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Access 2016 - How to Make a Database - Part 10 - Inventory Tracking - Part B

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Fabian Węglewski (7 months ago)
Could you help me with this: I have a table and a form to register what is happening witch chemicals - TblChemRegister. And there are informational like: Date, Employee (lookup from another table), Chemical (lookup from TblChemType) quantity that was used (ChemUsage), and a comment what was it used for. The goal is that when usage is registered (John took 5l of paint), then field ChemQuantity in table TblChemType is updated. I would like to do it by some simple VBA code. And I am sure it is simple, I just can ot figure it out... Can you help me please.
Fabian Węglewski (7 months ago)
@Design and Deploy I just figured it out. To be able to update field in another table I needed to include that field in a form. Then it was simple Me. command. Just like you said in a video. So the problem is solved. Thanks for yours videos. They were very helpful. Just as a bonus, do you know if there is a way to do it without adding that field in to the table?
Design and Deploy (7 months ago)
My apologies, I am not sure how that differs from this. Although I posted it some time ago, I thought it demonstrated updating totals.
viet doe (10 months ago)
i dont have product quantity. i have product quantity label when entering the code. please help
viet doe (10 months ago)
nvm,...figured it out in the last video
Nigel Riza (10 months ago)
Great job. Loving the series. I hit the same error (hitting button when Quantity_Entered was null before it happened to you in the video! Great overview - and jumping straight into simple VBA was an unexpected bonus. Been writing code for Excel for several years but only just gotten around to learning Access. So - thanks again. Really appreciate it.
Mo Uddin (1 year ago)
What if you have one product and it's tracked via serial #. Is there a way to select multiple serial #s and change their value from say in office to sold?
LaLokaza (1 year ago)
hi, is there a way to add a date on the form and then add the information to a table? to keep a record of the stock coming in and out? Awesome lesson, helped a lot
Adam Montgomery (1 year ago)
Couldn't you use the same function for all three buttons; checking which one was clicked. I just hate to see code repeated.
Design and Deploy (1 year ago)
I usually try to avoid redundant code too but it will have a negligible impact on performance if any. And if it turns out you need to customize, keeping them separate allows for that.
bradmonk69 (1 year ago)
Awesome video. Helped me out no end... apart from one little issue. I have created a sales form which allows purchase of multiple products (individual records), however when I press the save button, it only deduct stock from the final product/record and not for any of the previous ones in the form. Is there a way to make this work for multiple lines or is it a method for updating single product lines at a time? Thanks again!
ephraim saarenas (1 year ago)
I receive run time error '2164'
ALRiverside (1 year ago)
Question? I have a roster of names, 20 pages. For some reason after I made a correction i know have 40 pages with every other one blank. How do I fix this?
Dudebro (2 years ago)
Hey, Great video, really helped me get started. Just wondering whether you have any plans to release the follow-up in the Inventory Tracking series?
Design and Deploy (2 years ago)
Soon. I had started  some other Access tutorials but they never caught on so will be returning to this one.
shinu sebastian (2 years ago)
Sir, ............I have got an error code while running this code," run time error 438, object doesn't support this property or method ". Why this happened?
Pablo Moricz (2 years ago)
Hey! I was following this tutorial and I encountered a problem! After adding the add button and writing the code on VB, I runned the code but it says there's a compilation error and that the use of that feature/property is not valid. I get the "Private Sub AddButton_Click()" line highlighted in yellow and the quantityEntered part marked as if that would be the errror. I have no idea why this happened as I followed your instructions step by step and went over them many times before writing you. Could you help me out? Thanks!!
Design and Deploy (2 years ago)
Both of the me.product_quantity seem to have a minus sign instead of an equals sign.
Pablo Moricz (2 years ago)
Option Compare Database Private Sub AddButton_Click() Me.Product_Quantity -Me.Product_Quantity + Me.quantityEntered Me.AddButton.Enabled = False Me.reduceButton.Enabled = False End Sub Private Sub reduceButton_Click() Me.Product_Quantity -Me.Product_Quantity - Me.quantityEntered Me.reduceButton.Enabled = False Me.AddButton.Enabled = False End Sub This is what I have. Thanks for replying and your help so far! =)
Design and Deploy (2 years ago)
Can you post the exact code somewhere such as pastebin? Also, make sure the names of the fields in the code exactly match the actual names of the fields. Also, use the autocomplete that the VB text editor uses to make sure the names are correct.

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