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USS Caron getting rammed by the Russians in the Black Sea - Feb 1988

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In February 1988, Caron operating with Yorktown, entered Soviet 7 miles ) territorial waters limit in the Black Sea off the Crimean Peninsula. Under international law, this act could be permissible if the ship was progressing from one point in international waters to another point in international waters via the shortest course possible, but according to the Soviet Union, it was the right of the USSR to authorize or prohibit travel in selected areas within the 12 mile limit. The United States however did not recognize the Soviet's claim in this case. To prevent it from becoming accepted precedent, the US Navy claimed that it had sailed warships through such areas at regular intervals in the past, which we had, not just two years prior. On this occasion, Caron had onboard a ships signal exploitation spaces system, operated by a crew of 18 in support of the U.S. National Security Agency. This system was capable of recording data on Soviet defense radars and communications. In response, the Soviets deployed a destroyer and a Mirka II class light frigate as well as a KGB and "civilian" ships to intercept the U.S. ships. Several times, Soviet vessels obtained radar "lock" on the Caron and Yorktown. Both American ships maintained a constant course and speed throughout the incident. Eventually, the Soviets lightly rammed both ships. No significant damage resulted to any of the ships involved. Both US warships sent an account of the incident to the Commander in Chief of United States Naval Forces in Europe. The Caron reported at 13:20 local time, it was informed on channel 16 VHF by the Bezzavetny: "Soviet ships have orders to prevent violation of territorial waters, extreme measure is to strike your ship with one of ours."[1] The reply of the Caron was "I am engaged in innocent passage consistent with international law."[1] The Yorktown, in its report stated that on 9:56, local time, it was contacted by the Bezzavetny via channel 16 and told to leave Soviet territorial waters or "our ship is going to strike on yours."[1] Then, according to the report, the Bezzavetny came alongside port side of the Yorktown at 10:03 and bumped it by turning into the ship.[1] As for the music, take note that this was shot on VHS and back in 1988, when we did not have Youtube. The only people we thought would see this was friends and family, not a bunch of people from all over the world. No the music is not masking the screams from the crew on the USS Caron, so if you don't like it, there is a volume button - use it Also check out the video from the USS Yorktown at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SME4w037FgA This is the video that the Russian news showed on the 10th Anniversary - All I can say is I can't believe that the Russian people believed and animated version of what happened over the real tape. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dl_WNdiShs&list=FLq9THf99pIznRTXM7P8JIWw&index=54 Also the video the Russians did on the 25th anniversary - They asked me for an interview and I declined for the very reason I that I knew they would not portray it accurately and they didn't let me down http://www.tvc.ru/showspecrep.aspx?id=e1564dbe-d8e8-4ba2-a142-218db8a6e14c Here is the Russians account of what happened http://fishki.net/19391-stalnye-jajca-sovetskogo-flota-9-foto--3-video.html
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Shamim Ahmed (1 day ago)
So that's why Russian did the last has by US destroyer that is funny
Akron Ohio (2 days ago)
Question is. Why didn't we do anything about it? We just let them ram us?
Akron Ohio (1 day ago)
@Norm T lol
Norm T (1 day ago)
Because the YAnks where in the USSR back yard spying .... and they got caught ...(ie Rammed to go away)
Tommy T. (5 days ago)
Russian destroyer: did you take my kids Caron!?
pol swan (8 days ago)
Красавцы совершенно точно!!!!
Danny Donuts (18 days ago)
Soviet ship cobbled together from ship junkyard?
Pedro Puelles (19 days ago)
Ucrania was a great country during the Soviet years, actually is a land corrupted with Yankee american influence,poor and violent country
Dondi Dykes (19 days ago)
Wish they had a prop fowler
Key Hole (19 days ago)
The Soviet ship is a little too small to do that... 😂😂😂
Charles Parr (20 days ago)
With a act like that from the Russians, why is the boat still floating? Hurl a cannon shot into their asses and make them swim home.
USU is clowns and cads, needings a lasson. )
The Cold War must have been a blast.
stealthbiker45 (5 days ago)
it was a hoot
ЖЕ КА (25 days ago)
Well done 🤣👍👍👍
Phillip Chavez (27 days ago)
they should have tied a chain to its Bow and pulled it in to port
BigKWS (28 days ago)
Apparently drinking and driving is not a crime in Russia!
Asqar Zhanibek (29 days ago)
Такую Великую страну утратили
Mike Smith (29 days ago)
Yes US ship pullled in front and caused minor damage to Russian ship, I saw it all. Insurance claim against US navy ha ha
mark d (1 month ago)
Cool, Bad Ass, Soundtrack!
Американские пидарасы в наши воды заплыли и получили пизды!😂
Russia Union (1 month ago)
one day an American battleship almost rammed my destroyer
Russia Union (27 days ago)
@BigKWS yeah i think
BigKWS (27 days ago)
@Russia Union Was it an Iowa class battleship?
Russia Union (28 days ago)
@BigKWS dude it's name is so long
BigKWS (28 days ago)
@Russia Union What battleship was it and when did it happen?
Russia Union (28 days ago)
@BigKWS because it's real
N8 (1 month ago)
didnt even budge the mighty usn ship muhhahahaha
g6rcteam (1 month ago)
I thought this was wale wars lol
Dier Krieger (1 month ago)
Always wonder what kind of shit we did to the Russian Navy. This was a piss poor attempt by the Russians, coarse it is most of the time with Russians, I mean, it must be tough to watch the largest and most powerful Navy in history control the sea lanes.
Dier Krieger (1 month ago)
Just wanted to clarify, the Russian Navy was bad ass at one time but now it's gone to shit. Those Russian sailors work their asses off for little money so I give em props.
L Strong (1 month ago)
А где 2-ой навал? Видимо оператор уже был в коме. Когда эпично загорелось и пендосам очевидно стало не до шуток.А ну-ка вот он https://youtu.be/pMimHIeRnXM
Asya Tsvet (1 month ago)
Американцы могут лишь бомбардировать мирные городка с мирными жителями, с неопасного расстояния)) А будто лишь сталкиваются с отпором их наглости писают в брюки))) Только США использовали ядерное орудие против мирных обитателей Японии. Они ответят за всё.
Fred Lenway (1 month ago)
Good thing I wasn't captain of the American ship. How to start the Russian vessel I got video proof they were provocative but they would never do it again though
Steve Hall (1 month ago)
If I was there and I had a gun some Russians would have died.
соси мой тучный и большенный русски хуй, "герой"))
Chief Joe (1 month ago)
Our fault for not putting some 50 Caliber machine Gun on the bridge.
On My way (1 month ago)
FROGTV (1 month ago)
Video should be titled: "Russia attempts pit maneuver on american ship"
Tim Hafley (1 month ago)
I believe something disabled the drives on that ship he broke off the agression .
Deep Sea Boss (1 month ago)
The civilian looking vessel is an AGI spy vessel and listening post..We constantly had them in the Med...Only damage after this love tap was paint hahaha....
Deep Sea Boss (1 month ago)
@Asya Tsvet Пойдите трахают себя Иван.. Я был расположен на Caron, когда это случилось. Последняя предмет, которой мы были, была испугана hahahaha. Та доля дерьма древняя русская ладья береговой охраны эпохи не была никаким состязанием для нас немая пятая точка... Лучше итого признайте дерьмо падения, мы являемся большими, самыми смертельными и испытали Военно-морскую силу в мире... Ваш гребаный флот находится в, волочит ноги и принадлежит на радостном параде гордости, и большая часть времени даже не управляет верно интеллектуально отсталым..... Вопрос факта мы кидали орешки и болты в этой лодке ряда..... Ха Ха будто сейчас! так как было тогда, так как мы скажем, съедим дерьмо и умрем коммунистический индюк петушка .... .......
Asya Tsvet (1 month ago)
Американцы испугались не на шуточку((((
Peter Lloyd (1 month ago)
Uk v Iceland cod wars in the '70s.That's what you call ramming. Look it up on youTube heavy damage on both sides
Запомните америкосы, кто с мечём к нам прийдёт от клинка и погибнет. За свою Родину у нас и малыши и старики биться будут. Вам этого не осознать.
StoneZ (1 month ago)
Pure anesthetic graphics.......
Mark Alex (1 month ago)
And what stupid black-ass Americans on their scows did in the Black Sea? Say thank you for not sending food to fish for deliberate violation of the state border :))
Scott L (1 month ago)
This is how some idiots drive on the interstate.
Mishko S. (1 month ago)
Naval highway to the dangerzone, almost.
Paul Piper (1 month ago)
You can hear the Russian laughter and smell the liquor on their breath in this video.Probably using a ship they are ready to retire.
retr ghRred (1 month ago)
Americans and Russian brothers! No provocations!
Name Dropper (1 month ago)
Not going to lie, this was pretty entertaining.
Dragan Babić (1 month ago)
which is this song on the video?
Harambe Memorial (1 month ago)
Bruh the American ship didn’t even move while the Russian dingy just got stuck... 😂
DAVID JOHNSTON (1 month ago)
The faster overtaking ship has to yield the right of way to the slower ship ahead. The consistent thing about all these is the Russians come from the rear at a faster speed and cause a conflict.
us tin can was trying to cross a USSR border.
james alexander (1 month ago)
That's how I approach my gf when she bends over, from the rear. The video gave me a hard-on!
I think a Russian Navy ship tried this again in the Philippine Sea.
Name Dropper (1 month ago)
They weren't as Successful that time.
MEanME (1 month ago)
The captain's name was Vladimir Ramabitch
retr ghRred (1 month ago)
no, his name was Vladimir Bogdashin
Hammer Nail (1 month ago)
Put a few rounds thru the bridge, and that will put a stop to this shit real quick.
derek kabatoff (1 month ago)
Also would of caused ww3 real quick as well
Vuk Djuric (1 month ago)
Well you are stupid
EA SS (1 month ago)
US antagonism, again. Are Russian ships within US territorial limits? How would the US react?
milacalo (1 month ago)
gay music, lol
Francois Dupont (1 month ago)
funny how the US sent a SPY ship 7miles inside of the USSR water then cryed like pussys when they legally rammed them.
Francois Dupont (1 month ago)
John Silver (1 month ago)
Lmao that's the Beatles back in the USSR in Russia
Nizier Channel TV (1 month ago)
Че конечно песня? Кто знает перевод ?
Lambdadelta (1 month ago)
People make fun of Russian small ship here, they think that this is the Soviet Navy. But I want to upset you, this is a coast guard ship. If the real ship of the Soviet Navy with anti-ship missiles arrived to you, the Yankees would crap their pants and leave home. In reality, this ship could have been sunk several times, at least by anti-ship systems located on the coast, they have a huge radius.
Lambdadelta (1 month ago)
@Gabriel S. This would be a problem if the Russian fleet were as offensive as the United States and its aircraft carriers. The Russian fleet, though much weaker than the US fleet, is intended only to protect the country. For something more he simply does not have enough strength. In rare cases, Russia may deploy a pair of ships with cruise missiles for some anti-terrorist operation in Syria. What the US really should fear is the Russian submarine fleet. The US will be very sad to lose their expensive aircraft carriers from much cheaper cruise / ballistic anti-ship missiles. The aircraft carrier group has a very decent defense, but even it is not enough from a massive attack with a multitude of anti-ship missiles paired with submarines.
Gabriel S. (1 month ago)
Lambdadelta Russia can have the best navy in the world but it won't matter because all the russian ports that don't freeze over in winter are only accessible by sailing through nato held water. this is a major problem for russia and they know it.
Mike Cockerham (1 month ago)
the russians are a bunch of pussies!
Ye Olde Salty Dog (1 month ago)
The Skipper was being nice. Personally, I would have activated the ECM and laughed as they drifted, dead in the water.
TheJcrist (1 month ago)
Agree. No reason to damage people property. It was much better to sink this can in Russian waters without approaching too close.
Gre3n Eclips3 (1 month ago)
*Soviet National Anthem intensifies*
diepewpie (1 month ago)
Nope America fuck yea intensifies
Slava Alchinov (1 month ago)
Russian ships , would do it more damage its , if u just changed music .)))
Rozlan Abd Majid (1 month ago)
Rammed ? No . A smaller ship hug you !. 90° attack , that you can call rammed. Only scrapped. American cry babies.... Your Coast Guard ships always did that to others ! What is a US ships,a thousand miles from home doing in Russian waters ? This is an aggressor act. Just go home and guard your shores !
Ye Olde Salty Dog (1 month ago)
@Алешка Ололшка so you like the idea of mass murder? YOU are why we exist to be a thorn in your side. Enjoy :)~
@Ye Olde Salty Dog yes you can , you can turn in a nuclear dust . HAHAHA!
Ye Olde Salty Dog (1 month ago)
Just to piss you off lol And BECAUSE WE CAN. :P
Bill Sail (1 month ago)
Video was good! Music, not so much...
Tom Tuttle (1 month ago)
That was weak. They about sunk themselves LoL
Rudolph Garcia (1 month ago)
Music is pretty gay.
Freemont Tulane (1 month ago)
How about a video of those filthy jews bombing USS Liberty?
Steve Miller (1 month ago)
That's actually really funny seeing the Russians troll the US vessel just giving his slow ass a push
Countmaster0 (1 month ago)
a new meaning to the phrase 'CRAZY IVAN"
Comrade (1 month ago)
/watch?v=1AAV8jIBW1g&t=3s It was US fault. They have systematic retardation.
Brian Mattingly (1 month ago)
The Russian navy needs to add used tire armor .
kal niyah (1 month ago)
are they blasting music at each other or is that just the U.S ship?
Deep Sea Boss (1 month ago)
Ha, it was surreal for sure, our Skipper wanted to sink them and was being told the Skipper of this row boat was drunk and hated America.....Our Skipper trained the aft 5/54 on him and relayed he was authorized to use lethal force to protect the crew and Vessel..Ivan peeled off and just followed after then fact.....What is even more hilarious is the Russian Skipper kept telling the Kremlin he had disabled us by ramming.......Our Vessel was well known to the Soviet Navy as we were the first American War Vessel to enter the Black sea in 1982 which brought out the bad ass Krevak cruisers...Had a blast on the Caron, great crew.....We were also the ship that shot the Tomahawk at Qaddafi blowing his camp to shit and we were the ones who made the first shot in Grenada blowing up the radio tower cutting off coms to Cuba and the Soviet Union......Lots of history...Panama, Beirut, Falklands, Bosnia and on and on............
kal niyah (1 month ago)
@Deep Sea Boss Ha! That was great! But i don't think they liked the russian version of back in the USSR. Them soviets seem way too serious.
Deep Sea Boss (1 month ago)
We were.....Skipper also had a thing for playing Led Zep while harassing any shadowing Cruiser or destroyer....Fun times.
Jeff Spehar (1 month ago)
Toby Rose (1 month ago)
What was American ship doing in The Black Sea.... in Russian back yard...
januainferni (1 month ago)
@Rick Oliver Yes but we are not talking about mutual capacity then and now, but the real war games in act among the two, skirmish that never brought to a real war, thanks God and good sense on both sides.
Rick Oliver (1 month ago)
@januainferni You must remember that Russian technology was quite behind US technology at the time , but ever since the end of the USSR , the Russian Federation has gained in leaps and bounds , to now be the leader . The world is now buying their armament , even the US used the Russian space rockets to further their exploration into space , until now , that the US can call upon other nations for space travel .
januainferni (1 month ago)
@Rick Oliver Things that russians did all the time in the med with submarines also.
Rick Oliver (1 month ago)
Generally spying and trying to fuck around with electronic radar tracking devices .
HELESPONTify (1 month ago)
Vhs time
Swagger Jacker (1 month ago)
US ship didn’t even budge. Would have been great if the ship would have capsized
Alex Barony (1 month ago)
Hahaha nada cambiado Russia 🇷🇺 viva Russia 🇷🇺
I dont think, way USS ship not destroy stupid drive Russian ship ! De fact is neare mad sviming ! I dont undestand ! Lets fire and finished play !
A'an Ngadiran (1 month ago)
Viewer 2019?
Alec Toshney (1 month ago)
frontosa68 (2 months ago)
Good hit!
Gus Krupsky (2 months ago)
A hard left would sink that junk
Kris Flood (1 month ago)
That Russian boat was no threat to one of those old cruisers. It was like a moped trying to nock a train off of the tracks. I agree, hard left rudder would have swamped that boat.
Bob Ishere (2 months ago)
Typical Russians oblivious to realty. Their current dictator is trying to revive cold war....with smaller armed services , killing anyone opposed to current dictator, threatening same old crap from those dictators charge....
Michael Edwards (2 months ago)
If the U.S. ship was 4 times of the Russians, the would Russians not test us so.
Michael Edwards (2 months ago)
This is why the U.S. needs bigger, armored, and self repairing ships. Quite being cheap.
Notanga0920 (2 months ago)
ha ha ha stupid sowiet russe enimals,fuk putin, pedofil
Roger Dale McKinney (2 months ago)
Should have just shot the tires out
Neil (2 months ago)
russia next time use your weapon systems it's easier and quicker
@jeff schnablegger that was in Russian waters...
MultiPurposeReviewer (2 months ago)
I know it was just dubbed overtop, but I still love the image of the US sailors blasting "Back in the USSR" over the ship's PA at the pursuing Russians.
95valero (2 months ago)
@MultiPurposeReviewer - LOL!!! *" My logic was fine"* "I still love the image of the US sailors.... pursuing Russians" LOL!!! Logic to see how Russians pursuing and rammed into US ship.... LOL!!! Unwillingness to understand it is actually YOUR problem. Because you have problem with logic. And who is a troll? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll A troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain. WoW!!! You are talking about yourself....
MultiPurposeReviewer (2 months ago)
@95valero My logic was fine. Your unwillingness to understand it is the problem. But that's what trolls do. That's how you spend your life.
95valero (2 months ago)
@MultiPurposeReviewer - I was trying to understand your broken logic.... But, unfortunately, you have broken mind.... so, no logics
MultiPurposeReviewer (2 months ago)
@95valero Asking you to clarify what your broke English cluster of words meant is not a stupid question.
95valero (2 months ago)
@MultiPurposeReviewer - why you asked stupid question? Read more info
C List (2 months ago)
These situations can be avoided, if you are going to in Russian waters or airspace just give them a heads up. When you enter another's space , and they dont challenge you , you will keep getting closer and closer. Look at it the other way , Russia has a ship inside of US waters , now what ? Respect others space as you want them to respect your space.
Brian Mattingly (1 month ago)
C List Russian navy operates in us water on a daily basis. It’s not a big deal
tredelayful (2 months ago)
music is lit
Jaime Jimenez (2 months ago)
Why did we not sink them?
januainferni (1 month ago)
​@Põltsamaa EhtneJaHea In order not to create an international diplomatic incident, you ignorant asshole!
Põltsamaa EhtneJaHea (2 months ago)
Because you are cowards
freedomfyter (2 months ago)
Vodka+Communist vessel= wrecked communist vessel.
95valero (1 month ago)
januainferni - LOL!!! US navy and NATO tried to strike Syria They asked Russians for permission and said that will not strike any Russian installations > They launched 107 missiles and destroyed 2 barns in middle of nowhere and 3 pharmaceutical buildings just 300 - 400 meters away from civilian buildings And........ you have NO PROVE LOL!!!!!!!
januainferni (1 month ago)
​@95valero The NATO fleet used to do the same to the soviet navy, in the Med area, who had to run away scared back to their sirian port of Tartus.
95valero (2 months ago)
freedomfyter - But in reality - TWO american vessels run away from USSR territory with huge damage
William Ciarrocchi (2 months ago)
The reason why the Russians do not come to the Gulf of Mexico is cuz they cannot support their ships there and yes they allowed in the Gulf of Mexico and Russian war ships vist Cuba all the time and also Russia has subs that have been caught trying to get into the Chesapeake bay witch is where the biggest navel base in the world is located I've been on a cruise ship in us waters and seen 2 Russian warships did not see any us navy ship ramming them the Russian seem so darn paranoid usa is not out to get Russia or any other peaceful country I wonder what Russia would have done if they had a 911 on there territory
Chris (2 months ago)
"rammed" lol. almost sunk themselves with a gentle nudge
Bernard Delfosca (2 months ago)
Bulk Logan (2 months ago)
You know that Russkie ship has a bar on the bridge with nothing but VODKA and mandatory to be intoxicated to operate it right? BA-SEA-BA
Friar Tuck (2 months ago)
USA Headlines Read: "USA Rammed by BOMBED Russian Russian Captain with a Snoot full of Texas Vodka ". Next Day Russian Headlines Read: " USSR Ship Captain BOMBED By Sober American Navy Captain".😋😁
Anonymous One (2 months ago)
What’s the point of these Russian idiots doing this? They trying to kill everyone on the water including themselves? You can’t fix stupid...
Michael Grey (2 months ago)
Pesky ruski's
Jannib Andelo Bayutas (2 months ago)
From which ship does the "Back In The USSR" tune coming from? 😂
stealthbiker45 (2 months ago)
Its actually just on the video, not playing over the 1MC
Superman Sixty9 (2 months ago)
Let them try it now see what happens 🇺🇸💪🏼🇺🇸💪🏼🇺🇸💪🏼🇺🇸💪🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Richard W. Sharpe (2 months ago)
So why did the USA navy sink that ship . If I was captain of the ship I would of sunk that ship no problem and it would not happen again
stealthbiker45 (2 months ago)
year sure you would've - 7 miles off of the coast of Russia, surrounded by all of their ships, aircraft etc. you would've killed your whole crew and started WW3
John Lavezzorio (2 months ago)
Time to sink these Thugs! Then use them as floating targets!
Alan Murphy (3 months ago)
Where's the cops when you need them

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