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Washing Machine Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

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Consumer Reports breaks down the different types of washing machines, from HE top-loaders and front loaders to laundry centers and combination units, to help you choose the best one for your home. Check out http://www.ConsumerReports.org for the latest reviews, tips, and recommendations and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez Follow Us on Social: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1IQ2w5q Twitter: http://bit.ly/1Yf5Fh2 Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1P37mM9 Instagram: http://bit.ly/1I49Bzo Vine: http://bit.ly/1Nlbkz7 Periscope: http://bit.ly/1OrsKrs Google+: http://bit.ly/1Md3gfQ
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Text Comments (209)
Mike Corder (27 days ago)
No Stabers I bet
Aurora Da eye (1 month ago)
You can take a doo doo Inside a washing machine..its makes your butt numb(if it hurts)..and if you add washing power or liquid soap it takes away the smell!
Eric Hernandez (1 month ago)
Plain dials were best. NOW Digital readouts and glass top lids -- More shit to break down and confusing touch buttons. Nothing reliable anymore.
nightmare in action (1 month ago)
when you have an industrial washer rated for 450g and 130 pounds and look at this lol
Jerry Stillwell (1 month ago)
best washers are from the 50s or 80s - 90s top loader that uses a ton of water why.. they didnt break these new ones suck and are over priced... 2 year break down garantee
News that matter (1 month ago)
New machines are rubbish!! All plastic, with fancy lights and not enough washing power. Don't waste your money on them and teach these manufacturers a lesson. They're costing less to build and charging more. Start buying industrial type machines.
Gary Spring (1 month ago)
i tell you what too do keep your old vintage stuff 30 40 yr old stuff will out last any new ones made too be junk, old maytag and old ge 70s 80s keep the vintage don't buy new
Clementina Kozma (1 month ago)
I have to buy washing machine, but I still don't know what is the best. Somebody can tell me. For me it's important: front load, timer, quick programs and if it's possible add wash,but this is not that important. I just want a good wash machine for years.
Corey Marshall (1 month ago)
How can i stop my samsung washing machine from constantly adding more water when it almost finish rinsing.
Kiki Martinez (1 month ago)
Buyer beware, you want to know what to buy just ask a service technician, stay away from 1- Samsung 2- LG you wont find anyone to service them.Frigidaire, Whirlpool and GE are ok to buy, if you really want to buy a unit thats going to last 30 years then Speed Queen is the way to go.
flexjay87 (1 month ago)
CR and most any other " testing" entity, only test features, not quality, and even worse, they push machines with energy savings, that cost more , and that is usually a red herring, cuz energy star appliances cost more , but do not last longer.
Maple__ Leafs (1 month ago)
Great Questions: 1. Do you get voice messages from Consumer Reports? 2. You can listen yet still apply rational logical judgement 3. Why do you think they began, meaning that did they start intentionally. 4. People speak and most is not as accurate as they should. 5. Could price be the reason why people buy those products today and is it not rational? Dividers Questions: 6. Back then people buy not from sense, it depends. 7. Repairmans dont make zero sense, they fix appliances. 8. How many samsung applicances did they top rate from all samsung appliances. 9. Just because you are a repairman doesnt mean you have awareness of all the appliances out there to date. 10. You should say instead of zero sense that although people can make a return, I never will buy samsung products because it is ineffective.
Ed Gladstone (1 month ago)
You can reuse water after a cleaning without detergent by using a standard 5 gallon bucket. That water can be used more than twice depending on how dirty your clothing is.
SH1N1NGG0LD (1 month ago)
500 loads a year?? That's barely more than 1 a day. How are you supposed to gauge a machine's long term feasibility like that?
Flowers & Roses 10 (2 months ago)
I was at Sears yesterday because my Maytag Washing Machine’s (of 45 years) motor burned up. The salesman said they break so much because of the electronics placed on them in order to meet energy regulations. Not to mention the quality or lack there of on the parts being used (cheap plastic). However, I refuse to buy any appliances that hook up to WiFi or Bluetooth, because we are all being bombarded with radio frequencies (more like Radiation) every second of the day, I really don’t want to contribute to any more in my home! Anyway, I was so disappointed when I looked at the new Maytag 4.8 Cu Ft. Front Loader. The knobs seem flimsy and the door’s latch is made of plastic and the 2nd or 3rd time my daughter slams the door, I know it’s going to break (or the sensor)! Maytag is definitely not what it used to be. Those days are gone for now!
Nayan Mipun (2 months ago)
The best washing machines are the manual washing machines where you can customizingly float clothes in a lot of water and only when clothes float in a lot of water does the stains go away
Zainab Al Chab (2 months ago)
Nice and cool
Rick emery (2 months ago)
This only tells you about all the types witch one is best ??????
flexjay87 (2 months ago)
I been in the business for 37 years, and here is whats going on. First, energy consumption drives EVERYTHING. Second, marketing sells features, not quality. Then, accounting wants to make money, by saving money and so engineering suffers and so does the consumer. Satisfying World governments and ecology is more important than individuals, according to Big Brother.
jodopeg (3 months ago)
All the new washers suck. I just purchased a GE washer and dryer... The dryer seems to still be able to get the job done, but the open drum , waterfall with no more agitator in the washer doesn't even get all my work clothes wet. So, I ran a hose into the laundry room with a shot off valve to over fill the piece of junk that wants to wash my dirty clothes with 2 gallons of water. It will probabley wear out faster now with the extra weight, but that's what extended warranties are for. I keep a large coffee bucket that had Maxwell House coffee in it, next to the stupid water saving toilet too, because I'm dropping a man size load in the mornings and the smallest water tank won't thoroughly flush all the crap, down... So I have to dump in almost a gallon of water at the peak level to effect a complete flush.. This is the hell that the Leftist Federal Government has imposed on us all.
Sharon Barrett (3 months ago)
Top loaders with agitators are best they get your clothes clean, front load washers don't get clothes as clean as they should, and those ones without the agitator top loaders don't clean clothes at all. That is my opinion for what it is worth which is zero I am sure someone will fault find me and call me down to the lowest for my view point.
Eric Kosak (3 months ago)
In my personal experience the best washers have a heating element to heat water and additional weight at the bottom to prevent unnecessary shaking or vibration.
Ian Abel (3 months ago)
2:40 More like "The Consumer Reports Don't Do Well, And Don't have a Good washer guide, This is especially useless if you want a good washer and dryer, Consumer Reports tend to be really bad Compared to a Great washer guide".
Vera Zarth (3 months ago)
Hello, my Whirlpool duo just went after 14 years.... dryer still going strong of 12 years.... not sure what everyone is barking about with this brand. I will be buying another whirlpool without all the Schnickschnack to it, just clean my clothes darn It!
1969bogdi (3 months ago)
Just buy LG and you will not regret it... None are made in USA anyway.
Ricky Ritter (3 months ago)
Mine just died and I wont buy another GE. I believe the Louisville plant is now owned by a Chinese company anyway.
Ricky Ritter (3 months ago)
Not true I believe we still make GE's in Louisville KY.
ILeia Tran (3 months ago)
This was awesome, thank you for such a helpful video
Roger Whiting (3 months ago)
Stopped listening to CR after they began top rating Samsung appliances. Samsung themselves cant find parts for them... or repair them. Nice quandary for the owners of these machines.
john lingafelter (4 months ago)
You listed cons for front loaders. Add in they take extra care to keep clean. Pedestal are nice but make the front loaders vibrate more, and make it louder. Display panels are nicer but seeing how washers don't last like they used to, if they need repairs, expect more expenses. Remote diagnosis is good, but most time, it just helps the customer connect to the manufacturer to get a tech out there. In remote areas of the US. (Like where I am) consumers should find out who repairs the machine they want and where they are located. Its pretty common for the people living in remote communities or on a farm to not have access to any techs or very few. ( I cover 5,000 square miles, but I do not do service for everyone) I have heard from my customers that they had to send a tech from the next state over.
citizen-x (4 months ago)
My Samsung front load washer lasted about 5 or 6 years, before it had a major breakdown, during that time frame, I had replaced the water pump which was a cheap easy fix, then a month or so later , it started to shake more than normal during the high speed spin cycle and make a light knocking sound, I knew from research, it was the rear support arm that holds the drum problem that so many front loaders have, after having the washer apart to replace the water pump, I realized these machines are pretty simple to work on, and easy enough for a regular homeowner to repair , and planned to replace that support arm, so I kept using the washer thinking when it gets really bad I will fix it, not long after that , it started to shake really bad making a loud banging with smoke coming out it, the arm had broken causing the drum to not turn correctly and wobble, and it chewed up the front door gasket by the friction of the drum rubbing against it , plus cracked the outer plastic drum that holds the metal drum. to buy those replacement parts made fixing it not cost practical, I have a 50 dollar Amana top loader that I bought off Craigslist right now, till I decide what to buy next, I would actually consider another Samsung front loader, since it was a good machine, and would probably still have it, if I had repaired the problem like I should have done before it did all that damage.
o0o74 (5 months ago)
i saw a few exploding washing machine in there, ah, nowadays you can make sure your boss die by giving him home appliances and electronic like phone, patent features from samsung.
Aristotle (5 months ago)
Get a Speed Queen. A Speed Queen is basically what our grandparents had. They actually fill with enough water to cover your clothes abd have an actual agitator. Anything "high efficiency" is pure crap.
1 (5 months ago)
Don!t buy Siemens, constant problems with the reliability of the electronic components.
Ricky Ritter (3 months ago)
Of course. They got their start in the electronics industry.
Sarah Robertson (5 months ago)
I've had a Samsung for 6 years with no issues. We just replaced bearings ourselves due to increased noise, but it never broke down. Now it sounds like the day I bought it; Super quiet.
Walter Grace (5 months ago)
The problem with frontloading washers and their matching dryers is that most homeowners make them hard as hell to service. They build counters over them, stack them without providing access and then fail to tell the repair company same. If the washer is stacked, it usually takes two people or a special dolly to unstack the dryer. Since these dollies are over $400 a piece not every truck is going to have wine. Personally I would forgo the front loading washers because of the smell, expense and maintenance. A high-efficiency Toploader is by far the best choice.
David Zavelion (5 months ago)
These stupid reports are just trying to get you to get rid of the gold you have sitting in your garage keep your old machines. EPA regulations make it so every machine has to save water and be computer tested for accuracy, but what they dont tell you is how garbage every new machine is front loader, and top loader with all the "built in" problems. I would put my money on the old machines outlasting any machine in this lineup. If you have to buy something buy a refurbished washer dryer a full set costs you 300-400 analog timer and switches are the way to go stay away from all the fancy lights, and bells, and whistles. Don't come crying to me when the thing breaks out of warranty and is really expensive to fix. If you have to go new in my humble opinion as an appliance tech for over 13 years I would go with Miele, Bosch, or maybe even fisher and paykel, and stay away from any new top loaders at least I would too many control and mechanical problems as well as load size being an issue. If you have to go new washing machine wash with even loads, and make sure everything is balanced before running the machine, and wash your heavy comforters, and huge blankets at the laundromat they just decrease the life of your machine and warrant the bearing to go out sooner rather than later. However your old mechanical top load has no problem with heavy loads. Do proper research trust a technician before talking to a salesman and don't trust reviews on a brand new machine to have accurate knowledge of course they work well and look so fancy give it 3 - 4 years their machines will break and their $1000-$2000 investment on machines is going to cost quite a bit for repair.
kssksskills tank (5 months ago)
I've sold and repaired appliances for 19 years. When it comes to buying a dryer, buy cheap! They all do the exact same thing (heat, tumble, and move air). Next if u want capacity buy a front load, if u want clean buy a top load with an agitator. Also buy American! Easier to find someone to fix as well as parts. Speed queen was great before the total redesign for 2018 now u couldn't give me one. My best advice to someone who wants a good machine, go on Craigslist or auction and buy a direct drive whirlpool, Kenmore, estate, roper, or KitchenAid used. Those were the 2nd best machines ever made, very abundant for now and very easy and cheap to fix. Oh yeah and CR is full of crap!
livey oone (3 months ago)
CC CC Miele condenser dryers take far too long to dry clothes, use too much electricity, and although they suggest you don’t need to an exhaust, you will have mold growth if you don’t have at least an exhaust fan.
CC CC (4 months ago)
What about miele dryers
Katie Burke (5 months ago)
So disappointed in my new Maytag top agitator loader. $900 wasted. Little water = Little cleaning. Knots clothing. Computers are non flexible not programmable Lock you in. Poor performance.
Katie Burke (5 months ago)
My older Maytag worked way way better than my new Maytag. Washes with minimal water minimal cleaning as well
Ian Abel (6 months ago)
By the way Front Loaders get moldy!
Ian Abel (6 months ago)
I Hate Front Loaders! Don't listen to your Comsumer report people they don't know that the new ones suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T Capone (6 months ago)
DOESN'T matter what washing machine you buy today. In 2009 & 2010 when democrats had super majority they made the EPA create new regulations that "SAVE" water (like water runs out) LOL. Now appliance manufacturers have their hands shackled and must design washers that use minimal amounts of water. This is why washers no longer wash clothes properly and they come out stinky and then mold grows inside the machines. Democrats are globalists and care about the elites only not the People.
faith jackson (3 months ago)
+Lee James Democrats did the bad water in Michigan to be cheap.Also they are selling our water to china by large amounts.Ships come out of duluth mn Obama style
JohnnySixString (4 months ago)
Shouldn't Trump's EPA already have reversed that?
Lee James (4 months ago)
Have you read a newspaper or watched programs about the contamination of ground water? Time magazine had a major report on why there will be a shortage of clean, safe and available drinking water. It is not political. It is economic. Rich people can buy water.. Poor walk and drink what they can get from the ground. You may believe Democrats or Republicans.....it is much simpler. Those with the money get what they want or need. Those with less get it later if at all. Spoiled Americans don't see what is happening in the world. I had the privilege to travel a little among the good people of Mexico and Central America. I saw these people willing to share what they had with me. Was it a Democrat or Republican who sent lead contaminated water to all those families in Michigan? Who cares! The river was contaminated by industrial pollution. The children will have learning and behavioral issues for the rest of their lives. This is in America. Imagine all those other parts of the world.
SanchoSanto (6 months ago)
I disagree with some of the points made in this video. The more complex the electronics the washer has the more it will cost to replace such parts. The more things the washers can do the more places there are for a failure to arise. The newer the technology the less reliable it is because it hasn't been proven through long term use. So, do your homework. Research the model you are considering before you buy.
Ricky Ritter (3 months ago)
Sorry dude, the technology is sound. The manufacturers are designing them to fail. Im a retired robotics tech and this technology is used there all the time and works like a dream. Its just all manufacturers are getting greedy. I reallly think it was the automobile industry that started this and is still perpetuating it.
Uncle Swan (6 months ago)
"thanks" CR for suggesting I buy a samsung top loader a few years ago. that $800 POS is already junk, they sent someone out to do a safety recall, and it started banging around after that. was told that was normal by the recall tech. no independent repair person will work on it, and when I called samsung they said they'd refund me some money but have received nothing. I feel like it was a total ripoff and terrible advice. CR you used to be great advice but now I think you cost me nearly a grand when I could have bought something for cheaper that would probably still be working.
Shepherd Wolf (6 months ago)
I am looking forward to a 2017 Speed Queen 8 series top loader.
Bunnykaka I (6 months ago)
Replaced both the water pump and control panel after 6 years of use. Control panel cost me $180 bucks to replace. $600 if replaced by repairman. These machines don't last that long. :(
A K (6 months ago)
every one is just saying H E H E H E less water blaa blaa blaa but do any person or alien on planet knows,,, ! that how much water and electricity they consume per any action/cycle selected, etc quick wash 30 or 45 minutes so how much electricity you consumed ???? and galons of water ???? and whats about 2 hours cycle ?????
Sewon Hong (6 months ago)
LG is much better than Samsung in washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, micro wave and (probably) TV too. LG simply makes better home appliances than Samsung. But I really can't tell about foreign countries because they make different models from domestic ones. Sorry, my English is not good...
Ellis Seawell (6 months ago)
A high level of water extraction makes sense, but how do you know? Where is that rating?
Happy New Year (6 months ago)
I need a new washing machine, what do you all recommend? HELP ! lol
X_EpicChris_X (3 months ago)
Front load or he top load
Filipp plotkin (3 months ago)
Speed queen
CC CC (4 months ago)
What did u get
Donald Trump (6 months ago)
LG front loader
agent458 (6 months ago)
The Maytag Maxima XL front-loading washing machine is the worst appliance I have ever purchased. First off - you can forget about enjoying that sleek, stylish appearance; the operating manual clearly states on Page 21 you must leave the door open after use - OR YOUR MAYTAG MAXIMA XL front-loading washing machine will begin to STINK. Why? Because the poor design means there is standing water in a sump under the drum. It is due to this standing water inside the machine that forces you to purchase an ADDITIONAL CLEANING PRODUCT ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR MAYTAG MAXIMA XL washing machine. This cleaning product, called “Affresh”, is very strong-smelling and contains very caustic chemicals. This washing machine is the worst product I have ever purchased. I will be sending my brand-new Maytag Maxima XL to Goodwill, and I will be purchasing a top-loader machine that doesn’t require special cleaning products, allows me to open the lid and add/remove laundry items or products, and allows me to ensure that all soap suds are removed from the final rinse cycle. Perhaps young people today don’t realize that, of all the appliances you have that require cleaning and regular maintenance, a washing machine isn’t one of them. You shouldn’t have to purchase EXPENSIVE, CAUSTIC cleaning products, to clean an appliance that SHOULD be self-cleaning. But if you buy this temperamental, user-UNFRIENDLY, inconvenient and POORLY-DESIGNED Maytag Maxima XL washing machine? You will. Good luck!
Zech Smith (6 months ago)
agent458 My wife and I were absolutely cracking up at the palpable disappointment oozing from this review of the MAYTAG MAXIMA XL front-loading washing machine. We will most certainly rule this machine out of consideration.
scott l (6 months ago)
Efficiency: how efficient is it when you toss it in the landfill at 5 years when the board goes out and you decide that $500 to repair is too much?
A K (6 months ago)
How much water consumed per wash , Time Electricity Durability , spare parts , repairing cost Nothing mentioned , What a bogus and cheap ethics of reviews
Michael Juliano (7 months ago)
Suds is uncountable, so you should use much with it. If you wouldn’t say, “five suds,” then you shouldn’t say, “many suds.”
J L N (7 months ago)
This narrator's down-speak and vocal fry is annoying as hell.
Gramma907 (7 months ago)
I hate hate hate the new washers.  In fact ANYTHING with computer controls.  Bought a commercial Speed Queen.  Love it.  30 minutes, it's done.  With as hot of water as I want and plenty of it.  Clean clothes......a good thing
livey oone (3 months ago)
Gramma907 you are right. New washers use less water , but take hours to wash to compensate, how on earth is that good for the environment...
mark vietti (7 months ago)
samsung washers are total junk
Daniel Patterson (7 months ago)
Don’t read the reviews on their website they are fake to trick you into buying it read comments on YouTube and private websites like blogs
jz btf (7 months ago)
the music is too loud to listen to the voice.
mdavid1955 (7 months ago)
Don't buy a LG front loader. It's a CR recommended make, but the one we have is about 2 years old now......water pump has failed, detergent , dispenser container started leaking ...all this from an expensive washer.
unbogosse (6 months ago)
Your advice is good. I have a few friends that bought fancy expensive LG washers to impress each other and they all got junk. The LG refrigerator is crap too.
Albin K Wilson (7 months ago)
I want to buy a washing machine. Automatic or manuel is good..... means long lasting nd less complaint
Aztex (8 months ago)
You use alot less water with front loaders! Also how can it be so expensive? I paid around 800$ for a brand new samsung washer 8kg and a dryer10kg. Ive got a samsung washer and a dryer had it for 2 years now. Had 0 problems with mine. And its been used alot!
Ricky Ritter (3 months ago)
Good luck. You have not reached the end of the warranty period.
Charles Finckler (4 months ago)
Purchased the top rated LG front loader set in 2016 close to $2,500. First year the washer worked great, since banging noises ,we have had to use laundromats three times for a total of two months waiting for parts,good thing we purchased the extended warrantee next time my friend and his Bobcat will give it the funeral it truly deserves Life is good my rear
Howie Feltersnatch (8 months ago)
I got a tr 7....it seems like it will last 25 years.. as afr as stain removal I always use LARGE load heavy duty and extra rinse I don't have any problems I supect it will llast forever
CC CC (4 months ago)
Did it break yet
Rypie (8 months ago)
I bought a new GE top load HE washer that was around $600. I worked at sonic and it didn't even get the mustard spots off my shirts. Clothes always smelled dirty after a full wash. With a full load it maybe filled the basket up to 10 inches of water. 2 years later I purchased a new Wirlpool top load for about $300 that allowed load size water levels and it cleaned everything spotless! 5 years later still have the washer and it works great! Wish I would have got another one for backup since they switched to all HE bull crap!
asdf (8 months ago)
I deal with a couple hundred appliances a month. These newer washers and dryers are absolute crap. Bearings, seals, and control boards go out majority of the time right after the warranty. Dont get me started with new bs "inverter compressor " technology on the newer fridge. Those are a big nightmare. $$$$ down the toilet.
BroccoliQueefed (8 months ago)
What is stupid these days is that dryers are so freaking expensive!
Malcolm Agee (8 months ago)
Not with the front load washers! Don't clean well & hold odors...
X_EpicChris_X (3 months ago)
tosin (8 months ago)
There was no mention of mold issues w/ front load washers
pesto12601 (2 months ago)
+agent458 SAFE!?!? something going to crawl in and go to the secret cave or something!?!?
pesto12601 (2 months ago)
+agent458 I leave my door open on the top loader all the time - why wouldn't you do the same on a front loader???
agent458 (6 months ago)
Odd, you can use cold water in a top loader as often as you want and you don’t have any of those issues. Want to know why? Because of the design of the product. Leaving the lid up on a top loader washing machine is far more convenient - NOT TO MENTION SAFE! - than leaving the door open on a front loader, but that’s what the operating manual says you have to do, you have to leave the door open. AND you have to purchase a very expensive, very caustic, very strong-smelling cleaning product to clean your front-loader. Funny how I never had to purchase a special, expensive, caustic, strong-smelling cleaning product for my top loader washing machines. EVER.
agent458 (6 months ago)
No, that’s an issue in ALL of them. That’s why you now have to buy a special cleaning product to use on your washing machine - Page 21 of the operating manual of the Maytag Maxima Xl clearly states the door must be left open so it can dry out in between uses or it will begin to STINK. Ever wonder why you never had to buy a special cleaning product with a top-loader? Because it was a better designed product, that’s why.
Dave Debang-bang (7 months ago)
tosin use the machine properly and you won’t get mould in it. Don’t do cold washes all the time. Besides cold water doesn’t actually clean properly. Would you shower everyday in cold water. Would you wash dirty greasy dishes in cold water. Clothing takes on body grease and you need heat to remove it. Luckily here in the uk we have heaters in our washing machines. Also cold water doesn’t help the detergent. It will build up in the machine in the gap between the tub and drum if you only wash in cold or warm water. It combines with the grease out our clothing,bedding and towels and after a very short time it will start to stink so once again you need some proper heat in the machine.
Ian Abel (8 months ago)
No Front loaders suck! Older Toploaders clean Amazing! I have one and we are getting a new one one day.
Truck Driver 101 (8 months ago)
This is massively misleading. Buy used and gain the efficiency of only washing your clothes once
Gatorman (9 months ago)
Two things i have learned over the last few years about appliances. One is LG makes a really good front loading washer and dryer. Purchased our's in 2010 and to date have had ZERO issues!! Two is Samsung appliances are not very reliable and hard to find repair men that know how to work on them, not to mention hard to get parts for them. Samsung statement is from neighbors and repair men that work on them.
al stewart (8 months ago)
CJ Gibson I have a LG front loader too and works like a boss
Daniel (9 months ago)
wachingmachiner automaticshe
D H (9 months ago)
As an appliance shop owner everything you heard is bullshit. Just buy a DIRECT DRIVE washer made by Whirlpool and call it a day.
Donald Trump (9 months ago)
I know you aren't referring to the cabrio 4.8 top load.
Eily Bergin (9 months ago)
Top loaders with agitators? :D These machines look so dated. No one in Europe buys them. Front loaders are the thing. Also they need to save energy and water because they are awfully expensive and they wash quite well. The majority is tested with top grades.
faith jackson (3 months ago)
+Eric Beck keep the door open when your done,then they wont stink
Eric Beck (7 months ago)
Front loaders stink, don't buy one unless you have to. do a google search stinky washing machines
Roger Whiting (9 months ago)
I stopped listening to Consumer Reports when they began top rating Samsung appliances. As an appliance repairman it makes zero sense to buy those products.
R Moo (1 month ago)
You're right they are selling their soul to profit ....
Flowers & Roses 10 (2 months ago)
I was at Sears yesterday because my Maytag Washing Machine’s (of 45 years) motor burned up. The salesman said they break so much because of the electronics placed on them in order to meet energy regulations. Not to mention the quality or lack there of on the parts being used (cheap plastic). However, I refuse to buy any appliances that hook up to WiFi or Bluetooth, because we are all being bombarded with radio frequencies (more like Radiation) every second of the day, I really don’t want to contribute to any more in my home! Anyway, I was so disappointed when I looked at the new Maytag 4.8 Cu Ft. Front Loader. The knobs seem flimsy and the door’s latch is made of plastic and the 2nd or 3rd time my daughter slams the door, I know it’s going to break (or the sensor)! Maytag is definitely not what it used to be. Those days are gone for now!
Sharon Barrett (3 months ago)
I listened paid with taxes etc 2,800 for a Samsung washer and dryer the washer lasted seven years for a washer doing one load a week that is extremely short.
john lingafelter (4 months ago)
+mevin babu as appliances get newer, they are breaking more. Samsung gives me plenty of work, but usually, once the repair is done, it lasts for a few more years. Average life of an appliance now a days is 5-7 years. Your family, that have had Samsungs for years, keep them as long as you can.
john lingafelter (4 months ago)
+Kastriot Aliu Bosch, and Miele aren't even offered where I am at.
allen quach (9 months ago)
I'm going to buy a commercial front loader. Tired of imported junk which doesn't use enough water. If I want to save water in the future I'll take less showers, install a urinal, or collect rainwater. But I want my clothes clean.
Flowers & Roses 10 (2 months ago)
I was at Sears yesterday because my Maytag Washing Machine’s (of 45 years) motor burned up. The salesman said they break so much because of the electronics placed on them in order to meet energy regulations. Not to mention the quality or lack there of on the parts being used (cheap plastic). However, I refuse to buy any appliances that hook up to WiFi or Bluetooth, because we are all being bombarded with radio frequencies (more like Radiation) every second of the day, I really don’t want to contribute to any more in my home! Anyway, I was so disappointed when I looked at the new Maytag 4.8 Cu Ft. Front Loader. The knobs seem flimsy and the door’s latch is made of plastic and the 2nd or 3rd time my daughter slams the door, I know it’s going to break (or the sensor)! Maytag is definitely not what it used to be. Those days are gone for now!
livey oone (3 months ago)
kla_sch new washers don’t last, and a washing machine that takes twice as long to wash using less water is just wasting electricity- and all new washers that use less water take longer to wash to compensate...
MotorsportsX (4 months ago)
+kla_sch where does the water come from and where does it go? ..... so tell me how its wasted?
Elizabeth Maday (5 months ago)
allen quach u
kla_sch (6 months ago)
If you have no idea how to do laundry, then it's true. Otherwise one would not spread such nonsense. The modern front loaders are highly efficient, gentle on the laundry and clean best. In addition to water, mechanical effects and temperature are extremely important for good results. It is not enough just to waste water. And wasting water is the only thing the old US laundry mixers can do. Apart from destroying the fabric structure of clothing, of course.
Son37Lumiere (9 months ago)
I've got a Kenmore Elite top loader and dryer that are like 15+ years old still going strong and work great. My mom got a LG front loader that lasted 4 years before the bearing on the drum failed. The new stuff is planned obsolescence crap.
Flowers & Roses 10 (2 months ago)
My Maytag that just burned up lasted me 45 years! Now I’m stuck with a piece of crap! My 45 year old dryer is still working though! I have had to change the heating element like 3 times over the past 45 years but it’s still working! I could care less if it matches my washer. Because I’m sure I will be replacing it as soon as the warranty is up!
rptotaro (5 months ago)
Same here Son37. I've had it for years, and clothes come out clean every time. These people with negative reviews, most of them without ever owning one, is ridiculous. Like everything else, of course some machines have issues, nothing is perfect, but I've had no problems with mine for 14 years. I wash king size blankets and comforters, with no problems at all. The whitest whites cycle with a little liquid bleach is awesome; white tee shirts come out as white and bright as the day I bought them.
Bakki Kudva (9 months ago)
Always relied on CR recommendations....until I bought their top rated Whirlpool Duet washer/dryer for over $3,000 for the pair including a 3 years extended warranty. My previous Kenmore pair which I had bought used after 5 years use for $200, had lasted over 2 decades without any problems. The Whirlpool washer stopped working just outside of the 4 year warranty and the cost to replace the master control board was $400. Now the plastic on the front or both machines with all the lettering on it is cracking and peeling. It is a very bad design with cheap plastic applique. I think CR should also do long term/accelerated wear tests. The high end machines have too many computer parts which don't last. I am very disappointed in Whirlpool and CR as well.
Flowers & Roses 10 (2 months ago)
yellow spoon Yes! I was at Sears yesterday and the only difference between the LG and the Kenmore was the label! And the Kenmore was $200 cheaper! LOL!
yellow spoon (7 months ago)
They’re now made by LG. Almost identical in design
Roger Whiting (9 months ago)
I agree 100%
kokovox D (9 months ago)
Bakki Kudva Not to put salt on your disappointment but most Kenmore Washers are made by whirlpool. So probably you replaced your Kenmore washer with a whirlpool one made in the same factory.
Man Hound (10 months ago)
Just know one thing. Never buy Samsung washing machines
thiru swetha (2 months ago)
True.... I agree...... Worst washing quality
Ronald Jefferson (3 months ago)
Sharon Martin My Mom gave me a Roper washer and dryer for my wedding gift. After 27 years it finally gave out I'm going crazy trying to decide on which machines to get
SanchoSanto (6 months ago)
Do some research before buying one. My 2015 Samsung is already broken. After some research I found that Samsungs have a spin cycle problem that hasn't been fixed yet. Their customer service is also horrible. I'm never buying Samsung appliances again.
DAD DIY (6 months ago)
I agree, avoid Samsung.
Alec Bailey (7 months ago)
It depends on how many clothes you put in. For me, Samsung is just fine because I don't have enough clothes to overload or have to use heavy duty.
Steve Thornton (10 months ago)
"you test for water and energy efficiency, noise and more". how about how well they clean clothes. Were sick of the EPA and green freaks making us downgrade results to make the world green. Laundromat uses a ton of water but only takes 30 mins to wash but my front loader can run 2.5 hours to pre-wash, extra rinse, sanitize, etc. and still not get them as clean as the 30 min laundromat. Thankfully we have youtube to tell us what you won't.
Sharon Barrett (3 months ago)
I think a lot of these reports are paid for by who makes the machines so they get great rating on there junk.
livey oone (3 months ago)
Steve Thornton the green freaks are actually making things worse- by using less than half the water, the new washers need twice as long to complete a wash...
Frederick Soileau (10 months ago)
While you may be able to put a washer and a electric dryer in your bed room. You can not have a gas dryer in your bed room.
Eric Kosak (3 months ago)
Frederick Soileau there are heat pump dryers with a condenser that do not require venting to the outside. They can, also, be extremely energy efficient.
Matrix Man (10 months ago)
All the new ones are junk.
winger j (10 months ago)
If you like stinky clothes and mold and mildew get a front loader.
Marco Morel (8 months ago)
Dave Debang-bang EXACTLY! I bought my Kenmore HE3t washer and never had a mold issue. Why? Because I used the hot or extra hot option (mine had a built in water heater) and never had a mold issue and when I had to do delicates I would use warm water. Have you noticed that washing machine companies are telling you to use cold water and that you'll get the same cleaning power if you do??? It's because if you use the cold water the machine isn't able to dissolve the detergent. It's bad enough they don't use enough water to effectively do that and now your adding cold water into the mix. That is what kills your machine. I've never needed to do any work on my Kenmore (although the control panel is starting to act weird)
Dave Debang-bang (8 months ago)
Stop being So Fucking lazy and look after your washing machine. Here in uk and across Europe we all have front load machines the only difference is ours have heaters to heat the water up to 95 degrees ( 203 degrees in USA ) so we can boil wash if we want to. Cold water washing is when machines get mouldy and stinky as the detergent doesn’t get dissolved properly or softener and leaves gunk in the machine. Do you shower and was your hair in cold water. Do you wash dishes in cold water does your dishwasher wash machine n cold water. No. To get rid of grease ( especially body grease ) you need heat.
Donald Trump (9 months ago)
or just continue to use too much soap if you like it to smell. Don't blame the product on a user error.
Scraps 1707 (9 months ago)
Gilitar (10 months ago)
If you're too stupid to leave the door open when done then get a top loader.
pritim2009 (10 months ago)
she forgot that i need to absorb this crackling froggy explanation
Tom M (10 months ago)
Like others have stated here, the new washers are junk. They all praise themselves on being "water savers", but the fact is you need water (and soap) to get clothes clean. If the washing machine isn't putting out enough water, you won't get clean clothes...Plain and simple.
Flowers & Roses 10 (2 months ago)
Agreed! What’s next? Showers that are on a timer?
Juan-Antonio Zuniga (10 months ago)
I’ve used Consumer Reports when buying my appliances. They get it right! It’s not their fault that the best rated appliance doesn’t last as long as the good old ones.
kla_sch (6 months ago)
Then they didn't test any Miele front loaders. These are really heavy machines with a decent sheet metal/steel housing. Vibrations are no problem for them. They are designed to work for 20 years.
d ff (11 months ago)
Consumer reports always wrong and are paid mouthpieces for corporate ne'erdowells.
d ff (11 months ago)
Bosch and maytag maxima xl frontloads are best just reengineer water level yourself. Consumer repots knows nothing of metallurgy or bearing seals or even how a toaster works. I'm expert, not them. /PROVEN.
CC CC (4 months ago)
What about miele washer
inane (11 months ago)
Best advice ever never overload your washer Something to think about we tend to overload ours and after 12 months 6 days after purchase...RIP.
Marco Morel (8 months ago)
Poor thing you probably burned it's already under powered motor
captainkrunch (8 months ago)
inane the instructions state to not overload it. Doesn't seem difficult to avoid this
Roy .gmail (11 months ago)
Ill take the 8 to 12 lbs portable.... cheap
Bruce John Shourt (11 months ago)
The "background" music is way too loud. It’s competing with the narration and reduces the intelligibility. "Bad sound (and music) makes good video look bad."
Blanca W (11 months ago)
1:41 There is absolutely no water in there! Guess the way manufactures are able to extract so much water with their new machines is to not use any in the first place! I prefer my old machine that fills the water up to the top and actually gets clothes clean. I had one of those water saving machines and it was crap. There were times I finished a load and found there was a section of the clothing that never got wet. No way those clothes were clean!
davenwin1973 (10 months ago)
Compared to my last front loader from 1999, this is definitely true. My second front loader is an LG, & I had to hack mine, just so it would use more water. My last front loader used 18 to 27 gallons, depending on weight & fabric. That washer did a wash, spray rinse as the machine drained, then 3 short rinses in between each spin, & the longest cycle was only 50 minutes. My LG does a stupid load sensing, which does not determine how much water to use. The water level is preset by the water pressure switch, set by the manufacturer. When I saw the water level empty, it barely filled the drum. I now got mine to fill up to the lip of the drum, while still allowing me to open the door, if I need to add any clothes in the middle of the cycle. 11 - 13 gallons of water does not get clothes clean at all. It seems the people at the EPA test these front loaders with the drum only filled at the most, a third of the way full. They're made to fill 2/3 to 3/4 of the way full, but compact down to 1/2 to 2/3 of the way full wet, while tumbling. I have yet to check the total amount of waer my LG uses now, but I know it's over 20 gallons, as I set mine to do a wash, & 3 rinses (by default, it does only 2 rinses, but I set it to add an additional rinse for 3 rinses total). Occasionally, I may do a prewash, if my clothes are really stained, or if they have that bad odors. With my new setup, I'm lucky if the lowest time to do a load of clothes is 1 hour.
Commentator541 (11 months ago)
Also 17 pounds machine??? Who needs that? A family of 8? 10 pounds capacity is more than enough.
Ricky Ritter (3 months ago)
Some comforters weigh more than 10 pounds.
Commentator541 (11 months ago)
Or just buy one off Amazon for 300$....
Robert Montgomery (11 months ago)
Durability? Repair costs? The new washers suffer in these areas
PussMag (11 months ago)
wife loves it, specially, the folding feature
lowspeed (11 months ago)
Wow that background music is annoying
Scott 0 (11 months ago)
Waiting for machine that washs, dries, and folds without doing anything.
Aristotle (5 months ago)
They have those. They're called "illegal immigrants".
Boy Named Kelly (6 months ago)
lol let us pray
Warren Matt (9 months ago)
Scott Ostrum its called a Wife lol Haa haaa just playing jokes jokes
1acroyear1 (10 months ago)
They already exist. They're called wives.
Sam S (11 months ago)
I like they test compact washers now, it is better than trying to extrapolate from a full sized washer's performance.
guy proulx (11 months ago)
New washing machines are junk compared to the ones we had 20-30 years ago, same goes for everything else, now everything is built with planned obsolescence and doesn't last nearly as long as the stuff we had just a few decades ago, they want to save the planet but they make throw away junk that needs to get replaced more often, go figure
Microsoft Pro (2 months ago)
I work with appliances and the first thing that goes out in washers made in the last five years is either the bearing or the main board both repairs cost around 300-600 which makes people just give up and buy a new one only to be sucked into this cycle until eventually they get a speed queen or a top load
Zainab Al Chab (2 months ago)
Are you joking?
nsbioy (2 months ago)
+gowdaflow Today's cars are WAY better than old cars. One thing that old cars (beside being cool) have is they have lower damage cost of low-speed collisions.
Ricky Ritter (3 months ago)
And best bet,,,,, don't buy extended warranties. Buy cheap machines with the intent of replacing them regularly. In the long run you will spend less money on them and will not have the hassle of dealing with warranty companies and frequent downtime for repairs.
Ricky Ritter (3 months ago)
This is because new machines have direct drive motors. They do last forever (kinda). Its the controllers that fail. Controllers have to make quick high torque/energy adjustments to whatever task they are making the machine perform. This makes them expensive. The more powerful and efficient the controller the more expensive and the longer it will last. The problem is that the manufactures do not pair the appropriate controllers to the motors. Not an accident either. My background is in robotics so I have worked with these systems on an industrial scale. When they are properly paired they become dream machines than can last a long time. This does not make manufacturers the kind of money they want though.
Ivan Vojt (11 months ago)
Go to Home Depot & get a box of TSP & add it to every load. No more BO smells in your towels. If you don't want 18K lb. towels don't use Fabric Softener.
Nomalah Nerf (8 months ago)
use borax instead of TSP it is natural available at Walmart

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