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shame in you a tribute to layne staley

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layne staley tribute
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AntiSocial Atheist (4 hours ago)
I used heroin, crack and pain killers for about 15 years. I lost most of my friend's and ended up in prison 3 times for most of my twenties and thirties. I've been sober nearly a decade and I have two daughters now. having them and meeting my GF have turned me into a different person completely. it's easy to let depression take control of your life and using hard drugs takes away the empty feelings for a little bit but it always comes back worse and some people are too far gone to save without an extreme life changing event. mine was being charged as a habitual felon yt Staley wasn't that lucky. I still feel a deep connection to his music and I can somewhat feel his pain. when Stanley sings you can really feel it.
X- DRUNK (28 days ago)
I've always had a problem with the scenario of Staley's death and here's why. You have a band mate and supposed best friend that YOU KNOW is deep into a heroin addiction and a EX-MANAGER is the one who notices Staley hasn't withdrawn any $ out of his account for two weeks, it's hard for me to believe these guys and Staley's family weren't as tight as we were told. There isn't something right about the whole thing.
Star (1 month ago)
Very very sad the way he died alone.💔
Apple Su (1 month ago)
Star we never forget him
Nellie Silvers (1 month ago)
Such a sad, tragic end to a Godsend of a man..a voice so powerful it moves you. I feel your pain,Layne..am struggling with it myself. Maybe I'll see you soon.xX
Nellie Silvers (25 days ago)
bobby bobberson That's the first I've ever heard of Suboxone helping ease depression. That's awesome. I've thought of swapping over but the thought of no methadone and withdrawing before using Suboxone makes me cringe. I'm definitely not hard wired and go into withdrawal really easily..to the point I want to curl up and die😕. I'm glad to hear it helps more ways than obw though. It really gives me something to think about when I'm strong enough. Thank you,bub. I hope you had an awesome Xmas and your New Year's is safe and fulfilling.xXxX❤️❤️
bobby bobberson (28 days ago)
+Nellie Silvers Well thanks, but we don't beat this disease unless we die of natural causes unrelated to addiction; lol. Unfortunately, relapse is a common component to recovery. At least with Methadone and Suboxone, the relapses are overcome easier and with more brevity. Sorry to hear about the depression. I've suffered with that myself and have found the suboxone to be helpful in that department as well. Actually, I've read research articles about suboxone being investigated for use in intractable depression. Might be worth your while to read into it if by chance you have access to it? Anyways, Merry Christmas. Hope you are well.
Nellie Silvers (1 month ago)
bobby bobberson So awesome you beat it,bub. I've been on methadone for about 18 yrs but no matter how hard I try, I give in to H. I go into deep depression without it...weak,I know. One day at a time,I guess. I may not know you but as a fellow sufferer, I'm proud of you.xX❤️
bobby bobberson (1 month ago)
+Nellie Silvers You're welcome, I've been to hell and back too many times to count with the same issues. Opiate addiction will shatter your hopes and dreams and blacken your soul. I'm lucky to live in a progressive country and have access to free suboxone which has been a godsend. Much more effective than a month of inpatient rehab and useless 12 step programs, and much less hassle than methadone. Cheers! Don't ever give up. The sun will shine again as long as you can persevere.
Nellie Silvers (1 month ago)
Thank you,matey. I really appreciate that heaps. Beautifully said.xx
Casey Stutzman (1 month ago)
Beautiful tribute ❤️
bannis27 (1 month ago)
Thank you Casey
lysyrg25 (1 month ago)
They have a few things wrong or missing. Layne was found dead with th crack pipes and crack, that was true. But, also he was found with a couple syringes, and a full syringe in his hand. There was also, some strange things found, one thing being razor blades...around 100 all over the apartment, on the tables, the floor, the bathroom and one very odd razor taped behind a picture. When AIC started to make it big, his dad showed up and made amends with Layne. At that time Layne had gotten himself cleaned up and was doing great. Then, what was said, is that his dad's drug use made Layne get back into it. After a while, his dad got himself cleaned up and never did heroin again but, Layne couldn't and he resented his dad for that. There's a lot to Layne's story that I know but, I'll just leave it at that and respect his memory of possibly the greatest singer ever.
Nipsey Russell (4 months ago)
Yes.. being dope sick hurts...but losing a hero hurts too. R.I.P LTS.
Wanda Burgess (4 months ago)
I'm tired of listening to Jerry, say he was my best friend in the *WORLD* well clearly his best friend was dead 2 weeks before anyone or Jerry found him.. Layne's account called his mother about no money being withdrawn from his account in 2 weeks.. So clearly the account was worried about him, before *ANYONE*
Lisa Siddle (3 months ago)
People tried to contact him - he didn't want anybody's help. He committed suicide - very slowly and very painfully over a long period of time. You can't save a person who doesn't want to be saved - sad but true. The band missed touring opportunities due to Layne's addiction and deteriorating health. They also paid a hefty price. The other members cared for him deeply, but had to stand by and watch the sad demise of their friend.
theossy (4 months ago)
Tears to eyes were brought
Kelly Michaelene (4 months ago)
It's such a shame. He thought nothing of his talent and contribution to art and how many people he inspired through his lyrics and voice. He completely ignored his value and worth. He had friends, he had fans/supporters, he had family. Yet he felt that he just didn't matter. Oh, the lies the mind tricks some people into believing. And when Demri died, the only person he felt understood him completely, that was it for him. I remember being a teen in the 90's, desperately hoping he could get clean enough to tour. I wanted to see them live so badly. He was wanted. He was loved. He loved others deeply. But for some reason, he just couldn't love himself.
tonedefhimfan (4 months ago)
So will i. And it's alright
Rott Man (5 months ago)
I don't think he died alone...RIP LS
Apple Su (1 month ago)
Rott Man because music won’t die...we never forget him
jushaw 8895 (5 months ago)
Happy 51st Birthday, Layne. Missing that beautiful and raw voice.
R Yackez (5 months ago)
Too bad whoever made this vid parroted a bunch of lies quoted from a book. Otherwise...nice tribute.
Lone Wolf (5 months ago)
I love Layne he was too good for this world
lolo Lolo (7 months ago)
Fucking dumb...
Xerxes Setzer (7 months ago)
Layne didn't die alone, a little part of me left with him, and I'm not the only Fan friend or relative.
nonya bizz (8 months ago)
All of them.... Kurt... Layne and Chris died alone. All needed help. I am so proud to have been in this world when they were alive. Love all their voices. They all had that special something. They should still be here. Sad. Thank you so much for this.
VDUBfanatic42 GTI (8 months ago)
Miss you so much brother
GuyFace (9 months ago)
R.I.P. 16 years ago today
satanical redirection (9 months ago)
Just smoke weed kids.that's all you need
Alysin Chainz (9 months ago)
Damn that was Beautiful,... made for a Beautiful man ! My granddaughter named after this Beautiful man,... her name is Jurnee Layne ! RIP LAYNE,......you may be gone ,... but you will never be forgotten 💜
My true form ,.. https://plus.google.com/100199208276704849957/posts/PZnM3c8HsLp
Alysin Chainz 😵
Alysin Chainz (8 months ago)
Liz Ruiz ,....You Called ?
Liz Ruiz (8 months ago)
Alysin Chainz hey bitch
bannis27 (9 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed it Alysin
Steven Donohoe (10 months ago)
That song made me cry! RIP Layne Staley, your a legend
Rachel Neuwirth (10 months ago)
Thank you ☺️ This is a great tribute.
bannis27 (10 months ago)
Thanks Rachel, glad you enjoyed it :)
Tera Armstrong (11 months ago)
alice in madseason (11 months ago)
So sad. I've been using heroin since 2010 and finally kicked for good with methadone maintenance. Goin cold turkey is just debilitating and makes dying seem like a relief. I hope he is finally at peace with no sickness. Very sad..
James Joseph LeBlanc (18 days ago)
I hope youre still ok....
Nellie Silvers (1 month ago)
alice in madseason Yup...heroin and methadone addict for 20 yrs here. It's a sickness and pain I wouldn't wish on anyone. I've wished for death while dopesick many a time. Wish you all the best,mate❤️
Julie Salmon (1 year ago)
RIP brother. . .We are blessed to have a glimpse into your heart and all that you represent...We will always Love you Layne. From Portland,OR
Kat Lawrence (1 year ago)
God, the ending "he died alone" just kinda fucked me way up......RIP Layne. fuck man......
Poss Fort (1 year ago)
Dennis Neu (1 year ago)
Such a sadly end of such a great musician and person. So much Potential wasted. RIP idol of my childhood 😥
REE H. (1 year ago)
I was JUST introduced to this song 2days ago! My fav by far. Such heartbreak...
James Shedd (1 year ago)
I miss you layne.
Jane Doe X (1 year ago)
I wish I could just hug you all , but I won't.
The Song of Life (1 year ago)
Thank you for creating this. I was and am a huge Layne Staley/Mad Season & AIC fan. I’m so incredibly saddened by so many band member’s departures. It breaks my heart.
bannis27 (1 year ago)
Thank you, i am glad you enjoyed it
Larry Whitaker (1 year ago)
I've watched this probably 20 times this past week and shared in both AIC and Clutch fb groups. Thank you for putting it together for the world to see. Layne is the greatest vocalist of all time. I never did heroin but, alcohol has been my demon. your body goes into autopilot with addiction and you lose your free agency and ability to decide. "it's a hard thing to explain"
bannis27 (1 year ago)
Thanks for the kind words Larry, and i hope you don't succumb to your addiction
David Weis (1 year ago)
Fuck Heroin!! RIP Layne, u r missed!! Gone way be4 it was his time!
Gabriel Stratneo (1 year ago)
i stopped because i,m crying i wish i knew him before he died he was so amazing
519jenkevin (1 year ago)
I wish he never did that shit. We're all deprived of so much more he could've given us. It makes me angry he left us but I will forever love all of his music
Overkill00666 (1 year ago)
So sad to hear this song , but beautiful at the same time . REST PEACEFULLY , u gone but never forgotten
Ary Machado (1 year ago)
Whats is the name of the song of the video?
bannis27 (1 year ago)
shame in you
Niko Kasradze (1 year ago)
Great piece of music by great guys
carni vora (1 year ago)
Layne will never be forgotten.After all this years he is one of my favorits with his outstanding voice. Rest easy, beautiful soul <3
Vlad Melnik (1 year ago)
His estimated day of death (april 5th) is the same date Kurt Cobain died.
Nevjana Hoxha (1 year ago)
Heartbreaking. Beautiful tribute!!
bannis27 (1 year ago)
Thank you
SlimReaper555100 (1 year ago)
Diamond lie Did not include Sean and Layne.... I dont know about mike but when they decided to name alice in chains ..... Alice in chains it was Laynes band spelt differently called Alice n Chainz or something close to that. My point is Alice in chains And diamond lie had really nothing to do together.... i know this cause i watched an interview with Sean and Jerry they explain it... so im not a no it all
bannis27 (1 year ago)
i think it did,well thats what i got from a number of sources https://books.google.ie/books?id=9iFmDAAAQBAJ&pg=PA115&lpg=PA115&dq=diamond+lie+band&source=bl&ots=_wXnuaCE1f&sig=I8SygEH92ljV2chHPinTlNWkFYM&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiu_JWYl9bUAhVCFMAKHWEAAX0Q6AEIZzAN#v=onepage&q=diamond%20lie%20band&f=false
_Chainz _ (1 year ago)
Charla Reece (1 year ago)
Still missing Layne. .
Deborah Pritchard (1 year ago)
15 years ago Today our beloved Layne left us. He was so kind and fun loving and deserved so much more. But I am thankful for the soul touching music he gave us and through his pain he has helped many. I love you Layne Thomas Staley!
Deborah Pritchard OSTFU ya liar!!
C.J. Peterson (8 months ago)
Deborah Pritchard ...& time is still being all thats in the way of thought becoming reality~
bannis27 (1 year ago)
lovely words deborah
Deborah Pritchard (1 year ago)
I think about Layne every single day and this year marks the 15th anniversary of his passing. I so wish things could have turned out better for him... he deserved a happy full life.
Allen Patrick (1 year ago)
can. we. only. imagine how much more. he. could. have.. GAVE. too. us. his. REAL. fans
Luiz Felipe Neves (1 year ago)
Neal Damkjer (1 year ago)
Hey man, huge fan and still pissed at Layne. Alot of you ain't gonna like this, but he had millions!!! Get anti-depressants, suboxone, and kick. What a waste...the most talented singer and one of my top fav bands of all time. Selfish and stubborn at the end. You have to WANT TO STOP! He could have, but chose to not. With subs he would have had no withdrawals and been tapered off and still singing to us today. Pull up your bootstraps, pick up your spirits, and march on. I am sure he was a great guy, very kind and giving. BTW the bitch Demri got him shooting up, so fuck her. I'm glad she's dead but yet if she was alive maybe Layne would be, too! I love you you selfish prick.
Niomi Elston (1 year ago)
Neal Damkjer U got 2 keep in mind; I'm sure his junkie "friends" came around 2 keep him on the dope-so as 2 mooch off of his $. When u have access 2 millions of $ and u got dope in your face, ur will power is bound 2 fail!! Not 2 mention the xtreme depression and guilt! HE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTD. I read somewhr that he was extremely generous and caring. He invited a homeless man 2 come and eat some food, at his own house. He gave away backstage passes 2 the young ppl who couldn't afford tickets, instead of his friends. i can only imagine how ppl manipulated and used him 2 help supply their habits?
AaronD711 (1 year ago)
I think we all get that but he had a broken heart from the loss of his long time girlfriend. I really believe that is what made him not even bother with trying to get clean. Really a sad way to go..........
Neal Damkjer (1 year ago)
Thank you. He deserved much much more.
Neal Damkjer (1 year ago)
Whatever dude. I mean no harm, it's an opinion.
Neal Damkjer (1 year ago)
Hey , I respect you and where you are coming from. I have been there myself, no lie. Depressed and bi-polar, while hooked on opiates very bad. I just wish the will and strength I got from my family and friends to you to help in your struggles. No one should ever let depression or drugs or both take your life from you, or take it away completely. I wish you well. Methadone is sooo much harder to come off of, and still fucks you up. Suboxone never got me high, and saved my life. Please try it. Love, NMD
Christy Found (1 year ago)
This is a great tribute! However those things that he was quoted saying about his liver not functioning and he knew he was near death, the puking and shitting himself are fake. Adriana Rubio is her name, she made it all up and took his dignity (book titled Layne Staley Angry Chair) Layne never granted her request for interview and made sure his family didn't either. Someone educated me because she explained liver failure perfectly, I bought the stupid book!  Buyer beware! Totally not your fault, like I said I'm in school for nursing and I fell for it... shame on me! still a beautiful tribute hate to be a downer but you should know.
AaronD711 (1 year ago)
If you read another AIC book, Alice In Chains the untold story,it tells all about the book to which Christy mentions as a fraud.........
Niomi Elston (1 year ago)
Christy Found How do u know that she faked this AND wrote a book about it?? Seems like Layne's family has a pretty decent lawsuit 2 win!!?? Just my opinion tho!!
Monica Holmstedt (1 year ago)
I love you Layne
Mr. Fluffy White (1 year ago)
Awesome! Fits Layne perfect!! R. I. P. Layne!!! Awesome AIC singer
bannis27 (1 year ago)
glad you liked it
T _MInc_ T (1 year ago)
this is the best tribute video to this legendary singer in my entire life...he deserved more...much more than what he got...
bannis27 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much, glad you liked it...he did deserve so much more
randy Alexander (2 years ago)
this is the one song Jerry cant do without layne!!!!!
Alysin Chainz (7 months ago)
Shelly Rene ,....THANK YOU ! I am so sick and tired of everybody saying Jerry was the backbone of AIC ! That without him there never would have been an AIC ! And Jerry wrote and composed all the music! I am so sick and tired of Jerry getting ALL the credit ! Without Layne ,... to me The is no AIC ! And Layne wrote and even Mike Starr wrote ! It wasn’t ALL Jerry ! So ,... Thank you for your comment ! Loved Layne and there will never be another ! ❣️ RIP ,...Layne and Mike ❣️🎶 And yes ,... Layne made Jerry famous !
Shelly Rene (1 year ago)
randy Alexander he could be done everything without him. LAYNE WAS EVERYTHING. He made Cantrell famous.
randy Alexander (2 years ago)
his voice is amazing
randy Alexander (2 years ago)
I'm not gay but he's a beautiful man the hair choice amazing
Awesome MVS (2 years ago)
RIP Layne
lucrese1 (2 years ago)
Beautiful tribute! I have tears in my eyes when you wrote "he died alone"...He was such a talented, kind person who prefered to give te VIP tickets to fans who didn't have the money to buy tickets, he was a beautiful person with a beautiful mind who helped others and who died all alone!
Anonymous5253 (1 year ago)
Lucrese1 he faced his addiction alone.
Karen Marie (1 year ago)
That part brought me to tears as well.
bannis27 (2 years ago)
Thank you for the nice comments, glad you enjoyed the tribute, he is still missed
Niomi Elston (2 years ago)
A man that can pull my heart right out of my chest. I know addiction, sadly. I miss him and Kurt. Beautiful, angry, angels. I fight on 4 all of us. RIP
Heart breaking and I can testify to what he said you really dont want to be an addict; I have been through late stage cancer, the chemo, radiation, surgery and addiction...I would choose cancer anyday vs addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
C.J. Peterson (8 months ago)
Susan Wiggins - Simpson I dont wanna even think about the chances of facing them both @ the same time!! Stay strong & manifest the overcoming of these situations♡
James Robert Jr (9 months ago)
Susan Wiggins - Simpson ...Susan, how about an update?
Tom McGlone (10 months ago)
Susan Wiggins - Simpson ive been pronounced dead after a cocaine/heroin overdose when i was just 16 almost 17. I was in a coma for 2 months then spent about 6 months in rehab
REE H. (1 year ago)
I ADORE this song but it's such a tragedy with their band members battling addiction and then death. RIH. My uncle (50 something) is in Hospice dying from alcoholism. "Hurts too bad to stop". Don't believe I'm an addict but my body goes thru w/d without my pain meds. Though they're prescribed i gt ALL flu-like symptoms plus a racing heart, dilated pupils, & taste sensitivity if my pharmacy drags ass on refills. HORRIBLE feeling! My meds don't gt me high either. Everyone keep up your fight. #addictionsucks #f.cancer
Chris Goss (1 year ago)
I know nothing of ur battles with cancer. but I do suffer with addiction I don't want to wake up in the morning without a shot
Martina M (4 years ago)
Great tribute video!  A  na poslednej fotke to vyzerá ako Bratislava :)
bannis27 (4 years ago)
Thank you Martina
Santiago Luna (4 years ago)
damn, his last live performance was the day i was born. bummer.
asmit gupta (5 years ago)
He won't die n never wud it happen....
bannis27 (5 years ago)
thank you
elroyevans (5 years ago)
good job on this video ! most guys wanted to be like him, most girls wanted to date him. thats how awesome he was back then. And he has the best voice in grunge.
bannis27 (2 years ago)
thank you
King Jessepold (5 years ago)
yes awesome trivute man great job! i hate that he died, especially on my birthday! we love and miss you Layne!
bannis27 (2 years ago)
thank you
RisingPhoenix〈/〉 (5 years ago)
I've seen this for about 10 times atleast...I must stay it still strucks me as it did the first time...best tribute video I've ever seen..it's so sad, and the part when it says "he died alone" is really sad to see...such a great man and singer, one of the best that ever lived..Rest In Peace Layne
bannis27 (2 years ago)
thanks for your nice words, glad you enjoyed the tribute
Jesse Sandoval (5 years ago)
Awesome tribute Poor guy suffered so much. Sad way to die. His music and his beautiful voice will live on forever. RIP PS I wish they would do a behind the music on AiC
bannis27 (2 years ago)
thank you
bannis27 (5 years ago)
thank you very much
mjm2374 (5 years ago)
wow this one the best tributes ive seen yet,thank u
pinkcloudturnstogrey (5 years ago)
my heart sank when i read "he died alone". as loved as he was and still is, he of all people shouldn't have died alone! that just kills me. he had that "bad ass" thing going on, but he also was incredibly intuitive and sensitive. and of course that sense of humor. that is how i want to remember this awesome artist who's voice still can get me going in the mornings and soothe me to sleep at night. i've fallen asleep to "wake up" on repeat mode too many times to count. RIP sweet Layne...
Apple Su (8 months ago)
Song of Life breaking my heart 💔💔
Apple Su (8 months ago)
pinkcloudturnstogrey we never forget him 💐💐💐
The Song of Life (1 year ago)
pinkcloudturnstogrey So did mine. No one deserves to die alone, much less lying there for 2 weeks. It breaks my heart. I also know the hell of addiction, same as Layne. It’s been a long, long struggle.
mistylove1980 (6 years ago)
heroin is a mofo. this is a good song to shoot dope to and blow your brains out. at least thats wat it makes me wanna do... ya best singer in the history of music. also greiving peter steele.
Kris Mackey (1 year ago)
mistylove1980 Pete and Layne are two huge favorites for me. I miss them both
bannis27 (6 years ago)
thamk you,glad you liked it
bannis27 (6 years ago)
thanks jason,glad you liked it
Jason boullier (6 years ago)
wow great video cool insight into layne's sickness. Very chilling accounts by him may he Rest in peace now.
bannis27 (6 years ago)
there are many of us :)
MsJilsephonie (6 years ago)
im glad there are still ppl in this world that love layne the same way i do
C.J. Peterson (7 months ago)
MsJilsephonie Im still the same lover of AIC's music az I was when it came out!! Thanx for communicating~ I met cantrell 2 yrs ago!!! I love his albums and the new AIC*!* W passion>
Alysin Chainz (7 months ago)
MsJilsephonie ,.... NEVER FORGOTTEN ❣️❣️❣️
C.J. Peterson (8 months ago)
MsJilsephonie still.. True love will never just 'Brush Away'! Nothing dies* He is with his girl now_ I love the song 'died'.. It was tied, to emotion (energy-in-motion) which stirred within him over the loss of his girlfriend in this 3rd dimensional reality. He's probably experiencing the 5th or 'above' now & with her! Live on Layne Staley*!*
Guilherme Seabra (6 years ago)
amei o video
bannis27 (6 years ago)
@TimeSoakedWithBlood again thanki you very muchmand that tattoo would be fantastic,hope you get it done
Kasey Bozeman (6 years ago)
when it says he died alone, i saw the portrait i want tatted on me, i did want him from the gring vid on the stairway to heaven petting sunshine the three legged dog but that sweet face and your tribute is so special! best tribute on youtube and one of my fave aic songs!
bannis27 (6 years ago)
@TimeSoakedWithBlood thank you very much,really glad you liked it
Kasey Bozeman (6 years ago)
best tribute I have seen, ever for that matter. Thankyou!
bannis27 (2 years ago)
thank you
Kasey Bozeman (6 years ago)
well done:') see yall with layne on the other side....
bannis27 (7 years ago)
@giuliana2610 thank you,yes it's a very sad story with a tragic ending
Giuliana Barone (7 years ago)
thanks for this beautiful video and song...this is the saddest story inthe rock world I've ever heard, too sad and terrible...an agony of six years. can't think.
bannis27 (2 years ago)
thank you
Snapmode5 (7 years ago)
I fukkin HATE you, HEROIN.........
bannis27 (7 years ago)
@515shawn cheers shawn
Shawn m (7 years ago)
great song great trib. well done dude, really well done
T Bolger (7 years ago)
In fairness that genuinely made me bottom lip quiver. Fair fucks, Bannis.
T Bolger (7 years ago)
Wow..just wow. ;-)
Dan Follensbee (7 years ago)
Can't believe it's been nine years since you pasted. You are loved and missed. See you on the other side.

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