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Watch Winders, Yes or No? (Watch this before using one!)

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When is it appropriate to use a watch winder for your luxury watches? Watchuwant is now WatchBox! Subscribe for the best luxury watch content. Many types are available, many settings are offered, and many types of automatic watch have different requirements. Should I use a watch winder? How many times should I set my watch to wind? How often? Can a watch wear out on a watch winder? In this highlight of a previous broadcast, Watch Specialist/Media Director Tim Mosso and Director of Watchmaking Michael Michaels discuss critical watch winder knowledge for collectors of automatic luxury watches. Shop WatchBox: https://www.thewatchbox.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/watchbox/ WatchBox Reviews Channel: https://www.youtube.com/WatchBoxReviews Video and content by Tim Mosso and Pheline Jerome.
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Text Comments (20)
Joe Hou (3 months ago)
Simple, short and clear, thanks for the info, great video.
WatchBox Studios (3 months ago)
We strive to be informative and concise! Glad we could help you! - WatchBox Team
Steve Futterer (5 months ago)
so, this is what I'm going to try: I bought a cheap cyclotest watch winder and I've built a wooden box to make it look nicer on the wall. I'm plugging it into a high quality timer that allows for different intervals of "on & off" time. Any thoughts?
Steve Futterer (5 months ago)
so far Im $48ish in, I had scrap wood and an extra timer from my grow room.
Flash Fish (6 months ago)
A watch exspurt giving advice on watch maintenance that doesn't wear a watch. "Please don't use a watch winder as you will lower your maintenance bills" I sit my two favs in a boxy out on display, summer comes and my two favs are always wound. Everything gets a rest in the winter as I let the quartz do the work. Purist nonsense, modern watch winders are a lot more sophisticated than these two clowns!
WatchBox Studios (6 months ago)
Welcome to the channel! If you stick around, you'll learn that these are 2 of the most knowledgeable guys in the industry. Mike has had leading watchmaking roles at brands including Hublot, Chopard, and Breitling so he knows his way around an automatic movement. Thanks for sharing your opinion! --Team WatchBox
L (7 months ago)
I only wear my automatic watch couple hours a day is it bad to daily hand wind it so it would not stop running and be charged? (it is not a screw down crown) thanks.
Thimble (1 year ago)
I have a 2013 Rolex Explorer 2. I have worn it every day 24/7. The hour hand stopped working about a month ago. The date also stopped. I was a bit shocked to see this. Anyway I am really curious as to why this might have happened. Any ideas?
BILLYCHIU.com (1 year ago)
Great information. How about using the winder 8-11 hours during the day, get the power reserve to say 75%, then shut off the winder until the next day or when the power is down to 40-50%. Would that be almost like wearing the automatic like what Michael suggest? Thanks
Mahboob Parvez (2 years ago)
Great advice indeed.
WatchBox Studios (2 years ago)
Thanks for asking the questions; it was a great one! Best, Tim
4enginerule (2 years ago)
The wolf designs winders are the only ones that I know of that have "sleep cycles" and they do all the pre set rotations in an 8 hour period and then rests for 16 hours. This feature cleaverly eliminates the problem of keeping the watch at full wind. But they are not cheap. Does any one know of any other brand that has this feature? They claim that they are the only ones who do it and is a patented system, but is it really true?
David Topchiev (1 year ago)
That makes No sense! Most Automatic watches still work after at least 30 hours of resting. So letting it rest and Not wound for 16 hours or even 30 hours will not Stop the Watch! And if it's ticking, it's wear and tear! So if we want to give a Watch a rest, we should put it away for about a week! Too bad I didn't see this video 3days ago before I bought 2Winders!
Ichi DaKilla (2 years ago)
yes i would like more info on this but i guess the guys here at watchuwantinc have no clue too if the delay start is good or not, hence the no reply.
Jesus Christ (2 years ago)
Yes I completely agree and I'm trying get this into the heads of my other buddies with auto watches!! Good work on the video.
WatchBox Studios (2 years ago)
Thank you! Mike and I have very strong feelings about winders, and we were glad that the question emerged from these comment threads. Winders are the (nearly) silent killer of movements. Best, Tim
Jack Nunez (2 years ago)
What about timed winders spins every 30min for 10min
Jesus Christ (2 years ago)
Try and avoid use of winders always my friend, it's just excessive use on the internal mechanism.
Arthur J (2 years ago)
Good to know!
Andrew GoodNightWatch (2 years ago)
This is really great advice. If I know for sure that I'll be using a watch within a few days, I'll go ahead and put it on a winder, but otherwise it's certainly true that it is better to let it wind down to allow the movement to "relax." Less trips to the service center! Another thing I would point out is that for those of us who are truly passionate about mechanical timepieces, there is joy in winding and setting a watch before heading out the door. It is a ritual of mindfulness that deserves one's time and ought to be built into one's plan for the day so that enjoying the process will not be rushed. Just like taking the time to appreciate a finely crafted distilled, brewed, or fermented beverage and/or hand-rolled cigar. How fortunate we are to have these experiences. They must be savored. Thank you.

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