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Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow funny sketch (Paul O' Grady - Shame interview 2010)

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Robbie & Gary playing (?) about the reason why they fighted in the past . Sottotitoli in italiano
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Alex R (2 years ago)
lizbennetgenova (2 years ago)
+Alex R ;)
Where's the last pic from? :)
lizbennetgenova (3 years ago)
hi it has been talken outside a radio station in 2010 by some photographer ... they were promoting Shame, Robbie was already outside then Gary's car arrived and they said hello to each other..that is the moment framed in the picture.
lizbennetgenova (7 years ago)
@siyaya15 Thanks for watching!
siyaya15 (7 years ago)
Grande Liz!

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