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Weird DIYs - DIY iPhone cases and Popsockets for your phone!

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DIY phone case ideas you need to try! tumblr inspired! Perfect for the iPhone 7 :) DIY pop sockets! Inspired by a few of my favorite DIYers like Laurdiy, HelloMaphie, and Karina Garcia! Social Media! Instagram - http://bit.ly/1JTJRzi Twitter - http://bit.ly/1jP00RL Snapchat Username: HayleyWi11iams VLOG Channel - http://bit.ly/1jdSRdK FTC: Not sponsored, homie *I do not own any of the music in my videos. All rights go to respective owners/creators.* Hope you enjoy these, diy iPhone case ideas, diy phone case ideas, inspired by tumblr, and the new, iPhone 7, diy pop sockets
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Text Comments (753)
Hayley Williams (1 year ago)
will reply to comments later!! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCHHHH
SHILØH Skyy (2 months ago)
Chey J (5 months ago)
Hayley Williams I
Avelina Fisher (1 year ago)
where do you buy your sticker paper
jusy twina (1 year ago)
hayley Williams I love your videos
Sarah Hill (1 year ago)
Can you use something to not glue it to your phone?
Kellie Ann Morris (1 day ago)
Can you make these for the iPhone 6
Lyrics Noob (2 days ago)
My favorite phone case was 8:57
Salsaabby (5 days ago)
When all these youtubers tell me not to burn myself with hot glue I’m like “yeah right it’s not that hot.” The other day I almost burnt my finger off in pain from using a hot glue gun for the first time
Alizze Ruelas (9 days ago)
The Popsocket looks like a menstrual cup lol
Niko (9 days ago)
I took the champion idea. Flipped the logo so it made a D. Then added isappointment. Your welcome mates. (:
k :D (12 days ago)
Ayeee I hear Houdini by Foster the People ;)
Chadanee’s World (20 days ago)
hey i love your videos
Tegan Maramba (20 days ago)
good video
voquedomain (23 days ago)
do you brush your teeth? :/ nice vid though!!!
lisachalmers1968 (23 days ago)
Are you Australian
Janrein Felizardo (28 days ago)
Pls never stop doing these things
Jeannie Kevlin_ (1 month ago)
Or...just buy it 🤔
Daciya Hurn (1 month ago)
not to be mean but do you brush your teeth?
Chuuey (1 month ago)
no shade but there were ads for checkered phone cases under this video. i just ordered one of those cause these diys were kinda messy and cheap looking
Joury Omer (1 month ago)
The cases in the thumbnail aren’t even “diy”
My fun Key (1 month ago)
Oh my god her teeth!! I am seeing her for the first time she should look more presentable
tuesday pritchard (2 months ago)
Im cringey ur horrible at making phone cases
fluffy scorpio (2 months ago)
I'm new and I'm like... Hayley Williams from Paramore is a DIY YouTuber now? Okay....
Dastan Heinz (2 months ago)
the editing is messy too
Dastan Heinz (2 months ago)
how tf you have so much subscribers your diys mostely look really messy and made too lazy/fast
_brianna tamez (2 months ago)
Instead of going thru all that work why don't you buy a clear phone case, and print out pictures, backgrounds and what nots and sandwich it between the clear case and phone.... Just ONE clear case No glue no adhesive you switch the picture when ever you want instead of having multiple phone cases ...
Malia Jane (2 months ago)
They just look very diyed and wtf the thumbnail is sooooo fake
Dmoms.edits (2 months ago)
6:36 when u said that I thought u were talking about me cause I have the hoodie ( Justin bieber purpose tour) on rn while watching I was like OMGGG WOAHHHHHH😂❤️
katelyn bock (2 months ago)
Frl the thumbnail has wildflower cases
Shistar Tea (2 months ago)
When I was in 4th grade a superglued a rubber duck my friend gave me to my phone and the worst part was I glued it directly to the phone not on a case or anything...
ITZLEXIornhihehe (2 months ago)
Rose gaming (2 months ago)
PhOne accidently falls falls out pocket teacher sees it yells "WHERE U PLAYING THAT IN CLASS TO THE OFFICE" Yah that actually happened I hate that teacher still today I wasn't I wasn't e my on of course she was l an old teacher she once yelled at me cause she thought I had my phone out and it was my scientific calculator I'm like r u kidding me....
bb arcin (2 months ago)
song at 4:09 ?
Jason Arruda (2 months ago)
we wanted the real Hayley Williams 😫
About Eliza (2 months ago)
not being rude but these DIYs are quite messy
Aman Varma (2 months ago)
Nohemi lopez (2 months ago)
All youre phonecases where durty like Not Real👎👎
Shahed Dib (2 months ago)
For one of your videos make a Starbucks case
Hey Girl (2 months ago)
The chain smokers one looks junky
Joury Omer (2 months ago)
Love the intro music
RaeganMarie Gunter (3 months ago)
Her diys are sooo cringy
Sohaib Masud (3 months ago)
Love incredible makes the video so much better
Jayla Johnson (3 months ago)
TIME STAMPS 0:56 mermaid case 2:39 checkered case 4:10 sticker case/flame case
Layla Kamali (3 months ago)
Does anyone else think that Hayley should make a case line with wildflower or just her own brand?
Is'real Vlog's (3 months ago)
One word!!!!!.......ugly
Ökay (3 months ago)
*Like like LIkE lIke LiKe LIKE*
Viviana Meza (3 months ago)
Love the video like all ways 😋😉😆
eliza ramirez (3 months ago)
Will these work for Androids as well ?
Mr. Batman (3 months ago)
Now I just need to find an excuse other than making popsockets to buy suction cups
Mr. Batman (3 months ago)
Okay, so popsockets starts at 7:00
Savannah Hayden (3 months ago)
The top of her teeth is yellow asf and the bottom is white asf what’s going on sis😭😂👎🏿
Makayla Adkins (3 months ago)
Anyone watching this in 2018?
Jace Reed (3 months ago)
I didn’t know that you can cut paper with a pen
Cyn (3 months ago)
I’m not saying this to be mean but her teeth are so yellow
jellypen (4 months ago)
Turn the brightness down i have sensitive eyes please
Colter Dean (4 months ago)
The song that was playing throughout the video was sit next to me by Foster the People I love that song!
Cheyanne Rodriguez (4 months ago)
I have done the first one
betija m (4 months ago)
This was so superficially and non-curated
Vegan Trash (4 months ago)
My Aesthetic Queen❤️👸🏼
Lael Hansen Toe Sucker (4 months ago)
Is it ok to lay your phone on its back and charge with it inside?
sassy.sxmaya (4 months ago)
Why is is that the DIY phone case that you made looks sooo original from the thumbnail?
SPACE MONKEY PLAYZZ (4 months ago)
Those suck
WolfieGamer 1 (4 months ago)
So your sayn' since I am a girl I can't like fire..? *WELL hey no burn baby burn*
WolfieGamer 1 (4 months ago)
Hayley Hopkins (4 months ago)
Our name is spelt the same way. Great video btw. :)
Chukwuemeka Valentine (4 months ago)
how do i make a super cool male fone case? I've checked DIY but it keeps showing me how to make female fone cases😫😭
Tub Stop (4 months ago)
The popsocket diy, just buy one from romwe for a dollar
Dianela Fuentes (4 months ago)
Ew you messed up he phone cases so bad 🤮
Stephanie Kim (4 months ago)
at 7:05, hayley's phone case shows. what are the hearts called?
Natalya Sage (4 months ago)
The silicone collapsible popsocket looks exactly like a menstrual cup😂😂
miranda colette (5 months ago)
5:14 That is an actual clothing brand called cdg (aka comme des garcons) just to let you know :)
Laura Rachel (5 months ago)
Girl I love your channel but those s cases were like just bad I’m sorry
Berina S (5 months ago)
These are really ugly tbh
Elizabeth P (5 months ago)
Favorite: checkered Least Favorite: chainsmokers
Rey Caumeran (5 months ago)
Is that love incredible song by camila cabello? hahahaha
Leahbelle Fearless One (5 months ago)
what app did u use for printing the sticker paper?
jaat sidhart (5 months ago)
Can u give me ur phone no
barbara from bible study (5 months ago)
am i the only one who thinks these all look like trash? No offense, they just don't look very good.
Gorgeous!™ Cases (5 months ago)
This is so cool, Hayley! Love your channel!
nightmare gaming (5 months ago)
Like pewds channel is dead only a mill views a vid atleast 10 nill a vid
nightmare gaming (5 months ago)
Channels dead
iSyS Rose (5 months ago)
no shade your teeth are yellow brush your teeth
Speaking Liyana Arefin (5 months ago)
These cases r inspired by wildflower cases.
I am Harmony_ (5 months ago)
Heey I'm NEW to This YouTube stuff so I Would be Nice if Your Sub To Me Please !🗣🙃 ANYBODY
Sasmita Nayak (5 months ago)
Nice ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Sasmita Nayak (5 months ago)
Omg nice
Aiden Pearl (5 months ago)
All of these fucking suck. Also, why doesn't this bitch know how to use scissors?
Itz Maria (5 months ago)
Do u brush ur teeth
Makahla Griffin (5 months ago)
Omg there was a ghost at 8:55 😭😭😭
I LOVE the checkered one
Nur Balqis (5 months ago)
your teeth is yellow
Eva (5 months ago)
where can i find a bumper case like that?
BONQUISHA (5 months ago)
Her teeth is brown
Zohay Ortiz (6 months ago)
When she was printing the checkers paper I was wearing my checkers vans lol
xoxo xo (6 months ago)
Shes a liar she just said the sticky paper was only 2 dollars but now she’s saying she doesn’t want to waste it because its expensive 🤨bishhh watt😒
Eric Harris (6 months ago)
Do I hear Foster the people???
Kiara Nichole (6 months ago)
Song at 4:09 PLEASE i know it but i forgot the name and it's driving me insane Edit- its guys my age by hey violet!
Jhonny Chris Molina (6 months ago)
Whats the song in the intro
Tere Headaega (6 months ago)
Its easier to buy wildflower cases😂😂😂
Joury Omer (1 month ago)
Tere Headaega the thumbnail wasn’t even her cases they were from wildflower
Caylee martin (6 months ago)
Why your top row of teeth way more yellow than your bottom
Nazeeya Ellis (6 months ago)
U know what I’m gonna try some of them because i am getting a new phone this weekend
Ailene Marie C (6 months ago)
I am not hating, I love her so much, but her cutting skills are horrible
Karin Hanazono (6 months ago)
4:08 wtf was wrong with the music? Im shooketh 😭
Dayli salgado (6 months ago)
Same I love the chainsmokers
Kelley Klein (7 months ago)
these were fun, don't get me wrong but with the ink you used, the sticker paper, the clear phone cases/the bumper... we could have just bought a phone case lol

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