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Spitfire VS 8dio VS EWQL Hollywood VS Symphonic Legato Viola Section

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Let me know if you are interested in more compare / contrast videos and what you'd like to see me do differently next time. Played series of semi-random intervals and rhythms to hear how different libraries handle legato and sound, back to back. I was looking for the most consistently pleasing sound in my collection, something I can make my "go to" for most projects. Notes were quantized to 120 bpm 8th notes, and overlapping by 20 ticks to engage legato. Tweaked each patch a bit to make them similar for compare / contrast. Did not use Spitfire Chamber, NI+AudioBros or others in this example... maybe in a future vid. Spitfire "won" this challenge for me, it was easiest to dial in quickly, sounded most consistently pleasing, and did not have any "surprises". Anthology had some strange stereo effects happening, so I narrowed the stereo image ("width") a bit. It also took the most wrangling of controls to dial something in that felt pleasing without any distracting surprises along the way, but the tone and overall sound is quite nice otherwise. Hollywood had inconsistent volumes on some of the transitions (I go back and play a very noticeable volume jump twice ... tried to smooth this out with finger position and other controls but could never get that one to sound natural). The tone is nice and full and woody in the low range with felt very "viola section" to me. EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic has a nasal tone and fairly rudimentary legato. There may have been other patches to experiment with but the Butter Legato has a great name. I like to mix this in with others because the nasal quality can help a string section shine if blended "underneath" a more balanced sound. Made this compare/contrast for my own purposes but hope others enjoy as well. Strings Comparison Patch editing Notes Spitfire Symphonic - Adjusted mics, full vibrato, slowest legato, low dynamics (mod wheel) 8dio Anthology - Narrowed stereo image (“width”) turned up convolution, mf, medium expression, Leg 1, Full vibrato, medium speed EWQL Hollywood - “Powerful System” Violas, EW Fat Hall LR, mid mics only, “Other” selected EWQL Symphonic - Portamento is on… with it off the transitions are very quick and the tone is more pleasing, EW Fat Hall LR
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Text Comments (7)
Nathan Carlton (15 days ago)
Let me know what would be useful to show or do differently next time.
J Becker (3 months ago)
I think 8dio wins this comparison hands down.
Nathan Carlton (15 days ago)
J Becker thanks for commenting!
Matthew Hollingsworth (5 months ago)
Hollywood is still the best. Nice Video. Thanks for sharing this.
Nathan Carlton (15 days ago)
Matthew Hollingsworth thanks for saying that!
Tekkera (6 months ago)
You're playing the sustains of spitfire strings, not the legato patch
Nathan Carlton (5 months ago)
You're so right! I'm sorry, my fault. People should watch this demo, which shows how velocity can be used to make a more porto (lower velocities) or less porto (higher velocities) sound. (Dynamics are controlled w/mod wheel, not velocity.) https://www.spitfireaudio.com/info/basics/spitfire-symphonic-strings-performance-legato/

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