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It's Vital 4U® - Screamin Energy® Max Hit, Liquid Energy® and the Vital 4U® Vitamin Best Pack

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What do we do? We are the innovators of a different breed of energy products and vitamin supplements. Our uniquely awesome coffee based energy pouches offer you an affordable, fast working and effective dose of caffeine + ginseng + B vitamins. Our products won't fill you up with meaningless ingredients and absurd amounts of sugar to give you a false sense of energy. We deliver exactly what your body needs and nothing more to get you jump started into a focused and energetic state. For more information on Liquid Energy® and Screamin Energy® Max Hit visit our website at www.vital4u.com We are constantly rewarding our fans with free stuff, so go follow us on these social media outlets for the chance to win products and custom Vital 4U® apparel. Instagram: @Vital4U Twitter: www.twitter.com/Vital4U Facebook: www.facebook.com/Vital4U and http://Vital4u.tumblr.com
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Vital4U are the only vitamins I take.
Lol Thank you!

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