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Haul // Michael Kors & Louis Vuitton

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my previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36Ae81Q6e1Q&list=UU16R_KLFTL7CugkxlUFsucw // link to website : http://www.bagsmetoo.ru // Michael Kors Bag: http://www.bagsmetoo.ru/michael-kors-mk7106-p-70760.html // Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch : http://www.bagsmetoo.ru/louis-vuitton-cosmetic-pouch-m47515-p-11265.html // Tiffany Bracelet: http://www.bagsmetoo.ru/tiffany-bracelet-tfnh004-p-31973.html M U S I C: Off The Wall https://soundcloud.com/kource/off-the-wall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Let's be bffls :) IG// @jordeecakes Twitter// @jordeecakes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . About Me: Im 16, my name is Jordan. I like talking to a camera :) I like fashion and having fun #LUHYOU #jordeecakes I use a Canon t3i . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ROOM TOUR!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju2hYn8tJLU How To: Voluminous Beach Curls! http://youtu.be/OxBhHixUUI4 My Morning Routine: http://youtu.be/TuzPM1R1J2c My Curly Hair Routine: http://youtu.be/R_kBQZcI_Vo Cranberry Glam Makeup Look: http://youtu.be/zrzlesBvIug
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Text Comments (54)
CoiffureMixtress (3 months ago)
SCAM SCAM SCAM- Do not use Tony ! He scammed me out of $180 for a purse. I waited a month for a purse to arrive and he sent me an empty box. The post office confirmed he only paid $1.69 for postage when coming from China it should be at least $20. I explained the situation to him and he blamed it on the post office carrier and then tried to blame me for accepting the box that came taped and did not look altered. When I kept emailing him about sending me another purse he asked me to send him half the money to send out a new one! Which is ridiculous to pay for a replica bag!!! He refused (or at least he told me he wouldn't) file a claim with the post office to get his money back so that he could send me a new bag to get reimbursed because he put the value down as only $45. BEWARE DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!!! HE IS SELLING YOU IOFFER BAGS at premium prices!
Lemon Baby (1 year ago)
i really want the replica bag but the link isn't working :((
Anna Agostino (3 years ago)
How do u get the Tiffany bracelet? I tried searching but no results?
RosesAndLattes (3 years ago)
Are the items made of leather?
L Michelle (4 years ago)
Are these real or knock offs?
L Michelle (3 years ago)
Still cute tho😊
jordeecakes (3 years ago)
+Rainbow Dash knock offs
Eclectic I'm (4 years ago)
Fake that what you are iam going to school to be a interior designer
Tatiana Vita (4 years ago)
Is this bag actually really good maybe consider a review on how good it is please :) 
Kim nunez (4 years ago)
Do you know what type of bag it is?
Ancelin Hernandez (4 years ago)
I'm sorry but thats not the same bag as the one you gave us the link to. if you notice the inside its a totally different color and not as sturdy. The one you have does not look like a replica but the photos on the site do very much.
Life with the Jones' (3 years ago)
I spoke to the owner about this as well, because I was concerned and he mentioned that the lighting is different and they don't update the photos. But, if you watch other you tubers review on this bag from their site it looks exactly the same as this one. I will be ordering from them very soon. (:
Josh Regan (4 years ago)
when i click on the link it takes me to another site called bagsbigsale, is this still the site !?? love this video btw :))))) 
ESBEAUTII (4 years ago)
Teshia Monique (4 years ago)
Your super cute! Love your video! Please check out my Michael Kors Review as well! ❌⭕️❌⭕️️️Teshiamonique
jordeecakes (4 years ago)
+Teshia Monique thank you!! :)
Котя котя (4 years ago)
Сумка Майкл корс стоит 45 баксов на веб-сайте какой вы указали?))
CheDollaz (4 years ago)
So they are still selling bags ? Because people are saying they never got there bags and they aren't selling anymore . I really want to bag stuff 😩😩😩😩 please reply if u can anyone .!
jimmyft (4 years ago)
jimmyft (4 years ago)
they are on holiday, they say on their sight they will be shipping march 2nd :))) chinese new year rn
Luah Dahn (4 years ago)
you go to my school! lmfao I always admire you from afar, you're soooo gorgeous
janet batista (4 years ago)
Love your videos!
jordeecakes (4 years ago)
+janet batista thank you so much! :) I'm so happy<3
Nayeli Reyezz (4 years ago)
You're pretty Hawttt , hot Cheetos🙌
Sabinators Fierce (4 years ago)
you are pretty AF you  also look  like Jasmine v and please check out my channel thanks
Peyton Gregerson (4 years ago)
I forget how pretty you are until i watch another video. Although, is it just me or do you get more gorgeous every time i see you??
jordeecakes (4 years ago)
+MissBeautyGuru09 AWE D: that is so sweet hahah thank you so much!! <33333
Antoinette Marie (4 years ago)
Hi! My name is Antoinette and I am new to making videos. I recently just made a new video and it would mean so much if you all would take the time to go check it out . I put a lot of time and effort in it and it's very hard to get viewed at such a small account. I'd also love if you all could subscribe! I definitely subscribe back (: ~antoinettemariexo
Ashley G. (4 years ago)
Loved ur haul and u are so pretty!😘
Ashley G. (4 years ago)
jordeecakes (4 years ago)
+Ashley Gudino awe thank you so much muwahhh <3
Tesa Atty (4 years ago)
I love your black bag!  Excellent haul <3
Tesa Atty (4 years ago)
jordeecakes (4 years ago)
+AmericanAmigo thank you!
Dani Ruth (4 years ago)
Why are you sooo perfect? 😩😍
jordeecakes (4 years ago)
+Dani Ruth hahahah :)
Yanci Hernandez (4 years ago)
Loved your video! Your so beautiful! Can you please tell me If You bought the products with your money or if they sent them to you? I want to order but i dont know If it is a trusted site.
Alice Rivrra (4 years ago)
Please do a valentines day grwm makeup and hair and out pls ❤❤ ily so much
jordeecakes (4 years ago)
It's coming soon :) 💕😘
johana padilla (4 years ago)
You uploaded on my birthday
jordeecakes (4 years ago)
+johana padilla happy birthday boo!! :)
Krave Kay (4 years ago)
Love your bags! How long did the shipping take?
Tawana Nicole (3 years ago)
+Kendra Dior like 3 weeks
HeyItsAllie97 (4 years ago)
How was their shipping? Did It take long?
JustMe (2 years ago)
Tawana Randleman their new website is afbags.ru
Tawana Nicole (3 years ago)
+Trish Herrera no i bought a neverfull a year ago and its still beautiful... they changed the website and i dont know what it is. i really want another bag or two
Jessica Chanell (4 years ago)
No everything went through well. I didn't have any problems! +Trish Herrera
Trish Herrera (4 years ago)
+Jessica Chanell were there any scams?
Jessica Chanell (4 years ago)
I ordered from them and it took about a week.  I live in South Carolina, USA
z (4 years ago)
I love your videos so much xx Any small youtubers that support each other? sub me and I'll sub back? Sorry guys I don't want to annoy..
Kathy Cumiskey (4 years ago)
Love you Jordan <3
jordeecakes (4 years ago)
+Kathy Cumiskey love you kathy <33
am456784 (4 years ago)
Love the bags!!! :)
jordeecakes (4 years ago)
+am456784 yay me too :)

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