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-TIME STAMPS: #1: 01:50 #2: 09:06 #3: 10:18 #4: 17:42 #5: 23:49 #6: 32:14 Thank you for watching my video! If you enjoyed it please: Subscribe, Like, & Share! :) -CONTACT: [email protected] https://www.krazybullspirituality.com/contanct-me -DONATE: https://www.paypal.me/krazybull -WEBSITE: https://www.krazybullspirituality.com/ -PERSONAL READINGS: https://www.krazybullspirituality.com/shop -INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/krazybullspirituality/ -FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/krazybullspirituality/
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maria G. (2 days ago)
#5 and asked if I'm moving ,yippie😄💜🙏♒Thank you a bunch for the reading💖I've been camping for the last few weeks without internet connection and missed your readings❤
Preshnee Naidoo (5 days ago)
Oh boy confused about no 6 ... it was related to a relocation of home ☺
Claire Rogerson (6 days ago)
#3 resonated way too much 😭
Molly Lindquist (8 days ago)
LOL.....come back....no fucks given . ..lmao!!
Redmond t (9 days ago)
#2 i have to hold that L
jonhconrad lacdao (9 days ago)
Vanita Soni (11 days ago)
#5 Yeah You Really Nailed It!!!!!! 😍 😍 😍..... He was being away all this while n now I feel Yes He wants to come back..... N By Your Reading, I am Feeling So Positive! 😘 😘
Betty Robson (12 days ago)
Woohoo!!! #3! My partner & I have put a claim against a car dealership to the motor vehicle tribunal for a car that has a faulty transmission. Justice will be served!! Thank you will let you know the outcome once the tribunal sets a hearing date.
Jessica Sanna (12 days ago)
#2 😍😍😍😍
Keira Woods (13 days ago)
What’s funny is I’ve ask the same question multiple times and no matter what I get told divine timing! Lol so the universe is definitely throwing it in my face lmao
Keira Woods (13 days ago)
Btw I picked two 😂
Genta (13 days ago)
Sooo all of these are about love then? Lol I just wanted to see if I passed my job test lol
Rebecca Butler (13 days ago)
Thank you xx
Love 212magic (15 days ago)
🤣 I was just asking a random timing question and d universe just cracked up goin yeah right back at ya: Divine Timing 😝
иумρнē (15 days ago)
Oh my God I can't believe how much this resonates! I picked #5 he's a Sagittarius for real! I asked a question about my twin and the answer is YES 😍!! I'm so excited!! That's true, I'm taking my power back yasss!!! 🤣 He's coming back 😎 oh my God pregnant wtf?! 😨🤣 Wow this reading is bomb, so spot on! Love your energy, you're amazing!! Subscribed ✨🎀🦋🎀✨
B g (16 days ago)
4. Question was "will i be able to buy a house this month?"....um maybe another number
Jessica Sanna (12 days ago)
B g LOL that was my first choice too.., oh my gosh now I have to share my question.. here it goes... "Is my dog pregnant?". But guys guys! I tried to meditate more and it was card 2 🙏
Genta (13 days ago)
I think they are all love. I just wanted to know about a job lol
Empress Daisy (16 days ago)
HERE'S THE TEA. Picked #5 for a girl I had a crush on. I gave too much of myself to her and she stopped talking to me. Giiiiiiirl I started reading that seduction book and I learned how to pull my energy back, started caring about myself more, AND other people started talking to me. Now my crush wants to all of a sudden talk to me again and I could tell she thought I was gonna be still crying over her. I'm in control now! I'm an Empress for a reason! ;) Thank you so much for these!
Kittzs cx (16 days ago)
4 omg i- wow so accurate thanks for telling me the truth..
Mizuho (16 days ago)
Happy to see you back! #5 and really resonated. Thank you:)
cometomejamie (17 days ago)
Yong Yong (17 days ago)
somdatta Dutta (17 days ago)
#1 yes or no
Xiu Zu (17 days ago)
abegail crisostomo (17 days ago)
I love your readings! 😍
Flower (17 days ago)
Hi Kraze, you remember the last two times I had two maybe's ? Guess what I have this time. Two maybe's :)) #2: 09:06 #3: 10:20 That's Krazy :) Wb!
Emily Clarke (17 days ago)
3 thank you really resonated! I think he's my twin flame too x
Creator Essence (17 days ago)
Love u missed u! I picked 5 💜💜💜🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
Alexandria Petersen (17 days ago)
I picked 3 I hope he messages me back. It said yes.
True Love (17 days ago)
Looking lovely! Nice to see you back!

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