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Blenders Pride & Priyanka Chopra making the streets of New York Stylish

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Watch Priyanka Chopra make the streets of New York, more stylish For more, like us on facebook.com/blenderspridefashiontour follow us on twitter.com/bpft2013 visit us at bpft.in
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Text Comments (6)
PT S (2 years ago)
Arjun Spolia (4 years ago)
pls pls pls share the music to this advert. Its the best rendition of New York, New York that I have ever heard
Charu Kulkarni (3 years ago)
New York - Cat power
jennifer baptist (5 years ago)
Realy a great music pride with priyanka chopra I m loving it soever.
Love Rudrakash (5 years ago)
waaaooaoao !
ruj islam (5 years ago)
pc u r beautiful....lov u

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