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Warriors Fire and Ice Audiobook Chapter 3

152 ratings | 14216 views
Warriors Original Series: Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter, read by me. Feedback is always appreciated :) I do not own Warriors, Erin Hunter does! No copyright infringement intended.
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Text Comments (24)
Pamorpamoletta (3 months ago)
Ty again! I think I’m going to do one for Harry Potter, creating a free audio book. It is so helpful, and I want to help others :3
Enkhmandakh Jargal (4 months ago)
Bluestar kind of reminds me of dumbledore dont know why 😂🤪😋
He need some milk (6 months ago)
What. Am I being hacked? I commented just now, but it says I made another comment five seconds ago. Which was - :D :D :D :D:D I love your audio books :D : D :D :D - I would never comment that. Too many :D for it to be normal....
iceberg 207 (9 months ago)
Your impression of whitestorms voice is “awesome “ 😹
Shidashi (11 months ago)
your really good at reading
Pastel Animations (1 year ago)
Did they just call one-eye a tom??
Ed Sweet (1 year ago)
savvylps 2.0 wait one-eye is a she cat? I thought one-eye was a tom
DRAGONTEAMYT (1 year ago)
A+ Reading But that one time. C..C..Cro..oo..oo..oook..e.e.e.ed..Ed..ed..c.c. crookedstar
Citrus Friend (2 years ago)
Hmmm, I really wanna read the comments. WAIT SPOILERS!
Citrus Friend (1 year ago)
Mit Lad (1 year ago)
Chipper The Little Fox lol😺😼😸😹😻😽😿😾🙀🐱🐈🐆🐻🐯cats we all love cats
Jack Gillespie (2 years ago)
u should team up with pinkbunnygirl43 she makes claymation its really cool
Ed Sweet (1 year ago)
Jack Gillespie I know
Nick Fitzpatrick (2 years ago)
wait...main charachtor made accusation....main charactor doubts it.....bluestare dies this book!....LOLOLOL im joking
Trace Hart (2 years ago)
i was wandering if you could read Hollyleaf's story
Pancakesyrup sizzle (3 years ago)
hey can you please read mistystars omen.
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (3 years ago)
I'm going to be finishing off the first series, and then I'll probably take a poll about which book to read next. I'll keep your suggestion in mind though!
Pancakesyrup sizzle (3 years ago)
happy Thanksgiving. I💜 your audio🔰
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (3 years ago)
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! I'm glad you like them :)
Amelie Desforges (3 years ago)
:D :D :D I love ur audiobooks :D :D :D
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (3 years ago)
LOL I know how different it can be XD
Amelie Desforges (3 years ago)
You need Erbs for strength, XD just can't help saying that, I'm not used to the accent.
Amelie Desforges (3 years ago)
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (3 years ago)

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