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MRE Review A Rare Look Into The Dutch Military Netherlands Energy Module Ration Review

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Carsten Michel (6 months ago)
Hi Nathan Buddy. Glad you liked it. It was one out of my personal collection. Had two of them. One i sent to you and the other one i gave to another good friend of mine. So i didn't try them on my own. Luckily i got two new ones yesterday on Ebay from a german seller. Now i can try them on my own.
joshua lee (6 months ago)
nathan next time after the soup reconstitutes then add the oil to the noodles ^^ hope that helps u
Nathan's MRE (6 months ago)
Thank you again man, it was really a good ration , and I am sure everyone else appreciates getting to see this one too!
Tamara Walls (2 months ago)
Nice review😋👍👍
MistaGrym (3 months ago)
Use the fork already!
Ralph Reagan (5 months ago)
Needs coffee
Gues Who (5 months ago)
Here is the thing when i was in the dutch navy and had survival training in the artic we had so much of this stuff there was to few hrs in a day to eat it all. Basic emergency ration. Cold weather ration Extra energy rations. That was just for 1 day we usually got rations for 2 days. meaning in theory if we had made a good shelter we could hold out a week. Its a shame you cant test action messing rations of navy ships. meals that are made for 10-15 minute consumption. and packed with so much calories you could survive on one for a day.
Justin Williams (6 months ago)
I love the new intro!👏👏👏
ironwolfF1 (6 months ago)
The small quantity of jerky would have prompted me to drop the jerky into the noodle soup to boost the flavor. (But that's just me. ;-) )
Jon walker (6 months ago)
Get the water for the noodles boiling hot and add the jerky. Adds more flavor and makes it more hearty.
Andrew Benson (6 months ago)
With a little more water, I'd mix the the jerky into the soup.
Lars Skovly (6 months ago)
A real moralebooster..
Sam's World of Rations (6 months ago)
Nice little lunch ration 👍
Adamurquhart (6 months ago)
That entire pack would fit in the thigh pocket of my cargos. The other pocket would be filled with insulin to counter it, but I think it would be worth the needle jabs. Looks delicious.
ForeignMRE.com (6 months ago)
Looks like a great little ration Nathan. Another great review.
Doomersch (6 months ago)
These peanuts are called borrelnootjes in Dutch. It literally means ''a drink nuts'', so nuts you eat when having a drink, like beer. They are very popular here
Hey nathan that was a great ration review I've never seen it but great to see what was inside it two thumbs up sir well done
Mario Hendriks (6 months ago)
The peanuts are a derivative of an Indonesian snack called Kacang Pedis. It was introduced to the Netherlands as a direct result of now former colonial ties.
Rick Lane (6 months ago)
Wow Nathan, ain't that delicious ? From my homeland the Netherlands? Noodles are tasty I know... like I said before; My dad gave us a lot of rations, that was a big party... Secret: Did you know that the Secret Dutch army are peasants walking around with Wooden Shoes?? Loll joke Nathan, I am crazy... as always, your reviews are the best!! :) RL.
Rick Lane (6 months ago)
Nathan, you would like a pair of wooden shoes from Holland? The sizes we use is like 40 to say 48 in Holland... I have 46. Nathan you are a country boy if I may be so free? RL :) ( I never walked in those honestly speaking lol. )
Nathan's MRE (6 months ago)
I couldn't imagine that wood shoes would be comfortable lol
Vuurwerk Zwaan (6 months ago)
Nederland in de Tweede Wereldoorlog is de periode dat Nederland betrokken was bij de Tweede Wereldoorlog. In mei 1940 werd het door Duitsland aangevallen en veroverd en in mei 1945 door voornamelijk Amerikaanse, Britse en Canadese troepen bevrijd. If you are english translate it
migan hawkins (6 months ago)
oh and nice more reviews brother. im looking forward to them :). i just finished the video. i love the russian mre reviews and well any forgeign mre review lol
migan hawkins (6 months ago)
nice review brother. those type of peanuts are common here in the philippines. they are called cracker nuts. they are really good though. some are in sour creamband onion flavor etc. nice review as always brother
Michelle D. (6 months ago)
I agree about the noodles. The ones you buy in the UK have a much milder yet flavourful seasoning packet than the US ones. Super Noodles were a staple in my pack for weekend camp outs lightweight yet warming and filling.
Emma jones (6 months ago)
That looks like a nice ration. Though never had beef jerky but it looks ok.
Awesome review Nathan I’ve got a US military case of MRE’s on the way to review on my channel lol.
Traversing Food (6 months ago)
Great review on a nice little ration Nathan! Nice of Carsten sending it, and others, to you and thanks for sharing!
Carsten Michel (6 months ago)
For me it's always a pleasure to support ration reviewers like Nathan.
Aaron (6 months ago)
Does he not know some ramen brands? Edit: Yeah, nvm
Ritchie (6 months ago)
susan olson (6 months ago)
Ramen is better if you put a handful of frozen corn or peas in it. Good review, thanks!
Very Disappointed (6 months ago)
really like the new intro and the review of course🖒
Steveo Rondinelli (6 months ago)
Nice basic ration but Steve would've had that down in 5mins or less!😂 Great video!
Marilyn Scull (6 months ago)
That did look a lot better than the MORE ration
Tracy Phillips (6 months ago)
Good ration for a quick snack. 👍
Wimpiethe3 (6 months ago)
The coated peanuts are from a Dutch brand called duyvis. They are called borrelnootjes. Unox is a standard Dutch brand with many products, mostly meat products. And yes the noodles are also available in supermarkets. Great vid man!
Kahlest Enoch (6 months ago)
Love the dutch rations don't see enough of them on YouTube. Thanks for the review.
terry (6 months ago)
I never would have thought the Dutch would have Ramen in a ration. Learned something new today, definately needed a good beer to go with the nuts but, couldn't comsume that in a vid...The cookies looked great and that was my favorite flavor of Jerky. Good Review.
UncleGweilo (6 months ago)
The Thais make coated peanuts that are coconu, curry, wasabi, or other flavours. Great with a cold beer. That oil for the noodles might be sesame oil. Boil the noodles then drain them and add the oil and spice sachet. Or just add it all in and have as a soup. Where is the Jack Link’s made? The stuff we get in Australia is made in New Zealand.
MorningWood (6 months ago)
That was pretty cool. It is always funny for me to see US stuff in a foreign ration i.e. Jack Links
MorningWood (6 months ago)
That is interesting.
UncleGweilo (6 months ago)
The Jack Link’s jerky we get in Australia is made in New Zealand.
Kaylynn Strain (6 months ago)
looks like a ration I'd go for
Matthew Mullins (6 months ago)
I love this new intro.you did a good job on it.and love your videos keep up the good work.
Nathan's MRE (6 months ago)
Thank you, but outdoor tactical made it for me
Almonte Paolilli (6 months ago)
Looks healthy way to increase your energy reserves!
Douglas Campbell (6 months ago)
Many of the good ramens come with sesame oil. That's probably what was in this ration. The really good ones come with a broth mix, dried veggies, and an oil packet. You seriously need to try a good ramen like NongShim Shin Black. A hot and spicy noodle soup with fresh vegetables and savory beef broth.
Fred Thorne (6 months ago)
You've been doing some pretty exotic item reviews lately. They're pretty good too. I caught Outdoor Tactical's review of the training MRE you sent him. It was pretty good also, maybe the pears were a little discolored, but it was informative. Of course the American FRH was a bust, but that happens a lot.
Nathan's MRE (6 months ago)
Thanks Fred, there is much much more to come !!!
Bob Joncas (6 months ago)
..good review, great little snack pack, looks more nutritious than a lot of mre's..
METALMAN4Wii (6 months ago)
New Intro?
Nathan's MRE (6 months ago)
Been using it for a couple weeks now
essanance (6 months ago)
Good one brother!
Michael Green Reviews (6 months ago)
HI...What a great little ration!...could almost be an independent survival/emergency ration kept in a pack....ATB..Mick
Nathan's MRE (6 months ago)
Hi Mick , I really liked it
J D (6 months ago)
De goede noodle is echt slechte noodle. Het geeft je de diarree van 1000 helshits. De olie is om het brandende rectum te kalmeren. Ik zal voor je butthole bidden.
Mart (6 months ago)
dont add all the spices, you'll be fine
Rick Lane (6 months ago)
Haha grapjas :) Groeten uit Amsterdam :)
J D (6 months ago)
Nathan's MRE (6 months ago)
Buddy it sounds like you need some charcoal tabs lol
Animal Free MRE (6 months ago)
You get some really cool rations Nathan! Cheers!
Animal Free MRE (6 months ago)
+Nathan's MRE cheers! Were doing a late night date night tonight! Should be out by tomorrow eve!
Nathan's MRE (6 months ago)
Thanks guys, have not seen a video out from you in awhile
John Santo Rawluszki (6 months ago)
Any speed pills?
Bailey Thompson (6 months ago)

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