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March of the Resistance (East West Hollywood Orchestra Demo)

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Demo of March of the Resistance by John Williams using East West Hollywood Orchestra. Created using Cubase 7.5
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Nick D'Amato (7 months ago)
Nice work! Are you still writing soundtracks? I remember your old Star Wars and Halo rescore videos, they were really well done!
Andrew Barraclough (7 months ago)
Hi Nick, thank you, I appreciate the feedback. Yes I am still writing original music and new material will be uploaded hopefully in the near future.
p.j. dahmen (7 months ago)
Sound are Great
Philip Smith - Composer (7 months ago)
These Star Wars demos are really cool! Keep them coming!
Star Wars Legacy (7 months ago)
Gorgeous work Andrew!
Kraflyn (7 months ago)
Sounds great!

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