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Warriors Fire and Ice Audiobook Chapter 8 P1

98 ratings | 10441 views
Warriors Original Series: Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter, read by me. Feedback is always appreciated :) I do not own Warriors, Erin Hunter does! No copyright infringement intended.
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Text Comments (17)
Error (3 months ago)
michelle lee (3 months ago)
Great job! Thank you for reading for me! Thats my feedback
Olivia Hanceri (7 months ago)
Oml your voice is so calming and soothing I can fall asleep from it,I admit I actually kinda of almost did fall asleep! Xd
I love TigerClaws part "FOLLOW, ME"
Awesome! One thing is that you might want to try to re-read because I sometimes catch you stumbling and pausing to think about what went wrong. But beside that I think your voice and tone is amazing and suits the characters! Keep up the great work!
steve harms (1 year ago)
awsome job
Orion Lester (2 years ago)
I Love warrior's
Sun Shine (6 months ago)
ME TOO!!!!!
发哦小Fox (1 year ago)
Orion Lester me to
BlackShe wolf (2 years ago)
They got appreciates
LPS Cindy (1 year ago)
BlackShe wolf apprentices
Amelie Desforges (3 years ago)
:D I agree, it's really cool. I like it how your voice goes deep for all the tom Senior warriors and deputy's.
Amelie Desforges (3 years ago)
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (3 years ago)
Thanks! The only problem is when they have more than three sentences in a row and my voice starts cracking XD
Rene' Gowan (4 years ago)
The series is really fun to listen to
michelle lee (3 months ago)
Me too
steve harms (1 year ago)
i agree

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