sang (7 days ago)
ShiroRX (1 month ago)
As a Cuban man from Miami, I am constantly embarrassed by my culture.
Rusty Kuntz (1 month ago)
Opester was obsessed w bringing up the Fezzes around the country
itscold (1 month ago)
Opie : "everybody knows you can bring a guest on radio contests" what a fucking dumbass that's not why everyone was cringing. It's cringey because nobody wins a contest and asks can I bring a guest? It's unnatural. But Opie's autistic brain doesn't understand social interaction.
Lil chippah D Tss tss (2 months ago)
Sam is such a great instigator. I bet he did the fugitive just to get the guys especially opie annoyed. 🤣🤣
merces47letifer (3 months ago)
That first Instagram bio they read is why I feel mentally superior to the average person.
BRO'VERLORD (6 months ago)
32:30 jim was actually voted "boy most likely to fellate large older black gentlemen in the handicap stall of an olive garden"
Kirundist (7 months ago)
You can hear Jimmy in the background at 5:30 quietly going "no....... no........" He knew what the bit was as soon as they said the word 'busted'.
Emma Planas (9 months ago)
22:02 when you know someone is full of shit
Jason McCullough (9 months ago)
Man, Opie was really funny with the reggaeton line.
C Mahoney (1 year ago)
God, fuck you Opie. Just slamming the breaks on the bit, "NO IM NOT DOING IT NO" shut the fuck up and let the other 3 carry you like ALWAYS.
C Mahoney (1 year ago)
No Opie, YOU'RE ruining the surprise jocktober for EVERYONE ELSE. Fuck he is so clueless.
chrismasterith (1 year ago)
How the fuck did Anthony know it was "they stole the 6" ????????????
Nonofya Bidnez (1 year ago)
Sam really is great at setting up bits! xD
OniSyphon (1 year ago)
hahaha fucking sam
jennpenn5 (1 year ago)
Power 90 Theif. Finally, a bit Opie can pronounce.
dreaded360 (1 year ago)
opies little cartoon character is perfect... it looks like a douche
Ninety ffffft
joseph watt (1 year ago)
The opster is half a fez
hilltop slim614 (1 year ago)
Every city I've ever been too, and including my own beloved Columbus, any radio station named " Power..." is always a Hip Hop, R&B station.
Dionysus187 (1 year ago)
I really can't stand any of these guys by themselves. Once Anthony got shit canned they all started their own unlistenable horse shit, Anthony included.
Rusty Kuntz (1 month ago)
Ant & Artie lasted about a week but that was good
BRO'VERLORD (6 months ago)
Bruce Wayne (7 months ago)
Dionysus187 i agree. I think anthony and jimmy r funny but they needed opie to balance it out
Matthew Bendel (1 year ago)
Well Boo Hoo!
Connor Hutcheon (1 year ago)
yo, where's the 6 SON????
twinkskc (1 year ago)
hot ninety-ffffffrrrrrrrrrrtttttt
Anfubvinch (2 years ago)
Opie's not even that bad here, you fucking wagon-hopping faggoty fucks
Trappy X (1 year ago)
I hate all these fake Opie haters. They put a time code and are like “oh shut up Opie” when he just says something.
Anfubvinch (1 year ago)
Tsuh. Tell us how you really feel
Lil chippah D Tss tss (1 year ago)
Anfubvinch hahahahah sack of shit. What a great comeback line. Hahahahah sack of shit. Hahahahaha. Good job And yes I'm gonna thumbs up my reply. Hahahahah. Fwuuuck yeah 👍
Anfubvinch (1 year ago)
+Veto Bandito I didn't. You sack of shit
Veto Bandito (1 year ago)
he's pretty horrible, but nice job thumbs upping your own comment, you dope
Levi Josefsson (2 years ago)
Jess Faught (2 years ago)
Sam was hilarious in this
BishopAP (2 years ago)
Anthony rips off Opie at 9:00....
BishopAP (2 years ago)
Homage, nothin! That was blatant identity theft! He hoo-hoo'd him! Everybody knows that Opie is the one that shouts "HOLD ON, HOLD ON!" That's HIS thing and Ant ripped him off right in front of him! THIEF!! THIEF!!
Venimus Vidimus (2 years ago)
BishopAP By rips off, you mean "paid homage to", surely. You may have autism though if you're so socially inept so I won't be rude.
This makes me so happy
Rusty Shackleford (2 years ago)
So I look in the comments and most of the comments are about hating Opie. Out of this hilarious clip, all you got was a stronger hatred for Opie. Can you ever just enjoy life for the good things?
Doyle Hodges (2 months ago)
Bandwagon hate. That's why non of the anti Opie comments are older than 3_4 years. Most people hating never even heard this show live, nor did they ever subscribe to sxm. They just piss and moan about 7+year old clips. Or in this case 5 years old.
storm (9 months ago)
Rusty Shackleford because you hear him in every clip
Rusty Shackleford (2 years ago)
+jasper booth If you're on a radio show for 4 hours every day, you'd probably feel compelled to talk no matter how vapid some of the listeners may find you to be. I personally have no problem with him. I have more of a problem with Anthony really.
Rusty Shackleford (2 years ago)
+jasper booth Apparently from that Opie Vs Anthony clip when they first got mad at each other on the show, most of the days Anthony missed were hangovers and staying up late at parties, therefore Opie didn't miss as many days because he never did any of that. Who wants to hear about school man? I hope he stomped their birthday cakes.
jasper booth (2 years ago)
+Rusty Shackleford I think it's because Opie never takes a day off,i bet when his kids tell him about school,he says "HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON"
Desperado (2 years ago)
"You're lying to me, I'm not stupid!" Now who's lying, Opie?"
BRO'VERLORD (6 months ago)
Mike H (2 years ago)
opie needed anthony more than anthony needing opie
BRO'VERLORD (6 months ago)
ant was a tin knocker until op took him up
C Mahoney (1 year ago)
Mike H Well guess who gave anthony his shot on radio? No anthony without opie, as much as it sucks to say.
pickinboogers4u (2 years ago)
Opie was the Robin Quivers of O&A.
Ryan Heppel (1 year ago)
Myrdred Deceiver AJ Poopyshitz? is that you?
Rhevl (2 years ago)
Opie has pretty big tits.
Myrdred Deceiver (2 years ago)
At least Robin has tits
cbappa2 (2 years ago)
Asis (2 years ago)
Opie is jocktober worthy. He's just as much of a walking douche chill than everyone they make fun of.
heroblok6 (5 days ago)
Somebody could have become legendary if they had just done that on their radio show and roasted Opie
dorpth (5 months ago)
There wasn't one single accusation Opie made during Jocktober that he wasn't guilty of. My favorite was when he accused another host of repeating his jokes, from the man who never once failed to repeat every punchline that got a laugh fifty times.
renewer (3 years ago)
Lucy Lopez has the worst voice in radio.
renewer (2 years ago)
She should be strung up to a tree branch and beaten with sticks like a piñata.
James Moseley (3 years ago)
Btw. Abortedhitlercock has the greatest YouTube name I've ever heard. Fuckin hilarious. Not doing a chip bit!
James Moseley dude you're childish as fuck.
James Moseley (3 years ago)
This is my favorite jocktober ever. When Ted buddy went on his final killing spree in Miami he could have totally redeemed himself by adding these jocks to his hit list. How do they look at themselves in the mirror when they get home from the power 90 flltttt show?
Foolish Demon (7 months ago)
James Moseley Did he murder his friends?
Medi Ocre (11 months ago)
Mr Malunigans no but Ted Buddy was, idiot!!!
James Moseley Ted bundy wasn't in miami
killustrator (3 years ago)
Jesus you can't even hear the line of the day before Norton screams with laughter at his own joke. The total silence afterward was fitting.
Shawn (3 years ago)
Why does the picture say YIMMY?
Dog-Shit Sniffer (5 months ago)
It’s ants Nickname for jimmy when he’s acting like a little kid or when he’s down in the dumps
alyxi (2 years ago)
Luis Rojas (2 years ago)
+Andrew Knighton Yimmy Norte Lmaoooo
Andrew K. (3 years ago)
+Shawn Smith Sometimes callers say Jimmy's name with a spanish accent, along with the rest of the crew. "Gregorio! Antonio! Yiiiimmmyyy"
Ryan Day (3 years ago)
If the thief stole their 6, how are they able to ask "where's our 6?" I thought they couldn't say the number anymore.
BRO'VERLORD (6 months ago)
wheres our full blown aids?
Andrew Barsky (1 year ago)
Ryan Day Where’s our 3+3?
BishopAP (3 years ago)
Patton Oswalt loves this clip.
caligo641 (4 years ago)
Sam making everybody's brains snap by toying around with the truth. I envy his job.
MattFromPhilly (4 years ago)
Jesse Howard (4 years ago)
Pests MAKE jocktober. All you get a salut from me, sirs
DickDickstein (4 years ago)
These guys are fookin' geniusessss. All da best bits in radio on one show. tss tss Fuckin' great station! tsss
Joshua Brady (5 years ago)
The O&A pests are the greatest fans out there. Keep up the fight boys.
The Stoner Guru (5 years ago)
MattyWarbucks22 (5 years ago)
thats actually a really good gay thrash metal name
Jesse Howard (5 years ago)
Fuckin' radio STINKS!!!
The Stoner Guru (5 years ago)
Powerbottom 96
BRO'VERLORD (6 months ago)
iscream22 (5 years ago)
Jocktober is so wonderful :)
Internet Guy (5 years ago)
Start googling scat pictures now and build a collection. Prolapsed anuses are good, vomit pics aren't used often enough imho. Make sure you have some special stuff ready for the legendary terry clifford too
AbortedHitlerCock (5 years ago)
Welcome aboard!
BishopAP (5 years ago)
Wait. If their website is "Where is the 6" dot com, why don't they just take that 6 and put it back where the original 6 was stolen from? You know what, guys? I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I don't think there really is a thief.
Saulus Worthing (5 years ago)
I like how Jimmy sounds genuinely confused about the 6 being stolen.

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