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SCMarine - Loading at laem chabang port by delivery thai sugar

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Loading at laem chabang port by delivery thai sugar Dealing supply by S.C.Marine And Shipping Co.,ltd. . Dear , The all buyer or forwarding To Whom It May Concern . We, on behalf of "S.C.Marine And Shipping Co.,ltd." and we accepted with full and legal corporate authority and responsibility hereby state and confirm that we are ready, willing and able to supply, white sugar and we would like to join with actual buyers only and according to the following terms and conditions as stated. . Product Type: Sugar Packaging: Bag ICUMSA: 45 Brand : Mitr Phol brand / TRR brand / Other brand from origin of thailand guarantee C/O issued by thai chamber of commerce Place of Origin: Thailand Primary Ingredient: Cane Sugar refined sugar: icumsa . Our work link ago : https://youtu.be/c7wtltCEzEA , https://youtu.be/O1Oa7vOqhPU . Packaging & Delivery Delivery Detail: 15-20 days max PACKING FOR SUGAR: Popular packed sizes are 50kg . +++++++++++++++ A) Brand : Mitr Phol brand / TRR brand / Other brand from origin of thailand - EX-WORK WAREHOUSE - FOB LAEM CHABANG The price : Depend on quantity and terms of payment Minimum - 1,000 mt . B) Brand : Brazil sugar - CIF Asia ASWP ONLY The price : Depend on quantity and terms of payment Minimum - 12,500 mt (only LC 100% transferable) . For annual contract by our suppliers can work out best prices . +++++++++++++++ The carrier shipment can to be Vessel in bulk / Container - Accepts : Only LC 100% transferable (Not accept non-transferable) , SBLC , Deposit 30:70 , Cash (Or as agreed) . But so that you need not worry because in the meantime, We are ship agency and forwarding including the vessel / containers supplying to you by contract between you and carrier directly or up to you . So, can you need a separate from account to payment the price of goods and freight price . +++++++++++++++ Order procedure in brief the buyer by issued a document first as follow : . (A) Letter of intent (LOI) or ICPO original (Check about 2-3 date) For monitoring your targets and intentions, after that us need to have the following additional documents: . (B) Import license (color copy) (C) Proof of fund / Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) is the most favorable (D) Company certificate registered and article of incorporation (E) Passport by have name in company certificate registered (color copy) . Noted : Our supplier wish to document as above because it only checks buyer profile, therefore, us is no necessary where circulating your documents or bring your documents to looking for sugar to other places because we are genuine by to be goods and quota owner. . If the buyer without such documents, Sorry! the suppliers can't be deal developed continuously. . +++++++++++++++ Important Information . For any transaction, we have certain requirements and/or pre-requisites that every buyer and/or agent need to be aware of: . 1) We DO NOT provide Proof of Past Performance (POPP) documents, before receiving the Proof of Letter Of Intent (LOI) or ICPO 2) We DO NOT provide Proof of Product (POP) before receiving the payment instrument. (Letter of Credit) 3) We DO NOT provide Performance Bond (PB) upfront. 4) We DO NOT provide Open the warehouse for visit before receiving the payment instrument. (Letter of Credit) 5) We DO NOT work to Buyer's procedures. . You need understand us , we need to practice, because have is brokerage firm many to request such documents to circulate our documents to find a buyer other further and It's what they specialize. . +++++++++++++++ *** Also, us yet has deal "thai rice" & "other cargo" all specifications according to your needs on the price best as well. *** . If you can accept the above mentioned. we will develop further. We will work together frankly by the honest. . Or if you have advice to us for any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. Hope highly we can cooperation with you in the coming days. . With best wishes for continued growth and prosperity your business from our team Thank you & Best regards Supplying chartering / Ship agency / Freight forwarder ********************************************* Visit the -- www.scmarinethai.com Follow clip our work --- www.youtube.com/scmarineshipping Follow facebook ---- www.facebook.com/pages.scmarineshipping ********************************************* Our E-mail [email protected] - General section [email protected] - Chartering section [email protected] - Agent section [email protected] - Shipping section *********************************************
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bobbyme2530 23616719 (9 months ago)
Do you have video while loading bag into sling bag
Erik Kurečaj (1 year ago)

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