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How to dress when you are short for women over 40 - fashion for women over 40

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Tracy Gold shares her top secret tips on how to dress when you are short for women over 40. ***** To shop items that make you look taller https://amzn.to/2QubEpW To receive Tracy's Holiday Style Made Easy series, click here and subscribe to her newsletter https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/ Subscribe to my channel https://goo.gl/wSXFlV Visit website http://tracygoldfashiontips.com Follow me on Instagram https://goo.gl/QHy3Qt Image Makeovers https://goo.gl/WqRXZj Tracy Gold Collection online shop https://goo.gl/Mr7LTn About the video Many short women wish they wear taller, but what if I told you that you can look taller instantly just by the clothes you wear? In this video, I tell you how you how. I’m fairly short myself and I know what’s its like to wish I was taller. There is nothing I can do about that, but I can choose to wear clothing that suits my small frame and make me look taller than I am and so can you. I’m going to share with you my top secret tips to dressing yourself tall. Wear short length dresses and skirts: Dresses that are shorter make your legs appear longer. If you don’t like your legs, wear tights or leggings underneath or opt for an over the knee boot. Wear high waisted pants: This works like wonders to make your legs appear longer than they are. You can take this look further by adding a slight heel and tucking your tops into your waistband. Wear slim leg, bootleg or wide leg trousers with a heel. Slim leg pants will cover part of the shoe, giving you a longer line. If you wear wide leg or bootleg pants or jeans, the flare will cover the heel and no one will be the wiser. When wearing ankle boots with jeans, either tuck them in or fold them just above. The eye is a funny thing, it goes to where there is skin and can shorten your look. Avoid anything ¾ length. Contrary to popular belief, this is going to make you look shorter than you are. Wear nude shoes. This makes it look like your foot is an extention of your foot. Choose a shoe close to the colour of your skin or even a metallic for a trendy look. #fashionforwomenover40 #over40style #over40fashion
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Jules King (9 days ago)
What the hell is wrong with being short?
Absolutely nothing! In fact, Italian women are short and are some of the most stylish in the world. That's actually the point of my video, since many women think they have to be tall to look stylish.
Huong Tran (11 days ago)
We are not short we are vertical challenge
Love it!
Mike Martinez (21 days ago)
If you are seeking this sort of advice, clothes aren't going to cut it. What you really need is a time machine and a father figure.
Tahirie Tahiry (26 days ago)
No! Don't roll your jeans up.
Leah Cuario (26 days ago)
I'm short and fat I can't wear fitted
Hey Leah, fitted doesn't necessarily mean tight. Wearing shapely clothing always looks better, but the right shapely clothing will vary according to your body shape. Does that make sense?
Leah Cuario (26 days ago)
wow!thank u
silvyia wanjiru (1 month ago)
Nice video, but sharp voice
عزوز العمري (1 month ago)
Thank you Tracy
You are so welcome! You can check out more tips like these on this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLidUYDwQ9EMxy0FGcGVXSJSxIkz0CBMq5
Debbie Schepers (1 month ago)
I'm 4ft 9in ! So I gotta watch this!😀 Oh n build like Dolly n dress like her too! I don't hear any complaints! Just saying!
Emily Anthony (1 month ago)
I'm petite 5'2" tall love my height and figure. it makes me look sexy, beautiful, feminine, and cute. women should be shorter and men should be tall.
Carol Chung (1 month ago)
Wow!!! Its is exactly great for me short lady 5'2 105 LB, 😁😁😁 Thank you for your awesome video and fashion I really like it so much ❤😘👍👍👏👏👏
Carol Chung you are so welcome!!! Feel free to join my insider list for even more tips❤️click here https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/ and sign up in the pop up option.
michele klemetson (1 month ago)
This woman dosent even know how to dress herself ! And shes giving us tips ! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Lizz Bern (1 month ago)
Very useful tips!!! Thank you
Lizz Bern you are so welcome! Feel free to join my insider list for more tips. Click here https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/ and sign up on the pop up option.❤️
Feriel Otmani (1 month ago)
You are so welcome Feriel. You may also want to subscribe to my newsletter to get the Holiday Style Made Easy bonus series. Click here and wait for the pop up to subscribe https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/😀
Criztelvillamor Amaro (1 month ago)
This is giving me more tips because I'm very short women thanks so much to your video
You are so welcome! I have more videos on this topic. You can see them here https://goo.gl/mXeMYZ
wolfgangproductions7 (1 month ago)
I subscribed because you seem nice and I’m petite 4 feet 10 inches please watch my channel
Welcome fab gal! I have more videos on this topic. You can see them here https://goo.gl/mXeMYZ
Namrata Sarkar (1 month ago)
me 2 5ft thanks 4 yor vdo
Especial de Halloween 2017!
crazy_ eulah (2 months ago)
How to dress towllerr
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (2 months ago)
Are you wanting more tips on how to dress when you are short? If so, I have a whole playlist on this topic. Click here for more https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLidUYDwQ9EMxy0FGcGVXSJSxIkz0CBMq5
madhavi m (2 months ago)
NUYorklady Leonardo (2 months ago)
A tip for you get an age appropriate hair cut! Long hair Only looks good on teenager!
Liz (3 months ago)
You got my back up immediately by saying that we're short as if that is something to be disappointed with. Sorry but i've just changed the channel!
Mary Ann De Guzman (3 months ago)
Wooo i love ur nude color flat shoes and the metalic shoes
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (3 months ago)
Thanks so much! I am a shoe collector.
Sheetal Rajput (3 months ago)
Thanks for video am 4'8 love from India
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (3 months ago)
You are so welcome! Which tip did you find most useful?
Iahel Cathartes Aura (3 months ago)
Yes the eye goes to skin, plus any band of a contrasting light color cuts us off. Thank you so much for addressing the fashion needs of us short women! 🌻💛🤗 I don't want to look taller, just elegant, flowing, streamlined & well-dressed!
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (3 months ago)
You are so welcome. I have a whole playlist on this topic. You can click here to watch https://goo.gl/NhfrrP
Life is beautiful shalu (3 months ago)
Nice video 👌
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (3 months ago)
Thanks so much!
Lilly Taggert (4 months ago)
Another way to make your legs look longer is to not tat a ring around your ankle. Better yet, do not tat anything.
mochii roll (4 months ago)
*places camera lower to look taller*
Marcia Amos (4 months ago)
Love the tips😄
Mrs J Nguru (4 months ago)
Very nice🤗,
Jass Dimaampao (5 months ago)
I am 4”8 and fat😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (5 months ago)
Thanks for your comment Jass. You can still use some of these tips to help you appear taller.
Helen Paul (5 months ago)
Who is proclaim stylist. What a horrid fashion choices
elle redoes (5 months ago)
Damn!!! Stop moving so much!!!
NYMPHA JOSE (5 months ago)
Thank you for this tip. I am 4'11 and weight 110 pounds. And 26 of waist big butt. Could you please tell me what should be my dress and jeans. I hate short wear! Thank you!!!
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (5 months ago)
Hey Nympha. Thanks for your comment and question. I offer image makeovers to customize the basic principles I cover in my videos. If you are based close to NYC, then click here https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/image-makeovers/image-makeovers-new-york-city/, if not, an online option may work best for you https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/image-makeovers/online-image-makeover/
Miss Dowling (5 months ago)
This is more for 50 + look.
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (5 months ago)
These are just tips. Make them your own so they work best for you.
50sense (6 months ago)
One of my favorite videos. I can never find any cute wrap tops or dresses here.
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (6 months ago)
They are hard to come by. I'll be doing a whole bunch of them for my fall collection. So make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated https://goo.gl/Tztrx4
Joanna Palacio (6 months ago)
Hi im 4' 9 and im short girl chubby and i have a big legs. What is the best dress i can fit? Thanks
Malou Lopez-Vito (6 months ago)
Thanks for this video, but i think your color choices are a bit loud and bold for 50 and above...
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (6 months ago)
Hey Malou. These are just examples to illustrate the tips. You can translate them in a way that suits your own personal style.
Paynes (6 months ago)
"Wear a short dress", you say. But what to do when you are very very short with very short and fat legs and thighs and "ugly" knees, and do not at all feel comfortable in short dresses and skirts? I use only dresses and skirts in knee-length or just below my knees. That way I feel comfortable and can move around more freely without being bothered by showing off my "ugly" and fat legs. Do I look even shorter and fatter with knee-length dresses and just below knee length? :`(
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (6 months ago)
Paynes such a pleasure!
Paynes (6 months ago)
Thank you so much, Tracy Gold for your reply! I am very happy to hear about the knee length and just below the knee skirt length! I have watched a few of your videos, they are great! Especially the one about hiding a big belly. But I do everything wrong being a "shortie", wearing baggy, oversized clothes looking like a tent or lampshade, but they make me feel comfortable and relaxed! Thank you for making great videos with great tips also for short women! : )
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (6 months ago)
Hey fab gal. Thanks for your questions. As I mentioned in the video, if you like your legs and knees go short. If not, you can wear on or just below the knee. Just don't wear anything 3/4 as that will make you look shorter. To further elongate your legs, wear a nude shoe. This makes your shoe look like an extension of your foot, making your legs appear longer. I have more videos on this topic. Here is the list to the playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf26OueYogw&list=PLidUYDwQ9EMxy0FGcGVXSJSxIkz0CBMq5
Pamela Jarman (7 months ago)
If i wear a short skirt i look dumpier. Fat and dumpy that is me.
Angel Mae Caunca (7 months ago)
Hi im 4"11 what should i wear?like gown
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (7 months ago)
Hey Angel, you can follow the same tips as in the video.
ESTHER PAL CUAMAG (7 months ago)
great added knowledge about fashion.....,to GOD be the glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (7 months ago)
ESTHER PAL CUAMAG thanks so much Esther!
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (7 months ago)
ESTHER PAL CUAMAG thanks so much Esther!
Pratigya Thapa (7 months ago)
Tracy, are you from South Africa?
Pratigya Thapa (7 months ago)
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips Kathmandu, Nepal. I've been to SA four times and for me, it is certainly the most diverse & beautiful country in the world! ❤ You must be a proud South African 😉!
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (7 months ago)
Pratigya Thapa thanks so much Pratigya. Where do you live?
Pratigya Thapa (7 months ago)
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips Then, I am your biggest fan! I ❤SA !!☺
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (7 months ago)
Pratigya Thapa hi. Yes I am.
Rhenia Bernadette (7 months ago)
I Love the dress you're wearing. Wish I cud find it here just exactly like you're wearing💖
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (7 months ago)
Hey fab gal, if you are referring to the one with the black panels, you can. It's from my collection. Click here for details https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/product/hourglass-dress/
Generation Y (7 months ago)
waoo lovely video.
M H (7 months ago)
fantastic tips...thank you Tracy
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (7 months ago)
You are so welcome. If you are new to my channel, this playlist will help you get started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6nTVl5z4DQ&list=PLidUYDwQ9EMwbL2_6Q3TLklnEeKspZgto
sssOCT 1998 (7 months ago)
You're super cute
sssOCT 1998 (7 months ago)
You're super cute
Lorna Lee (8 months ago)
How about wearing short pants? Is it the same as wearing short skirts?
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (7 months ago)
Oooohhh... now that's a good video idea. Thanks for that. Yes, but you can actually go a little shorter or quite a bit shorter without the worry of flashing when you are wearing shorts.
Gugue Nyathi (8 months ago)
You talk too much
Sandra Dawson (7 months ago)
u text mean comments
airine Abenes (8 months ago)
When you are short and chubby at the same time huhuhu
DellyForever Love (8 months ago)
New to your channel. Thank you for sharing
DellyForever Love (8 months ago)
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips, you deserve more subscribers. Take care! stay in touch.
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (8 months ago)
Dellyforever Raglem thanks so much for this!!! It’s hard work being a Youtuber. I’m so glad my channel makes a difference in the lives of women.😉😊❤️
DellyForever Love (8 months ago)
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips, Thank you so much for replying. I appreciate you a lot. your channel its a big help for me and the people around the world.
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (8 months ago)
Welcome to the fab gal clan! Here is a playlist to get you started https://goo.gl/rE8bUH . Enjoy!
Jasti Me (8 months ago)
Yes short but chubby
Tami Eveslage (8 months ago)
Great tips! you mention several ways to make legs look longer, because longer legs make you look taller. Some short women, however, do not have short legs but are instead short waisted. My longer legs are probably the reason most people don't realize until they stand next to me how short I am. In my case, higher waisted pants look silly, so I tend to like the waist lower and to wear longer tops to elongate my torso.
lizh1955 (4 months ago)
This is me as well. My husband is a good 5" taller than I arm (he's short for a man as well), but my inseam is a good 2" longer than his.
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (8 months ago)
Tami Eveslage yes. It sounds like you’ve got it waxed. It’s all about creating balance.
Butterfly Manson (9 months ago)
lady you look great
pau B. (9 months ago)
I love your dress
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (9 months ago)
Thanks so much!
no name stars (9 months ago)
thanks a lot
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (9 months ago)
You are so welcome. I did a whole series on this topic. You can see the playlist here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLidUYDwQ9EMxy0FGcGVXSJSxIkz0CBMq5
Jenna Aguinaldo (10 months ago)
I just turned 45 years old and I'm only 5 feet. Thanks for all your tips. I'm a new fan.
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (10 months ago)
Welcome to the fab gal clan. Since you are new to my channel, here is a playlist to get you started. https://goo.gl/x5wjTt . Enjoy!
Raquel Argallon (10 months ago)
Ouch 😂 me and my short legs
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (10 months ago)
At least you now know how to dress them. If you want to see more on this topic, check out this series https://goo.gl/x5wjTt
Belen Anzano (10 months ago)
Wow!!exactly for me,I'm 5"feet 52kls & 43 years young..thanks for your vedio..
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (10 months ago)
You are so welcome. I made a series out of this topic. You can see the playlist here https://goo.gl/x5wjTt 😉
Sarah Brennan (10 months ago)
I’m short and never wanted to be taller 🌺good video great tips 💖
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (10 months ago)
You are so welcome. I made a series out of this topic. You can see the playlist here https://goo.gl/x5wjTt😉
Aloha Aruta (10 months ago)
Can you help me ? I am asian woman from Philippines, i am short and i am fat woman can you help me what's right for me to wear ? My legs are small and fat i want to try to wear dress for a change my fashion clothes for a change i am scared because j know it can't be fit to me or its can look like me a mother of 10 childrens 😢😢😢😢😢 please help me, thank you so much and god bless ❤❤❤❤❤
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (10 months ago)
Hey Aloha. Yes I can assist you. I offer online image makeover sessions that deal with your individual needs. You can click here for the details https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/image-makeovers/online-image-makeover/
Chen Sarah (10 months ago)
I like your dress you are wearing in this video, so Chinese looking cos I’m Chinese
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (10 months ago)
Awesome, thank you.
Marcy Goldsmith (10 months ago)
I'm vertically challenged ;-)
Deborah Phillips (10 months ago)
I wish you would speak faster
Sandra Dawson (7 months ago)
Deborah Phillips i wish u would text nice comments
Yatty Octaviea A (9 months ago)
Deborah Phillips no. she talk slowly and easy to understand
Marcy Goldsmith (11 months ago)
You don't look short :-)
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (10 months ago)
Great. Have fun doing it!
Marcy Goldsmith (10 months ago)
Thank you, I will try them. I weigh about 95 lbs.
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (10 months ago)
I weigh about 110pounds. Try some these tricks for yourself and see how they work.😉
Marcy Goldsmith (10 months ago)
Thanks! You must be very thin to look so tall. I'm 5'2" and am thin but still look short.
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (10 months ago)
Yes....that's the point. I am short. I'm only 5ft2, but these tricks make me look taller than I am. I have made this topic into a series. Here is the link to the playlist if you would like to see more https://goo.gl/x5wjTt
Joan Berry (11 months ago)
Great advice from Canada 🇨🇦!
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (11 months ago)
Hey fab gal! Welcome to my channel. I just uploaded a part 2 of 'How to dress when you are short' and will be doing more. https://youtu.be/gOOTLx83Fkw If you subscribe and click the bell for notifications, you will be notified when I upload new videos on Tuesdays and Fridays.😉
Tong Duldulao (11 months ago)
What about for women over 50 about 5’1” like me who wears extra large clothes? I have big legs and I am not comfortable wearing above the knee dress. I have a bit of big belly and I love to wear dresses but quite a bit disappointed due to my extra large size.
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (11 months ago)
Tong Duldulao Hey fab gal, thanks for your comment. As I mentioned in the video, these are general tips aimed at inspiring you to create a look that works for you. If you need specific advice on the aspects you mentioned, you may want to consider an online makeover session. You can click below for more details. I’d love to assist you to find an alternative that works for you.😉 https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/image-makeovers/online-image-makeover/
Lourdes Marquez (11 months ago)
I never Short,My size is medium
cathy jeudevine (11 months ago)
Ty for sharing, I am in my 30 thought, but just to look more my age and not a 10 year old. I am 4'11 and weight 112.
Rumory De Yandel (9 months ago)
Ain't the only petite lady around! 👍😉
cathy jeudevine (10 months ago)
mari878618 try abouqie store or if you have a stage the have a small sizes or try old navy
mari878618 (10 months ago)
cathy jeudevine 4'10 here 102 pounds. Having a hard time sometimes on how to get dress and what not lol
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips (11 months ago)
I hear you Cathy. These tips will help you, but more importantly, wear what makes you feel fabulous and the rest will follow.
Chorva Kiritaku (1 year ago)
There is actually an operation that can make you taller. China is practicing operations to make you taller and its true. I have watched the documentary
Wow! That is sad to me. I wish we would come to a point that we can accept and love ourselves as we are. What do you think?
Melibras (1 year ago)
Just came across your channel, love the video and looking forward to seeing more!
Hey Melibras. Welcome fab gal! Since you are new to my channel, you may like this playlist to get you started. https://goo.gl/vAogr7
Teresa Sanchez (1 year ago)
Should age 39 dress like 30's or 40's?
Chris daoust (8 months ago)
Hey Teresa, there aren't really any rules. If you dress for your body shape and personal style, you will usually look fab no matter your age.
MsBettyR. (1 year ago)
We are NOT short. We are petite. Short is a deficiency, and we are not deficient.
Emily Anthony (1 month ago)
tall women don't look feminine and cute.
Diana Ebers (1 month ago)
MsBettyR. I always say I’m not short I’m funsize haha
Ruggiero Manente (2 months ago)
How about "tall", is that a deficiency too? You have got to be kidding...
miles away (2 months ago)
We're not short, but cute😁😍
Jane Smith (3 months ago)
Well said, I also consider it being 'compact'!😂
Elan2017 Tee (1 year ago)
You look like a young Lyn Redgrave!
Thank you. I take that as a compliment.
judik lettenmeijer (1 year ago)
What about how to dress when you are tall?
judik lettenmeijer (11 months ago)
gais b Maybe I have, but I am also 77 years old!
gais b (11 months ago)
judik lettenmeijer you have it made being tall
Great idea! I wish I had that problem.
Ivalo Geraae (1 year ago)
Hi where do i find the dress you are wearing ? 😊
NYMPHA JOSE (5 months ago)
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips thank you so much for tha answer and already found those vïdeos and I enjoy to watch it.
If that isn't your size, feel free to email me directly [email protected] I can offer you that style in a different pattern.
There is only one left in a large/xl size https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/product/hourglass-dress/
Ivalo Geraae (1 year ago)
Thank you for your answer, the black one with flower and plant patterns in the front and back with black arms 😁
Hi Ivalo. I wear quite a few in this video. You can check out my online store. I design exclusive pieces in small quantities, so the colors and patterns change often. https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/shop/
Mary Perez (1 year ago)
id like to see tips for petite gals with short torsos. the space between my ribs and hips is short and I have longer legs by comparison. finding tops that fit is difficult. I'm a L in petite US sizes but basic stretchy top from target must be a size xs or its WAY too long. I could even go smaller.
Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you may benefit from personalised tips to assist you with this. You may want to consider an 1hr online makeover session. For details click here https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/image-makeovers/online-image-makeover/
Jill Mercier (1 year ago)
Just discovered you. Let the binge watching begin. Love your style! 😁😁😁
Thanks Jill. Let me know if you have any video tutorial ideas you would like me to cover.
Jill Mercier (1 year ago)
Anyone who says things like "Fab Gal" in an ultra cool accent is someone I want to hear emmulate! (GRIN) Looking forward to watching the rest of your videos. 😁
Jill Mercier hey Jill. I was born in the US, but have lived most of my life in Cape Town, South Africa... so it’s a mixture.😉
Jill Mercier (1 year ago)
Where are you from? I love your accent. I am from Canada and am used to hearing all sorts of accents. I am not familiar with yours.
Jill Mercier awesome Jill. Welcome fab Gal. Check out my playlists. It will help you to binge watch.
Maryjean Albangco (1 year ago)
Hope u can share more of you tips.thanks!
I upload new videos every Tuesday and Friday, so there are plenty more coming.
Maryjean Albangco (1 year ago)
I watched all of your vedeos already thanks for all the tips you shared it's can help a lot.
Maryjean Albangco (1 year ago)
Hi tracy can u give me a tip of how to dress up,coz i have wide shoulder than hip.
Hi Maryjean. I also do, so any of these tips will work for you. You can also check out my video on how to dress up an outfit https://youtu.be/9g8IKk5JijE and how to dress yourself skinny https://youtu.be/VnseGANpInU. For personalised tips that work for your individual needs, you may want to consider an online makeover session https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/image-makeovers/online-image-makeover/ . I hope this helps.😉
jylbek71 (1 year ago)
Great hair!
Athanasia Athanasia (1 year ago)
You look so youthful
Gerda Armstrong (8 months ago)
Athanasia Art "
AthaneziaTz Greek thanks so much.
vivim29 (1 year ago)
Really liked the last dress you modelled, it has more spring colours in it and those warm bright colours match your amazing colouring.
Thanks so much. I have a dress in that same fabric on my online store. If you are interested, you can view it here https://www.tracygoldfashiontips.com/shop/
Di Ze (1 year ago)
Could you offer tips on how to look good if you are short, fat and old? Think 5'3", 180 pounds and over 60. Hopefully I am not the only person who is in this category!
teyen 1982 (1 month ago)
im with you..
Mary Spain (2 months ago)
LOL ONLY 5 ' AND 200 POUNDS HERE i am almost 60 next mth. so her high waist trick is a no no for me
Jane Smith (3 months ago)
By no means are you alone😊
NesaFashion Channel (4 months ago)
grittykitty50 (10 months ago)
Nope, you ain't alone. I was thinking the same thing: what to do if you're short, squishy and "experienced". Right now, I just make sure everything fits properly and don't rely on that shit that they sell for "plus sizes" that look like tents.
Marti Brown (1 year ago)
I'm small (5'4" and 117 pounds) but I have chubby knees. I'm not sure tights would cover them up, so I never buy shorter skirts! Maybe I just need to try on a shorter dress with tights, or find one to wear with my light cognac over-the-knee boots???!!!
Sarah sisi (5 months ago)
Ur not small almost 163 cm
Meme Kendall (7 months ago)
Marti Brown Thought I was the only one. Good to see I'm not.
Marti Brown (1 year ago)
Tracy Gold Fashion Tips - Today I found some leggings that are thin like a thicker pair of tights like you said...I think they're going to work with boots! Thank you so much for the advice, Tracy! I'm loving your channel. ❤️
Kyle Guersey (1 year ago)
Congrats on your new clothing line 😄Can’t wait to see all the goodies!!!
Mademoiselle X (1 year ago)
Hi Tracy! I'm 5'5-1/4 but I've always admired women's height of 5'7", maybe because the longer a body measures, the more stretched out the weight distribution seems to make a femme appear more slender somehow regardless of how much she may actually weigh. Anyhoo, I'm really feeling the designs you adorn yourself with. And your tips are always helpful. Admittedly, I'd much rather have been a mathematical or science brainiac; instead I have a beautifully creative and artistic mind. So much of your advice really either reinforces, heightens or wakes up my sense of style since thankfully we "ar'tists" all have varied points of views. Each time I watch one of your presentations a "ahaaa" fashion light bulb turns on in my head. Thanks!!! Hey! Did you get my email address? I entered it into the box as indicated on the site of the link that you had included in our last video chat. And, yes, I looked to see if it had spammed to no avail. RSVP. P.S I'm really enjoying catching up on your past videos that I've been missing. Inspiring and very worthwhile!
Mademoiselle X (1 year ago)
Got it and sent a reply. Chat soon.
Mademoiselle X (1 year ago)
Yup! Ok I'll try the direct approach and hope it works better. In a bit!
Morning. Is this your email address? [email protected] . No I replied to your email directly as I received your 'Have Tracy contact you. Maybe try emailing me directly on [email protected] So annoying when technology doesn't work.
Mademoiselle X (1 year ago)
PS So now I'm a little confused. Will your website replies always come through you tube email reply notices???? I thought they would just come regular email.

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