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East West Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds video Intro

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Our NEW CHANNEL: http://goo.gl/zrsxqW In this video Mr. Ed shows what East West Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds can do.
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Text Comments (19)
Gabriel Moore (4 years ago)
please stop playing that awful bassoon >.<
ShieldZone (4 years ago)
better sound with 8dio CLAIRE series...(more expressive) HWW as a sound like VSL,  or like westgates studio. not better than Berlin too... So 1/ 8DIO claire 2/Berlin woodwinds or cinesample Orchestral  woodwinds 3/Vsl or HWW
Tom Davis (4 years ago)
Does anyone know how The Wind Controller and Keyboard are interfaced with the DAW for simultaneous performance?
Caleb Faith (4 years ago)
I always prefer East West products compared to the rest :D
Atheos (5 years ago)
I looked Berlin WW up and it sounds pretty good! However, I'm keeping my eye on 8dio since their oboe and clarinet are really extraordinary
can anyone tell me how to call the pad that he fingering to up and down the sound. and which brand?
excuse me can anyone tell me how to call the pad that he fingering sound up and down. and which brand?
Manolito Mystique (5 years ago)
What about the update now that Nick is back?
krille25 (5 years ago)
:) Lemur control-surface is working really nice here with woodwinds sounds......but is there any els controller that i can use? i think its a little expensive :( Can i use a regular drawing board..like Bamboo drawing tablet? Or maybe my Magic trackpad (mac) ?
Wourghk (5 years ago)
Unfortunately not the case (bringing it up to the level of HS and HB). They have a lot of work to do before they can claim that. Phasing issues and poor legato scripting are abundant. Probably the single worst purchase I've made in the last five years.
MithraMusic (5 years ago)
Well good news, Nick and Thomas are back and just released an update to the library which should bring it up to the level of HS and HB.
I-Love-Music (5 years ago)
sounds no good, no natuaral at all...
Andrew Skipstream (6 years ago)
That's because Nick P and Thomas B were not involved in programming/scripting/editing - only recording. Post production is very important and when you lose your 2 best guys, it shows! Berlin WW is the best one so far in my opinion this year. VSL is better than this for half the price too!
katzcivic1 (6 years ago)
Got to agree with you lislemoore1, it's the first EW vst I've been disappointed with. There are a small number of great sounding instruments, but most are quite poor, I even use the previous orchestral platinum over Orchestral Woodwinds many times. It really doesn't sound good. Sorry :/
Lisle Moore (6 years ago)
Man...I wanted to love this library, but it just doesnt sound that good :( Berlin Woodwinds completely sounds better. Cinesamples winds library has better legatos. Darn!
Joe Lin (6 years ago)
What is the program that you used on your left screen for loading your Hollywood Woodwinds, is that a PC?
Harold Arnold Jones (6 years ago)
1:19 "For anyone interested, I'm using a Lemur control-surface here..."
C. S. Christopher (6 years ago)
What is that device on his desk that he keeps fingering?
Francisco Becker (6 years ago)
This is not good! I can listen double layers sounding in patches that have vibrato and not vibrato

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