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Pirates Of The Caribbean Soundtrack Cover Live Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra EWQL

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Me trying to play the theme from Pirates Of The Caribbean using Quantum Leap Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra with a certain amount of camera-fright :)
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Text Comments (21)
Hope you pirated this.
Jon F. Carlssen (5 years ago)
awesome sound.. bought symphonic orchestras last week :) love 0:57 :D
Sammiezlag (5 years ago)
69 likes.. -not tempted to change that- lol
pontiacgirl73 (5 years ago)
JAY SQUARED (5 years ago)
You're amazing then
VinhSon Nguyen (5 years ago)
Did you use the sustain pedal while playing? By the way, fantastic job!
Andreas Eriksen (5 years ago)
hehe, you deserve it mate :)! Keep it up, and thanks!
Carlim Sakoo (5 years ago)
First of all thanks ;) I don't know where you can find a tutorial, but I would think a google search would give you some kind of info.. Personally I learned it by ear
Andreas Eriksen (5 years ago)
do you know where i can find a tutorial for this? Or anything to learn it in the exact way as you did it? Because this was phenomenal :)
ArGyProductions (6 years ago)
Great work... should have used the Cello Spiccatto RR x4 patch and the 70 Pieces Marcatto :P
MrAussenseiter1000 (6 years ago)
amazing :D
Carlim Sakoo (6 years ago)
hehe :)
André Hernandes (6 years ago)
The best part start at 1:10 :D (Y)
Carlim Sakoo (6 years ago)
@LastAmericanPatriot Thanks a lot :)
LastAmericanPatriot (6 years ago)
Color me GREEN! AMAZING ! !! !
Carlim Sakoo (6 years ago)
@jarhead4214 Thanks ;)
Carlim Sakoo (7 years ago)
@OliverJohnMizen Thanks! :) This is the platinum edition
Carlim Sakoo (7 years ago)
@TheGrandBrand You got it :) I used both the short and long patches for basses, cellos, violas and violins. And thanks for the compliment on my technique:)
TheGrandBrand (7 years ago)
Nice! What patches did you use? Sounds like a mash-up of all strings from double basses to violins. Also, that's some nice technique there... great independence and looseness in your playing.
Carlim Sakoo (7 years ago)
@Vimes67934 LOL thanks bud :) I miss you dude.. cya in TOR when the time comes? -Hugz'n'kizzez
Vimes67934 (7 years ago)
OMG i was told some ghey jetti was now a pirate and i was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so i had to come see for myself Den was right you are now pirate lord of the dance no longer a jetti warrior :P Lobs you loads tho - Lister

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