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Layfield's Energy Plus No Pain

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http://www.CustomMuscle.com Layfield Energy Plus! Energy plus Focus equals No Pain with Layfield Energy's first maximum performance shot. No pain means more gain with Layfield Energy! Best price on the web...buy now! 2 oz. 12/pack available at http://www.CustomMuscle.com. Layfield's Energy Plus No Pain Product Description: Dietary Supplement. Maximum Performance Energy Drink. 3 In 1 Shot: Energy, Focus, Anti-inflammatory. 12 x 2 fl oz bottles. Layfield's Energy Plus No Pain energy shot combines a special formulation of natural ingredients to include an Energy Blend, an Anti-Inflammatory Blend , and a Cognitive Support Blend, to make one of the most dynamic energy products to hit the marketplace since the energy shot revolution began. Energy Plus No Pain was tested in the marketplace prior to release to the general public and the results of it's users convinced John Layfield, CEO of Layfield Energy, to market the product to the general public. John Layfield, known as JBL to WWE fans across the world, tells how after having suffered a broken neck due to wrestling for over 13 years he was able to get back into the ring and has lost over 65 pounds in six months due to the products deliverance of No Pain and the extra energy and focus to complete a full workout daily.
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Text Comments (6)
Croupenstein (9 years ago)
LMFAO THIS IS SO HILARIOUS!!! And Torrie Wilson is in it.
DrTranReincarnated (9 years ago)
LMAO at 43 JBL DOES NOT look likethat! xD The smile on his face as he was lifting priceless come back to WWE as a comentator JBL Please!!!
teddyboysmith2 (9 years ago)
JBL is the new Simon Dean! LOL
loltheworld (10 years ago)
God I love JBL
Opee Cee (10 years ago)
Is that Torrie Wilson?
HabsGold (10 years ago)
If I were an american I would buy it. The only thing I can do is support you, JBL, because I'm your fan, and I consider yourself what you are: The Only Wrestling God. So c'mon, and win championships!!

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