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"Singapore has balanced the need for density with providing public space"

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See more architecture and design movies on Dezeen: http://www.dezeen.com/features/movies/ Colin Seah of Ministry of Design shows us examples of how Singapore is responding to the challenge of housing a growing population without sacrificing its green spaces in our second movie from the city. "It has been a perennial issue," says Seah. "How do you house five to seven million people on an island that would fit into Lake Geneva?" "The government could have just said: 'let's not control it, let's have sprawl and have more people living in houses'. But the strategy instead was to protect public spaces and green areas." See the full article on Dezeen: http://www.dezeen.com/2013/10/17/movie-colin-seah-ministry-of-design-singapore-housing-public-spaces/
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Jonathan Martine (1 year ago)
2:48 Wow great view of the city. Almost looks fake...
Vinson Fong (1 year ago)
Do they allow cats in condos?
Tran Lily (1 year ago)
Do the gorvenment build social public house/apartment for poor/low salary people who can buy affordable house? I don't see much information about social house in Singapore. I would like to see what's social house for poor ppl look like & how much money for afford house. I read somewhere affordable house is half million dollar to 1million dollars!!! Is that true???
Faiz Basha (7 months ago)
Tran Lily lol this iz funny cuz singapores social housing is for all classes,not just low wealth, i believe something like 90% of the populations livesin social housing. Thats includes the pinnacle shown in the video.
sgxpress95 (11 months ago)
Singapore's public housing board, HDB, actually help low income families to own their first home by letting them stay in subsidized 1 or 2 room rental flats while saving up and looking for their first home. It at least give them a peace of mind where they have a shelter above their heads while planning to buy their first house in the future. These days, BTO projects have mixed flat types per block in order to hide such wealth divide. You may be looking up to a lovely HDB 4 room flat with a 2 room flat beside it. A typical 2 room flat costs $250,000. but after grants, CPF/ HDB loans, the buyer have to only pay $3,000 upfront. In Singapore, affordable is a choice of choosing a new home in a mature estate, or a new estate with lesser amenities OR choosing the right type of home for the right budget.

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