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Nemesis - Epic Orchestra with EWQLSO Plat./Stormdrum 2/ Symphonic Choirs

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Epic Trailer Music created with Cubase 5/EWQLSO Platinum Plus/Stormdrum 2/Symphonic Choirs VOTA Expannsion Have fun and enjoy! Soundmopi Sorry! Video and Audio seems not to be sync Keywords: television cinematic emotional suspenseful epic film filmscore game hollywood intense legendary melodic orchestral powerful provocative strings theatrical theme trailer choir dramatic soundtrack glorious brass boom percussion
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Text Comments (90)
NILA MUSICS (1 month ago)
Awesome composer
Micah Miller (4 months ago)
sounds like something Hanz Zimmer would write :)
Garrett Brinker (8 months ago)
Hey, I love this pierce and I was wondering if I could arrange it for a full Symphonic orchestra?
Soundmopi (8 months ago)
Hey Garret! How big is the project? Is it just for fun or school (or something), or it a a bigger thing like commercial concerts/tour?
David E. Harris (10 months ago)
GREAT!  You like Cubase versus DP or Logic etc?
Aaron Lothian (1 year ago)
It's really good. To me though, as it is intended for movie and trailer it would be finding the balance between the louder dynamic parts like the spicatto string parts which crescendo.Also the choir loses focus and doesn't gel as well as it could. I have the Gold version of EWQLSO and Platinum EWQLSC. Sort of lost my way with these libraries although the 3-mic mix is way better than the 1 stage microphone.... That is only my opinion and appreciate your work. Now lets hear that that with the entire Hollywood Orchestra and Choirs. ;-)
Very very nice!
no thx (1 year ago)
Gets way too loud in some parts. Idk if it is feature of trailer music but it makes me adjust volume constantly
Thor Oach (1 year ago)
Amazing! Can I hire you please?
Connor Bettini (1 year ago)
When it ends and you just want more....
InfinityPotato (1 year ago)
This was amazing. Do you make requests?
AquaHols (2 years ago)
I've been listening to this song now for what.. 3 years.. I still to this very day.. cannot get over just how incredible this piece of work is, it's been my top favorite composed piece of work I've seen anyone do!
Soundmopi (2 years ago)
Thank you very very much! I´m very happy to see that also the old tracks are liked! ;-)
Musaddiq R. Mashrur (2 years ago)
Awesome piece of work!! :)
Very Cool, try to check mine orchestrals if you care :)
Cool stuff.
Morgan Clasper (3 years ago)
Nice! I just got SD3 and I'm hoping to make some cool stuff with it.
Atlanta Prin (3 years ago)
Hey Qick Question... how do you use Wordbuilder with Symphonic Choirs in Play????
Charlie.H (3 years ago)
Last year I missed the change to get all these for 75%off at $1100. And stormdrum 3 was bundled...
TeddyLunard (3 years ago)
Very Nice ! One question : where does come the sound of your "Z3ta-+01" tracks ? From StormDrums 2 ?
Tom Bowman (3 years ago)
Godzilla hits, haha
Ariel Creed (3 years ago)
very good 
CreativeEar (4 years ago)
How did you create that bass effect at the start of the song? Been wanting to do that for some time now ;)
CreativeEar (4 years ago)
Thanks for the details man, definitely going to try this! Props to you
Soundmopi (4 years ago)
The bass comes from Cakewalks z3ta (1). It´s regulated with the Modwheel. Patch is "Superstring". With the Modwhell I´m controlling the cutoff from the filter: Type 12db/oct LPF (Yes, Low Pass Filter ;-) ), Limiter fast, Reso BST off. That´s it. I don´t know if I changed some other things in this patch. I would say no...
Joshua Nickelson (4 years ago)
Really enjoyed the track!
Solus Eclipse (4 years ago)
Matthew Diaz (4 years ago)
Yes bro i dont know when the Crysis 3 released...but i know the track you talking about( the last track in the end)...A very nice track made by the great teacher Hans Zimmer...Have a nice day...
very good track...
SmileyHead (5 years ago)
Sounds like something from the game Crysis...
embran (5 years ago)
That's true, but that's what's expected. Rapid innovation is the last thing that directors and producers want in their action movies. They want something that sound "alike" and is in the "background". So no revolutions and nothing too distinct. Thats film music, you put your ego aside and create wallpaper.
Art Deepmind (5 years ago)
I like it... Really nice.. Im beginner in producing /this genre/ and I learn something new from this.. Thanks... And, intro was a bit long / I did the same in my sounds/ But its just epic
Art Deepmind (5 years ago)
If you have ever heard any filmscore music then you should know that people are tryin to do somethin what is easy to remember and has touching melody...
Bjarni Freyr (5 years ago)
Nice.. the build up was too long in my opinion and not the peak I hoped for did not show up, but still very good :)
Marek Klučka (5 years ago)
I think it will be much nicer, if i could hear some chord progression. I don't mean it as an insult! I only think, that probably "Bb major, F major, Gmi" could sound well, mainly after 1:47 and after 2:15
Soundmopi (5 years ago)
Danke Patrik! Langsam kommt das Ding aber auch in die Jahre :-)
Patrik Krupar (5 years ago)
Klasse Marc!
bilibalala (5 years ago)
You've raised some interesting point. What do you mean by predictable manner? Do you mean by the structure and tempo? What other suggestions do you have? Show some example would be nice
Hyso Hysensen (5 years ago)
Almost everyone who are making "film/game music" on youtube are composing in such a predictable manner. Why not explore some more tonaleties, making some modulations and not always using organ point?
TonyKanameKuran (5 years ago)
You should work for Remote Control Productions. Epic job on your musical performance!
ArGyProductions (5 years ago)
Inception meet Dark Knight.. Great stuff d(^_^)b
DeviousKid45 (5 years ago)
Definitely sounds like The Dark Knight Trilogy combined with Inception.
Nuram0 (6 years ago)
heey dude, may i have your email adress? i really like your work and just want to get some more experience in doing stuff like that! Maybe i can ask you some questions and profit from your experience ;)
how many tracks are there? can a basic laptop handle something like that or do i need a powerful computer?
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
Thank You for over 10.000 views!
Michał Riske (6 years ago)
very good!
alxdmusic (6 years ago)
Awesome. Very Inception-like.
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
puhh, hard to tell. I´m no expert with the MBP. But 2011 is a relative new system. Just try it and see where your system limit is. For me it was a test to see how my old system work.
hkchrism (6 years ago)
Wow nice system. So basically you're saying my 2011 MBP will explode when i run this.
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
This track was made on a PC Q6600 with 4GB (3GB switch ;-) ) Samples are on a sata2 7200rpm HDD. It was the limit!! (my old system) Now I have: Intel Core i7-2600K, 4x 3.40GHz @ 4.2GHz Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD4-B3, Intel Z68 ATI Radeon HD 5450, 512MB - passiv 16GB Kingston HyperX T1 DDR3-1600 CL9 SSD:128GB Crucial m4, SATA3 (system) first HDD:2TB WD Caviar Black 64MB Cache, SATA3 (samples) second HDD:1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 32MB Cache, SATA2(projects)
hkchrism (6 years ago)
what system are you on running on? Do you think this could run on a MBP with beefed up ram and a 7200 rpm HDD?
RustySpoonsfeelGood (6 years ago)
This is spectacular.
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
Thx. It was a little test for me to go in this direction! Hans Zimmer is amzing! I love his soundtracks and hope I can go my way in a similar way. There are so many ways but you have to find your own ;-)
MLaumusic (6 years ago)
I absolutely LOVE the percussion here, see a lot of inlfuence from Hans Zimmer and his Batman score
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
Thanks! Your "Aerofly Pro Deluxe"-Trailer is also amazing! I have tried to fly a little little 20 / 30 bucks helicopter from a friend. It is sooo hard to handle a flying object! What you do there is really amazing!
xlracing49 (6 years ago)
Really thanks, i will try this! your music videos are so awesome, really Epic sound!
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
Oh, there is no special bpm to create trailer music! It could be slow, ist could fast, it could be midtempo stuff. This track has 144bpm. Probably you start writing with a violin ostinatum. You will feel the right tempo for this!
xlracing49 (6 years ago)
Nice, how to choose the BPM to compose trailer music ? thanks in advance.
Lucian V. (6 years ago)
hans zimmer style ..like it :)
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
Yes ;-)
Luke PN (6 years ago)
Greate Acustim Drums are they STORM DRUM 2 ?
Jesko Flemming (6 years ago)
Just awesome!!!!!
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
You can also use the mouse and write the controlling data manually. Press "W" in the Plug in window of z3ta and play the track. Move the cutoff with the mouse and data will be saved. Press "W" again and the "R" will be on. Now you can normally playback the track and the data will be read. You can find the patch I used in another reply on this side.
Samuel Bellamy (6 years ago)
I have z3ta but i can't figure out how to create the same bass sound. If I don't want to use the Modwheel, how can I obtain this sound manually, in the settings? Thanks a lot =)
Samuel Bellamy (6 years ago)
U4ic (6 years ago)
i need all those fucking sounds xD im still stuck with fucking nexus crap did you bought EWQLSO?
Rhett Jaramillo (6 years ago)
It sound s a bit like the music from inception.
Michell Bragança (6 years ago)
Amazing work man. Sounds really real.
chanynator (6 years ago)
Very nice! I have difficulties to mix and master my orchestra tracks, can you give me some advice/tips?
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
@HeartbonePoland Look at the commentaries on this site! You can find erverything ;-)
HeartbonePoland (6 years ago)
Which synth you used at the beginning (bass synth)?
Josué Borges (6 years ago)
Connor Engstrom Music (6 years ago)
@Soundmopi Thanks! I had been using "Major Tom," but it wasn't quite the right sound--had a little too much phaser, and I'm not good enough with z3ta to know how to adjust anything. Plus, I spend all my "learning" time working with EWQL :)
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
@Genmills Patch is "Superstring". With the Modwhell I´m controlling the cutoff from the filter: Type 12db/oct LPF (Yes, Low Pass Filter ;-) ), Limiter fast, Reso BST off. That´s it. I don´t know if I changed some other things in this patch. I would say no...
Connor Engstrom Music (6 years ago)
@Genmills Low pass filter I mean.
Connor Engstrom Music (6 years ago)
Awesome! Do you remember the preset you used? And did you modulate some parameter within z3ta? Or did you just create a high pass filter for that channel and modulate that?
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
@Genmills The bass comes from Cakewalks z3ta (1). It´s regulated with the Modwheel.
Connor Engstrom Music (6 years ago)
That was brilliant! I've been doing a lot of composing recently myself with EWQL, isn't it the best? ;) What bass were you using at the very beginning to get that fast, quiet pulsing sound? I've been experimenting and trying to get that sound. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!
Soundmopi (6 years ago)
@ all Many thanks to you for all your comments! That keeps me going!
ArGyProductions (6 years ago)
Fantastic Composition.. I have platinum plus maybe one day i'll create something like this
2012musicmaker (6 years ago)
It's very good. I just ordered EWQL Gold Edition today. It ends like one of the pieces Hanz Zimmer wrote for Inception, the piece called "Time." Not sure if you got the idea from that, but it sounds very good :)
DuhAverageJoe (6 years ago)
That was an EPIC 3 minutes!!!
Felix Braxmaier (7 years ago)
Wieso, wieso, wieso das? Ich meine, ich weiss gar nicht wie ich dass hier nennen soll? GUT etwa? Nein, definitiv nicht, das ist mehr als episch, bombastisch, gigantisch! wie lange hast du für sowas gebraucht. und dann die klicks. 1300? dass müssten millionen sein, denn das was du gemacht hast, ist fantastisch. ich komponiere ja auch selbst epic und so, aber niemals würde ich so etwas hinbekommen.
DjUN5OUND (7 years ago)
Nabil Elvaz (7 years ago)
Yeah Man Really Good
Maximilian Euler Music (7 years ago)
Sehr schön ;)
Troy Swartz (7 years ago)
Very nice! Great job on the mixing (at least to my ears!) - I have yet to learn it well.
Soundmopi (7 years ago)
@TheFullReverse Yes, i did some mixing! Especially on the percussion bus. There are a C4 and the L1 from Waves to give punch to the percussion. I also use the Multibandcompressor and Limiter on the Mastering Bus. Ther are some volume automations and touch editing which gives that dynamic. So it can increase to the climax. And yes, it should sound like Zimmer! It was a test for me! ;-)
Full Reverse (7 years ago)
Sounds very Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard ish... Like The Dark Night. I definitely dig it. How do you get your instruments to sound so massive? I have QL Gold and Storm Drum 2... Mine just get fuzzy sounding. Did you do a lot of mixing?

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