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Most efficient Solar Cells and Panels in 2019

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In this video we look at the progress in the efficiency of various solar cell technologies over the last year. The video covers the detail on the most efficient solar cells and solar panels in 2019. The values of efficiency have been taken from NREL charts. The technologies covered include Dye sensitized, Thin -Film, Poly crystalline Silicon, Mono crystalline Silicon and Multijunction Solar cells. In addition to these, Perovskite and organic solar cell efficiencies have also been listed. Prices of the panels can be found at this link https://youtu.be/HeYvXwU-E38
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Vincent Robinette (6 months ago)
That's fantastic, that the efficiency of panels is on the rise. The most relevant things for consumer rooftop use, is cost per watt, and cycle life cost per kWh. The graph with the efficiency of many brands by the year is top notch. Where did you get the data to compile that? Excellent research! thanks for sharing.
norm swan (1 month ago)
Would like to see efficiency per area it occupies
shepherdsknoll8 (3 months ago)
Vincent Robinette , roof tiles, like Tesla are producing, would be my preference. Do you know the efficiency ?
gregory hatton (5 months ago)
@Vincent Robinette lowest rates in the country ? Ohio has competition, check these rates out … I'm paying a fixed rate of 4.95 cents per kw regardless of how much use. http://energychoice.ohio.gov/ApplesToApplesComparision.aspx?Category=Electric&TerritoryId=2&RateCode=1
pak panjabi (5 months ago)
@Synergy Files tnx Bhai
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
Bhai kissi bhi sheher main chemical ki shop say milay ga. Laikin ehtiyat kijiay ga. Jism per nahi lagna chahiay
solarstacks (17 hours ago)
you didn't mention the SunPower cells and panels. They have the inter cell connections on the back of the panels so they run cooler. They produce the most power day in day out, are non toxic and last the longest. Some of the high efficiency get too hot and fail. Your summary of cost, life and efficiency is the key.
MaheK Nadaf (5 days ago)
lf we have to run 20hp Ac motor what would be the cost of solar panel
fredricful (5 days ago)
Mexico City?
Europa Europa (11 days ago)
Actually solar panels contribute to the heat island effect much like asphalt parking lots and shingled roofs that absorb enormous amounts of solar infrared heat energy. This contributes to the warming of the planet because trees were removed to make room for them. Trees cool the planet and the above warm the planet. Other items that contribute to warming are roads, highways, airports landing strips, and buildings/skyscrapers.
Synergy Files (11 days ago)
Its not like that. Part of the energy falling on Solar panels is converted into electricity, some of it is is converted into heat and some of it is reflected. On normal roof tiles, similar phenomenon happens.
Sudheer Aggarwal (12 days ago)
Could you also include the information of mono or poly crystaline in the six panels listed
Jim Stack (13 days ago)
The sunpower panels are best.all coonection on the back. They last longer andcwork best in the heat compared to all others.
hani (19 days ago)
Alan Cargill (19 days ago)
More obvious application where space is limited is on EVs. This appears to be starting to become a serious subject with two cars I have seen with them installed, the Lightyear and Sono Sion. Neither in production yet. Both are claiming around 35km max daily range extension, which is pretty impressive. Not sure what type of panels they are using, but it is surely a great idea for any EV.
Khush Manvar (20 days ago)
Thank you for such video
keith henry (20 days ago)
I wonder if it will be possible to build a hydrogen generator that home owners can use
iam suman (1 month ago)
The average efficiency is 8-13% Maximum. All the given data's are collected from the respective manufacturer's work sheet which are fake and dubious.
Fred (1 month ago)
In the lab efficiency data is always better than real world.eg.over heating dust on panels shading etc.solar panels have come a long both in price and efficiency.i agree with your point to a certain extent.
Dennis Dougherty (1 month ago)
Hey, if you do the video in English, use someone who speaks English! Thank you.
kaan oktem (2 months ago)
Solar panels of Insolight can produce %36 efficient
Etienne P (2 months ago)
Great video, very informative. Thank you for the research on the subject.
Jack (2 months ago)
Oh boy, please, try to improve your efficiency in the accent of english language. Your videos will be more atractive !
Synergy Files (2 months ago)
I am neither an Indian nor a Hindu. Thanks though for appreciating the video :)
Jack (2 months ago)
@Synergy Files I see. I'm not even an english man. But, let me guess, you're indian? Hindu? Because I have also passion for linguistics. Your video was very usefull for me !
Synergy Files (2 months ago)
Thanks for the suggestion Jack. I cannot help it. It sounds more artificial and contrived if I did.
Ed Hughes (2 months ago)
The Australian National University has made a new type of silicon that better uses sunlight and promises to cut the cost of solar technology. The new type of silicon created is called r8-Si. Instead of the atoms being square or cubic like in standard silicon, it's more shaped a bit like a diamond on playing cards, only it's in 3-D. The researchers say their world-first invention could help reduce the costs of renewable electricity below that of existing coal power stations, as well as lead to more efficient solar cells. If that is true then coal power plants will be eliminated in 10 years just due to cost. Global warming will be reversed.
Diamond (2 months ago)
Rod Watkins (2 months ago)
I'd like to see a video that compares cost-effectiveness and sustainability, as in availability and least environmental impact. Also factors in best prospects by the same criteria.
Colin Baker (3 months ago)
wideos ,what the f,,,k
MogensDan Larsen (3 months ago)
Adam Kelly (3 months ago)
What about graphene solar cells?
STROM (3 months ago)
100% efici
STROM (3 months ago)
My invention zinc cell
Green Energy Scandinavia (3 months ago)
Hector Keezy (3 months ago)
Great work!
Synergy Files (3 months ago)
Hector Keezy (3 months ago)
Good work Guys. 👍
Jung M (3 months ago)
The most useless video ever. A list would be enough.
Any mention of internal string optimization? Although it is an available licenced technology for current panel manufacturers, it makes a large year to year overall power production difference in panels with the same efficiencies.
Holywood07 (3 months ago)
Sounds great at first but these are only marketing numbers and I'm missing the real thing here, which is: how much energy do I get from dawn till dusk from a same sized panel. Some less efficient cells start delivering earlier (no direct sunlight) and thus deliver more energy throughout a full day as compared to cells that need direct sunlight and which even drop in delivery when they get too hot (because of too much direct sun).
Dale Mahaney (3 months ago)
meagain2222 (3 months ago)
At 30% I would never have imagined that would ever be possible.300 watts per M^2 wow.
Vineet Verma (3 months ago)
Very good information. Thanks. It would also help to know about costs as well.
Synergy Files (3 months ago)
The video that follows this has the cost. Link in description
Robin (3 months ago)
This topic is pointless as it ignores heliostats. A broader consideration of solar energy is needed beyond the scope of commercial photovoltaics. Efficient use of energy produced from any source lags so far behind efficient production of energy for our needs and desires.
volando34 (3 months ago)
Where did you get that the X22 360w sunpower panels are discontinued? I can't find this info googling around and SP is still advertising their Equinox system as having 22+% efficiency.
Modern Modern (3 months ago)
2:28 is the winner🤔😆🥁🎯
Paul Metcalf (3 months ago)
The question is how long do they last and how quick does their efficiency drop over time?
Synergy Files (3 months ago)
The efficiency drops at a rate of 1% of the output every year. So they last very long. The will keep working even after 30 years but will give reduced output
johnmburt1960 (4 months ago)
One more category needs to be added: photovoltaic cells which can be made with cheap, readily-available materials and don't require rare substances which can only be mined / refined at great expense and great pollution. A solar cell which can be made entirely from, say, silicon, iron, oxygen and carbon, would be highly desirable even if it were only ten percent efficient. Something like that is unlikely, but something which just uses less of the rare and difficult to extract substances would be welcome.
Ian Murray (4 months ago)
My 22 REC 325 panels generated 35 kWh of electricity today (in the UK), I am writing this at night using up some of that free electricity stored in a battery, my electricity bill for today is zero and the grid is paying me for selling my spare electricity to them and paying off the capital cost. And that is why solar panels are the future.
darshan nagaraj (4 months ago)
please tell the technology
Kerstin (4 months ago)
Current marketprice per square meter panel that you can find online vs efficiency in a scatterplot would probably be the most interesting.
groingo (4 months ago)
I have a Reliable 1000 watt PSW inverter with Soft Start and it has chronic problems running my Compact Fridge which pulls only 175 watts when starting and runs at 45 watts, the 9 watt Led light on the same circuit frequently goes dim plus the inverter idles not at 0.75 amps but at 1.75 amps. Support was more concerned about my Negative review than wether the inverter worked properly, I told them I stand by my findings and suddenly my review vanished.....never again.
Colin Baker (3 months ago)
check ur battery its f,,ked
Vasavi Dutt Vankadaru (4 months ago)
Thank you for the video!!!
Outdated and misleading information. Most important manufacturers such as Canadian Solar and Jinko Solar are missing. They are the largest players and not even mentioned here. For example, Canadian Solar has a HiDM module with a module efficiency of 19.57%!
Dhivyaprasath Kasinathan (4 months ago)
Very informative... Thank you for making this video...
Juan Araluce (4 months ago)
Awesome video
Brandon Watkins (5 months ago)
Thank you!
this is the last cookie (5 months ago)
until solar panels are made without fossil fuels of any kind, for transport, machinery, or for any other reason...no point in them.
Take a Break (5 months ago)
Sir what would be your list for the best balance between efficiency-cost-longevity?
Take a Break (5 months ago)
@Synergy Files understood, thanks.
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
Longevity first, efficiency second and cost last
Null (5 months ago)
Well presented. Thanks
Gavin Nash (5 months ago)
Imagine electric car with this feature. No need to ever charge.
n1hu (5 months ago)
my windowspace is limited, so why is 3:37 multijunction efficiency so bad? (not 40+%?) :(
Kni (5 months ago)
46% thats crazy! but its probably super expensive and small scale probably
Steve Velobahn (5 months ago)
I love the illusion of clean energy! All those toxic materials and mining energy! All that oil and environmental ruination so my home can have light at night while the people that live near the mines are suffering! I can't wait to ship my recyclable panels to some poverty children so they can earn a cup of rice. Just doing my part to s(l)ave the planet!
Drsana Shoaib (5 months ago)
Well researched 👍🏻
you buy solar panel ?which one ?and best you can get for 1000 watts budget equipment brand
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
Please see the video, link for which is given in the description section. It gives the price
wesley scott (5 months ago)
Jesus slow down when talking
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
And I thought that I talked really slow
Scorpio (5 months ago)
Excellent video. Thank you.
Danny Tillotson (5 months ago)
I want to know their outputs too please. The efficiency increase is obviously good and hopeful but I would be more excited knowing their outputs too. Many thanks.
EnDeR Wiggin (5 months ago)
You should talk about efficiency when realated to operating temperature. Some panels get horrible efficiency has soon has they heat up in the sun
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
True the thermal coefficient for all types of panel is different but that a topic for another video. This one just focused on max efficiency of various types of technologies
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
Hi all, If you want the price/watt and total price, its covered in this video https://youtu.be/HeYvXwU-E38
Orion789 (5 months ago)
This is good, but would have been great to have pricing info, specifically cost/watt.
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
Prices are in this video https://youtu.be/HeYvXwU-E38
richard lyd (5 months ago)
I understand that the solar panel decrease in performance when they got to hot ?...they need to cool them better to increase performance.
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
Yes. If they are in a very hot environment than cooling is required. There are various solutions for that. One is use phase change material other is using cooling jacket
Stan random staff (5 months ago)
Good job :)
PlugIn Caroo (5 months ago)
Efficiency has no value if people have not installed solar panels even when it is free!!! Kerala govt is installing it for free... yet how many want it?
Clint Young (5 months ago)
Thx and look forward to seeing your other vids.
Robert matheny (5 months ago)
Need to come out with panels that melt ice and snow under their own power. I have many days without reliable power from frozen grids. 🌨🌨🌨🌨 ❄️❄️❄️
Capt Larry - (5 months ago)
If we could rate all power souces on a dead babies scale..instead of only looking at cash.. maybe things would change. This is also why people will accept Mussolini or trump.  short term myopia... long term stupid
Tcmtech (5 months ago)
I remember when semi practical EV came out in the 80's and the big stink was, "They would be viable for the masses if we only had batteries with 10X the power density." Well. Lithium based batteries came out with that capacity and what did they do? Cut the size of the batteries in the vehicles by half or more while at the same time loading up the parasitic secondary power drains in the vehicle until the lithium powered cars were just as useless as the lead acid ones and the inflation adjusted price for one had been more than doubled or tripled for it as well.
Naman Gupta (5 months ago)
Well, you forgot the most important aspect here. Price! Without that parameter, it's impossible to discern what is consumer grade and what is just restricted to labs and such. In future at least give your audience some idea of the cost per watt that we would have to spend to get these.
Naman Gupta (5 months ago)
@Synergy Files Could you share the link? Also, it's a good practice to put a link in description or in the video itself about the previous video that is related to this. I found this video in the suggested video tab and have no reference about the past right now. Although I can search for it in your videos. But, that's not the recommended way for addressing your audience. I hope you will follow this advice in the future.
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
That video that followed this one has the price
John Rah (5 months ago)
Thomas D (5 months ago)
Does making these solar panels have some cons, maybe like pollution where their make.
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
CdTe is a carcinogen. Making Crystalline silicon is energy intensive
Landon Thomas (5 months ago)
How much do they all cost per KW?
No Name (5 months ago)
karri channel
Didier Khwartz (5 months ago)
Very Efficient and Interesting presentation. Very Well Done and Thanks! :)
Vivek Paulraj (5 months ago)
90% efficient solar cell https://pv-magazine-usa.com/2018/11/23/all-i-want-for-christmas-is-a-90-efficient-solar-panel/
Elena (5 months ago)
Solar Cells = *WE MADE IT 3% MORE EFFICIENT THIS YEAR!* Power Storage = *still 1678 technology*
WashingtonWebFoot (5 months ago)
@John Garrison Look, if you want to fight, go somewhere else. If you just want the last word, go ahead and post something. I don't really care anymore.
John Garrison (5 months ago)
@WashingtonWebFoot No I'm not. These are important distinctions to make. There's nothing to amend to my original statement and it was perfectly clear what I was talking about.
WashingtonWebFoot (5 months ago)
@John Garrison Jesus fuck. Are you contentious just for the sake of it? There was no guarantee of energy from nuclear reaction for around 2 million years of man's existence either. Where would we be if we used that as a premise for doing nothing? Besides, which part of "I agree with you" are you having hard time accepting from me?
John Garrison (5 months ago)
@WashingtonWebFoot There's no guarantee of that. Simply because it's one of the most diffuse energy sources that we have and one of the most variable. I didn't say it in my original comment because it's heavily implied. By the video, by the media, by politicians, by environmentalists, etc. It's not a solution to Climate Change.
WashingtonWebFoot (5 months ago)
@John Garrison "as a replacement to coal." Why didn't you say that in your first comment? No shit. However, it should be amended to "at this time". Solar is still the most abundant energy source for about 3,000 light years in any direction (that's the closest Black hole). We just need to crack the problem. We will. Eventually.
Peter Hendry (5 months ago)
I would like to see reliability and cost as well.
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
I have the cost covered in the latest video: https://youtu.be/HeYvXwU-E38
John Walker (5 months ago)
Shut up, you idiot with your nonsense, I am listening to the music.
Richard Andrews (5 months ago)
I have no clue what you're talking about. 23%, 27%. Percent of what? I'm assuming that most of your viewers know what your talking about, however I'm sure there are twice as many that don't.
Ian Murray (4 months ago)
@Richard Andrews Leaves on plants range from 4% to 12% but let the light through onto other leaves below.
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
No worries. This community here to spread solar awareness
Richard Andrews (5 months ago)
@Synergy Files Thank you. That helped a bit. I'm solar ignorant. Haha Gotta start somewhere I suppose.
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
Its the percentage of light energy that will be converted into electricity. Say for example a panel recieves 1000 Watts of solar irradiation. 27% efficiency panel would convert 270 W of that into electricity.
Deon Hamilton (5 months ago)
Music too loud
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
My apologies if you feel so
Frederic Pouyot (5 months ago)
Efficiency of modules alone is not that important. I suggest you do a video on cost efficiency, which compares the efficiency versus the cost over the useful life of modules. Cost per kWh over the life and ROI are best measures of cost effectiveness. People buy houses even when much higher cost than rent if annual cost can save versus rent and provides additional benefits and level of control
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
Video on the highest value panels just uploaded
Farouk Arjani (5 months ago)
good explanation
autohmae (5 months ago)
As I understand it the solar panels they use in space are of a different type, very expensive to build but being in space and of a different type are much more efficient.
Synergy Files (5 months ago)
Actually I had made a video on Solar panels used in space. Here is the link https://youtu.be/dOuJyL_MiZA
Roger didit (6 months ago)
Solar is a crock of shit. They are marginal in Arizona, and a joke in the northeast. Half a day.. Half a year.. Half paid off by the time you move.
gendalfff (6 months ago)
it's not as much about the solar panels anymore as about the batteries. also what's the point of the 2% extra "efficiency" if it doubles the price for the same wattage: VBHN330SJ53 206.9pound/330w SPR-X21-345 572.6eur/345w
Anders Bentsen (6 months ago)
This makes no sense at all - like yoppindia say below - only thing we have to look at is cost per watt, and all of these examples is expensive and have close to zero benefits compare to low thin film or solar paint. There is thin film on market today with pretty good effiency who can be made (if they want to sell that cheap) at maybe 15dollar for 50watt day and night and they are transparent so you can add it on your windows or roofpanels without you can see it. Besides we should see perovskite solar paint within 3-5 years so you just paint your walls at house .
John Paterson (6 months ago)
Thank you for the round-up. Like others, I would like to see something in the assessment on the improvements in price/performance, and power rating per panel, for the commercial products.
Buffalo_Chips (6 months ago)
making anything with Telluride is not scaleable. Its about as rare as gold. This technology will not go anywhere due to a lack of materials and their costs
Synergy Files (6 months ago)
@Buffalo_Chips Yes true. I thought about it but then did not include it as I will present it in a separate video. That merits a video on its own
Buffalo_Chips (6 months ago)
@Synergy Files You also did not cover concentrated solar PV's now being worked on in Canada and elsewhere with Eff ratings over 60%
Synergy Files (6 months ago)
Thanks for the info
Jose Joseph (6 months ago)
Spidey ARG (6 months ago)
Nice video. please add some price info as well when you are making such type of video. Thank you.
Synergy Files (6 months ago)
The next video will have that. I will be published on Saturday.
787brx8 (6 months ago)
I might have A way to improve solar panels efficiency by about ten percent on certain types of cells.
단검어둠 (6 months ago)
no improvements.... actually efficientcy limits...
UtwoBed (6 months ago)
Been hearing about these solar cell "breakthroughs" for many years, but none of it ever trickles down to the consumer in the form of being cheap enough to compete with the price of traditional fuels like oil and gas. You want to impress me? Give me solar panels that will produce at less than a dollar per watt.
Ian Murray (4 months ago)
My panels cost just under $200 each, and each can generate up to 325 watts - is that less than 1 dollar per watt? Today each one (I have 22) generated 1.5 kWh - south facing, in the UK, in March. The whole system will take about 10 years to pay for itself because the UK is cloudy, then every watt will cost nothing at all.
ali alwaely (6 months ago)
It's January. Wft
Rakesh Mallick (6 months ago)
Very informative video, thank you. I saw a Ted Talk on prevoskites a few years back but it seems that the technology is improving fast.
thegreatfixer (6 months ago)
when i looked into PV i was looking at the stuff on amazon with great reviews and prices HOWEVER then i looked and compared them to the Panasonic panels for PRI$E per watt / size / and life of the panels the Panasonic (or similar) blew them all away and i now look at the amazon stuff as toys
fidel catsro (6 months ago)
We are not doing good enough! its the 21st century, we need 50 percent efficacy! till then Wind alternators will eat them all up...
cricketol (6 months ago)
to bad they will only be out in 20 years
cricketol (6 months ago)
There are other solar tech that has never mad it to market there is one that would work really well but it's not going to be put out you can cut or put holes in the panel and it still works
Synergy Files (6 months ago)
Its not that they completely finish after 20 years. They still keep on producing but at lesser efficiency than at beginning of life. And also consider the electricity you will generate over 20 years. Its substantial
Pat Melonzon (6 months ago)
Great video!
M E (6 months ago)
00:45 where can I find that diagram?
M E (6 months ago)
@Synergy Files Thank you!
Synergy Files (6 months ago)
Here is the link https://www.nrel.gov/pv/assets/pdfs/pv-efficiency-chart.20190103.pdf

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