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SAP Hybris Tutorial For Beginners | What is Hybris | Features of An E-commerce Site

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Course : Hybris Training Mode of Training : Online Duration : 40 Hours Timings : Flexible Hybris Online Training Demo Registration Link : http://www.svtrainings.com/sap-hybris-training.html Hybris Online Training Course Curriculum: Introduction: - What is Hybris ? Key Points for Business Omni Commerce eCommerce Domain Hybris Back-Office Hybris Competitors Why Hybris Hybris Resources S/W & H/W Prerequisites Hybris Architecture: - Hybris Building Blocks Hybris Logical Architecture Final Architecture Diagram Hybris Products: - Commerce Marketing C4C Installing Hybris :- Java Setup Inside Hybris Software ANT Commands Hybris Server Folder Structures Default Tables / Users Consoles:- hAC Platform Monitoring Maintenance Console hMC Cockpits:- Product Cockpit WCMS Cockpit Customer Service Cockpit Print Cockpit Import Cockpit MCC Console (hMC) vs Cockpit (PCM) Project & Local Properties Files Extensions – Accelerators – Add-ons Hybris ATP Hybris Infrastructure Hybris Versioning Basic Configurations Hybris Recipes Hybris Init & Update Load Balancing Config Multiple Hybris Instances Products & CatLog’s :- General Understanding End – End Workout Hybris Vs Java Vs DBMS Generic Items & Item types Data Models & Items.xml Users:- Customers Employees User Groups Companies Personalization Customer Segments - WCMS Person & Cart Rules E-E Workout Cart & Order :- General Understanding End-End Workout Marketing Module:- Promotions Vouchers Product Reviews Promotion Groups Website Creation Site & Store Front Store & Base Store Hybris Mobile Vs Desktop Site PCM & WCMS Cockpit E-E Workout Hybris Scopes cronJobs E-E Workout Internationalization:- Languages Currencies Countries Regions Scripting Languages Hybris Sales Overview Understanding Hybris Integration Demos and Trail Systems Tenants & Clusters Cleanup & Deployment Memory & Threads Hybris DB-HSQLDB ImpEX Understanding End-End Workout Flexible Search:- Understanding Different Tabs End – End Workout Hybris Import and Export Hybris Cache Hybris Sessions Programming with Service Layer :- Arch of Service Layer Services Spring Integration Facades, DTO & DAO Models Interceptors Events Custom Extensions:- Understanding of Ext Configuration of Ext New / Custom ext Implementation of Ext Performance Tests Transaction Tracing Type Based Access Rights Web Services API Spring IOC, MVC & AOP Hybris Marketing Overview Accelerators :- Custom Extension Impex changes to custom extension Pre-Define and Custom Page, Template Pre-Define and Customize Component Solr Configuration Hybris Workflows Validation in Hybris Eclipse Integration Marketing Demo Payments Order Management Transactions – CURD SVN Evn for Hybris Introduction to Datahub Hybris Programming with API Billing – Com.Integration – Demo Hybris Future & Road Map Defaults Sites Themes & Coloring Product Image Handling Site URL Reg expressions Interview FAQ’s Course Highlight:- End-End Workouts Class Notes FAQ’s For more information write back to us at [email protected] or contact us at USA : +1-845-915-8712 (Toll Free) Or India : +91-9642373173
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