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CAN I SLAY WALMART OUTFITS?! (Shopping Vlog + Try-On Haul!)

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Can I SLAY Walmart outfits?! Everything Walmart head to toe?? I'll have to admit it was a challenge for me but I found some stuff I really liked! Every Walmart is different depending on the neighborhood, mine DID NOT have a large selection at all, you can see that from the shopping part of this video! Yours might be great with way more stuff. But even with the limited selection, I still found stuff that I liked and I've been wearing it even after this video! Watch my Target Clothing Challenge: https://bit.ly/2yyElJS The wig I'm wearing in this video is from RPGShow (RavenElyse003) and they are having a HUGE anniversary sale right now! BUY IT HERE - https://bit.ly/2K6p1W4 NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY & SOMETIMES SUNDAY! *Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss any!* GET RAVEN ELYSE MERCH → http://ravenelyse.storenvy.com/ SUBSCRIBE IF YOU’RE NEW! https://bit.ly/2tgEdJg ---FOLLOW ME!--- • BLOG → www. Ravenelysetv.com • INSTAGRAM → @RavenElyse • TWITTER → @RavenElyseTV • SNAPCHAT → @RavenElyseTV • FACEBOOK → @RavenElyseTV --BUSINESS INQUIRIES— [email protected] ----MORE VIDEOS---- MOMMY ROUTINES → https://bit.ly/2GmHhsn MOM VLOGS → https://bit.ly/2t8lxuQ HOUSE HUNTING SERIES → https://bit.ly/2tcLyt9 ---PO BOX MAIL--- Raven Elyse P. O. Box 2454 Cedar Park, TX 78630 ----FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS---- - MY CAMERAS: Canon 70D for beauty videos & Canon G7X Mark II for vlogging - EDITING SOFTWARE: Final Cut Pro & Adobe Photoshop - LOCATION: Texas - AGE: 24 years old - ETHNICITY: African American - HEIGHT: 5'11 - DAUGHTER: Named Ziya, 2 years old!
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