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Priyanka Chopra for GUESS Holiday 2013 BTS

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This holiday season, GUESS will introduce its new advertising campaign featuring the multiple award-winning, Bollywood icon, Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka, a former Miss World, actor, and recording artist, is one of the most recognized and celebrated talents in India and International cinema.
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devkumar rai (1 month ago)
Sailor DGM (3 months ago)
Wow she's extremely beautiful, we need more Priyanka x GUESS collabs
Stamango-Metal (6 months ago)
This photo shoot, for me at least, cemented the realization that Priyanka Chopra is the most beautiful woman of this millennia. The iconic photographs in black and white are unbelievably stunning - showing that her beauty is at least comparable to any woman of previous eras.
ekanayaka nandasena (9 months ago)
Ekanayaka Priyanka I love you ok only
ekanayaka nandasena (9 months ago)
Ekanayaka Priyanka 💍 👑 💘
Bishal Sinha (1 year ago)
why don't u take me as your slave
shajjad alam (1 year ago)
Beauty queen
Zeyaul Haque (1 year ago)
So, beautiful
Yashdeep Bali (1 year ago)
I like this photoshoot
redpistola (1 year ago)
I think this is when she's looked her best. Amazing!
tony thomas (1 year ago)
This all happening as West sees India as potential market. India is developing faster
Meka Tamu (1 year ago)
is it only me who think she looks so much like Amy Winehouse on almost all these ?
es xz (1 year ago)
PC is the prettiest woman I've ever seen
Azim Malik (2 years ago)
any idea what music is it?
Tyrion Stark (2 years ago)
Tyrion Stark (2 years ago)
She is so hott...perfect for guess !!
Fiza Khan (2 years ago)
Amazing...Beautiful Priyanka
naz7588 (2 years ago)
Love it! She is gorgeous and this retro look suits her so Well.
Ann Nax (2 years ago)
Priyanka is amazing. ..sexy girl..
sohail zain vlog (2 years ago)
priyanka is the idol of our indian cinema she is the no 1 actress in the heroine category we r proud of her vry much
Yogita Singh (3 years ago)
Ugh I hate this why is it black and white?
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shyguy0006 (3 years ago)
Rosemary Stuart (4 years ago)
fslavem (4 years ago)
Tyrion Stark (2 years ago)
there is nothing
C. Cole (4 years ago)
Beautiful and articulate... well done <3
django dsilent (4 years ago)
international look thats not easy
hottycop911 (4 years ago)
she reminds me of an exotic Angelina jolie....stunning
Sagar Rao (4 years ago)
Casey Jones (4 years ago)
desigirl424 (4 years ago)
she is so hot!
Anish Jacob (4 years ago)
super sexyyyyyyyy.......
YasaarVEVO (4 years ago)
she is the best for guess. the most beautiful GUESS girl i ve ever seen
DrDropDeadAwesome (4 years ago)
priyanka is very well spoken.  i am proud of her.  =)
Aditya Gopaul (4 years ago)
I think she's just PER FECT
vevhyg (4 years ago)
Gorgeous! So beautiful, she makes a fantastic model!
payal roy (4 years ago)
That loser mahalagha jaberi has cow's eyes. Priyanka is herself and she is amazing.
Mafidul Islam (4 years ago)
The most beautiful miss world ever
aleak a (4 years ago)
hahahahahahahah she trying to look like mahalagha jaberi  but she never look like her  shim on priyanka ahahahhah
Aurangzeb Ali (3 years ago)
+aleak a what the heck is a mahalagha kaberi ???
TheBharat07 (4 years ago)
I think she's the most beautiful girl that Guess has ever had for a campaign!!!! She's totally exotic!!!!!!
wow best (4 years ago)
wow peecee is superb awesome
arashad md (4 years ago)
She's very sexy,Amazing acting an actress

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