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Hollywood Choirs First Look- Realtime Performance Improvisation

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So the Eastwest Hollywood Choirs was just released. I thought I'd give you a first taste by improvising a little piece. As a long time Symphonic Choirs user I feel that this is a huge improvement in choir sampling. Hope you enjoy and let me know for any questions in the comments . Equipment used: DAW: Cubase 9.5 Pro Midi Keyboard and Additional Orchestral sounds : Yamaha Montage 6- custom patch Eastwest Hollywood Choirs Gold
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SubRose (20 hours ago)
I want to buy this library, but I was checking everywhere for demos, reviews, etc. to be sure. I was almost convinced, then I got here and after seen your video... I'm totally in for it! I'm going to buy it! Thanks for that awesome performance :)
Dom Sigalas (1 hour ago)
Cheers Subrose! Enjoy!!!
Stephen Lennartz (1 month ago)
Awesome! Will this work on my new Yamaha MODX7 that arrives on Friday? Hope so!
Dom Sigalas (1 month ago)
Yes it will :) have fun!
Frans Lemaire (2 months ago)
You proved the advantage of 2 extraordinairy tools : the montage and the VST ! Impressive and congratulations.
Charles (4 months ago)
ericore67 (5 months ago)
hallucinant . magnifique .
神威コウジ (6 months ago)
ごいす・・・(・ω・ )
Sheldon Tam (7 months ago)
Hi Dom, how do you compare Hollywood Choirs with EW Symphonic Choirs?  Do you think it is worth upgrading?  Thanks a lot!
Dom Sigalas (7 months ago)
Thanks Sheldon, honestly, I use Hollywood Choirs mainly for wordbuilder patches. To me they sound much more playable than the previous version. Legatos I don't use so much on this library as the word builder patches outshine everything :)
Sheldon Tam (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot, Dom.  I think so too, but I have also heard some negative comments regarding the legato patches and other areas.  That's why I asked.  By the way, really nice performance using Hollywood Choirs here, keep it up!
Dom Sigalas (7 months ago)
Hi Sheldon, I've been using the original SC for many years. In all honesty, I think it's totally worth the upgrade, much more Easy to program and the sound is fuller and more versatile :)
Elio Deso (7 months ago)
really lovely
Elio Deso (7 months ago)
Thanks for the inspiration!!!! I bought Cubase Pro :)
Dom Sigalas (7 months ago)
Depends on what you want to do. Elements is a great program that will allow you to do a lot at a fraction of the price. For what I do I cannot live without Pro :)
Elio Deso (7 months ago)
I would you recommend cubase elment, pro or artist? Thanks
Dom Sigalas (7 months ago)
Cheers Elio :)
Kevin Martinez (7 months ago)
Máster piece
Dom Sigalas (7 months ago)
Thanks Kevin :)
Zahari Shtonov (8 months ago)
Great performance. Why don't you assign the mod wheel to a pedal? It would be much easier to work up those dynamics :)
Dom Sigalas (8 months ago)
Hahaha I know right? Two reasons : 1: HW Choirs already has CC11 assigned so pedal is occupied, and 2: I like using the Modwheel, feels like I'm playing an instrument... Plus I trust my hands more ;)
Artkanum Studios (8 months ago)
arrrrggggg depth atmosphere !!
Artemi tv (9 months ago)
How are staccato patches? Can I get a good choir attack?
La Cotorra Max (9 months ago)
Nice video!! This lib is awesome :)
ORACION TV (9 months ago)
Are you related to Mozart? check your dna man.
Dom Sigalas (9 months ago)
Hahaha thanks man that's the ultimate compliment :)
Tolga Ege (10 months ago)
great great great..... (with yamaha montage) . do you use orchestral sounds from yamaha montage ?
Dom Sigalas (10 months ago)
Thanks Tolga, and yes , I do!
Gabriel Gray (10 months ago)
Hey, Dom. I'm about add a musician to my band who plays various brass instruments. I might add a breath controller to my setup if I can make one work with the Montage. Do you know how to make that work?
Dom Sigalas (10 months ago)
Thanks Gabriel, I am going my best :)
Gabriel Gray (10 months ago)
Thanks. I also want to commend you on being probably the most responsive YouTube channel host I know of. I'll try not to abuse that, but really appreciate you for taking the time to respond. I know breath controllers won't be a necessity since the the brass and woodwinds sound so much better than previous generations, but I have a weird rule where when I have a musician who plays those things already, I don't step on them by using my sounds instead. Getting them involved in controlling those sounds if I want to use them is one of my ideas to find a middle ground.
Dom Sigalas (10 months ago)
Hmm... I haven't done this just yet. I guess you could try connecting a controller to assignable one and assign this to breath controller(cc). I don't have a wind controller unfortunately so cannot test this myself.
ATV Media (10 months ago)
beautiful choir sounds !!!
Dom Sigalas (10 months ago)
Thanks man :)
Walter The Musician (10 months ago)
Beautiful demo! You're going to have a lot of fun using Hollywood Choirs.
Dom Sigalas (10 months ago)
Thanks Walter!
Chris Lever (11 months ago)
great work Dom!
Dom Sigalas (11 months ago)
Cheers maaaan! :)
roobah9 (11 months ago)
Awesome! I couldn't make out the phrases that you entered...that being the innovation in this software, is it my ear, the Youtube quality, or the software?
Dom Sigalas (11 months ago)
Thanks roobah, I had quite a few phrases programmed, to be honest I can't really remember half was Latin half was English. But the thing sounded so good I just wanted to play it ;)
Tornike Gasviani (11 months ago)
that's amazing dude ! great work !!!
Dom Sigalas (10 months ago)
Thanks man!
PR (11 months ago)
Impressive. Keep up the good work dude !!
Dom Sigalas (11 months ago)
Thanks PereRevert :)
IJ Beats Music (11 months ago)
Beautiful ❤
Dom Sigalas (11 months ago)
Cheers man!
Fred Villaume (11 months ago)
Really wonderful, beautiful choir sounds !!!
Dom Sigalas (11 months ago)
Thanks Fred :)
Gregory Ritchey (11 months ago)
This is excellence by far! Yet I was wondering how you arranged the words in Wordbuider? Do you have multiple instances of Hollywood Choirs or did you program one long pattern in Wordbuilder? Also, is this a legato patch you are using?
Dom Sigalas (11 months ago)
Thanks Gregory :) it's actually one instance of HC, but you're right: I programmed a long string of words in Word Builder. It's not a legato patch although there are legato patches included. However, the transitions are way more natural compared to Symphonic Choirs :)
Raimundo Antonio (11 months ago)
pariste a loiça
MyMusic AndI (11 months ago)
Piotr Arłukowicz (11 months ago)
How to get this patch? It sounds really nice!
Dom Sigalas (11 months ago)
Hi Piotr, yes, the Choirs come from Eastwest Hollywood Chois and they sound smashing!
Piotr Arłukowicz (11 months ago)
Thank you, I've seen this, but now I watch it again. However I think your choirs sound way better :)
Dom Sigalas (11 months ago)
Hey Piotr, If you're talking about the Orchestra sound then maybe check this video: https://youtu.be/jULMe2c7GKQ
Roland Gerard (11 months ago)
Beautiful and impressive, thank you.
CinderellaVasia (11 months ago)
Rahul Blue (11 months ago)

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